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SWM TL320 (280cc) 1980

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SWM TL320 (280cc) 1980

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1,695.00 GBP

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Please call on 01953-860981 or 07785-116995

This is my own motorcycle & for sale by private treaty. Sadly, I no longer use her and she is simply gathering dust in my office. I seem to spend more time observing nowadays.
SWM - Speedy Working Motors -, they burnt so brightly back in the early 80's before going missing as is the 'Italian way', winning the World Trials Championship, SSDT twice, Scot trial twice, British, French, Italian, Swiss Championships plus other numerous others & still a very competitive ride in the world of Twin Shock trials, she certainly flatters my poor riding skills.
Spares support, free advice & workshop service are first class, cheap, prompt & painless thru Martin at Moto SWM down in Cheddar Somerset. Bizzarely, I have found it far easier to get ANY parts for her, than my modern day Montesa, Honda, Suzuki's & Yamaha.
She always turns heads at trials events, people seems to fondly remember them. She is a 1980 model so no lower frame rails, but dual rear shock mounts, the Marzocchi front end, finished in period Spyder Yellow with correct black frame with frame number still visible on head stock next to Made in Italy decal. Tank is proper UK steel version so no fading or ethanol issues of the euro' market plastic versions.
She is in super clean condition, a lovely thing to ride, with an easy light progressive clutch (all springs fitted), good sharp brakes, very plush suspension, instant snap on the throttle yet with the torque of a Cornish beam engine. She carries her light weight well, being lighter than her model year contempories. In fact, I'll thrown in a shoot-out of the Montesa, Bultaco, Majesty Yamaha, Suzuki etc with her for pub boasting amo', yes the Speedy Working Motor won hands down, but was the most expensive though to be fair.
She isn't 'as new', 'immaculate', 'mint' or any other silly phrase, she has been used since total restoration, so has signs of wear and tear commensurate with trials event use, saying that I haven't seen a cleaner example.
An easy starter with decompressor to save leg muscles, runs well, idles well. No excess smoke, sound clutch with no slipping or excess dragging, all gears engage smartly. No excess oil use from gearbox. She is quiet having the correct 'two box' exhaust system. She runs a safety lanyard which works correctly.
Footrests have been modified as is the current fashion (lower/rearward) on bespoke allen screw fixed plates so can go back to standard, rear footbrake pedal modified to suit so no size 16 feet needed. Frame geometry as standard, she has not been 'cut n shut'.
Although when purchased she wasn't a tatty example and had undergone a light resto', I completely stripped her regardless, just to ensure no unwanted DNF's. Over the last couple of years of very occasional use she has had the following:
3M powder coated frame/swinging arm/brake hubs/generator cover etc. Rebuilt with stainless fittings and new bearings.
New tyres....front still good now, rear IRC 'as new' as it was replaced and then not used in anger.
Magical progressive front fork springs. Has top mounted air valves should you wish air assisted forks.
Betor rear shocks with 30lb rate springs, lovely soft compliant ride. 40lbs included for those of a heavier build.
EBC front and rear brake shoes
Correct Domino controls, perches and levers.
All new cables...clutch, throttle, both brakes
Clutch operating arm modification.
New Dellorto carb, not rebuilt.
New coil.
Rewound generator by West Country Windings.
New points with remote condensor SSDT mod'.
Engine rebuild, new Wiseco piston, seals etc.
Correct rise Rentalls, well for me they are being around 5'9".
Domino very slow action throttle....the engine is very soft anyway but it all helps my poor riding skills.
Currently running lower than standard final drive with higher sprockets with the bike. Chain was replaced last year and has had little use.
There is a 2" thick history file with oodles of bills and receipts with her. Comes complete with copy of owners handbook/user manual & some spares & bits 'n bobs, including an unused correct Rotax clutch holding tool for the engine.

Was serviced in Feb' this year including transmision oil, air filter, fork oil, head bearings greased, cables oiled etc ready for this season, then not used.....yet again. Could probably benefit from some new fuel as the fuel is well over a year old, although she started & ran fine for the photo session. Shell synthetic ATF gearbox and Ipone 2T full synthetic oil used since my ownership. Bike washed & drowned in WD-40 after each trial, gearbox oil changed every other trial.

Ready to trial or just admire as I have.

The sale will need to be cash as she is a private sale. A receipt will be given as proof of 'right of ownership' regards purchase and for insurance purposes.

Any questions please call, if you wish to test ride her, not a problem but do please bring a helmet and boots. I have a large drive and garden should you wish to emulate Gilles Burgat, Martin Lampkin, Charles Coutard, Sammy Miller (did a lot of the original SWM R&D) or Bernie Schreiber et al, if you do 180 flick turns etc please bear in mind I may want your autograph.
Tea & even some very high end 'SWM' style Italian biscuits at no extra charge. De-caf' Coffee on request for those whom are caffiene sensitive.

I think she is priced fairly & prices can only go one way on these classic twinshocks.

Please & with respect no texts, I'm far too old for that new age tech' stuff, if you are interested simply give me a call.




many thanks

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