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  2. Toby Martyn

    Ok,ok Grattanolas not that bad but I would like to point out that Michael Brown lost the BTC a few years back after a similar incident. Moving on there's been little attempt to limit trials bikes and what we have now is an extreme sport at the top end which only a select few can do. The gulf between riding abilities is greatly amplified by modern machinery and we need as many classes/routes as riders. It used to be so simple,now you can't even work out what class/route or even what the rules are.
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  4. Wanted - Montesa 4rt

    Time Left: 27 days and 22 hours

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    Iā€™m looking to buy a 2014 4rt in the next couple of weeks. Are there any for sale or coming up for sale in the north east. Must be very clean/straight bike.

    100,000.00 GBP

  5. try here https://www.americanbeta.com/
  6. No shift 3rd to 4th. Tear down?

    The crossbar on #10 will break and spin inside the cylinder after a hard hit. My guess is #13 cracked and you have to buy the whole shift shaft assembly #28 Mine cracked after the bike slid down a rock face dragging the shifter upwards. On my 07 the crossbar on #10 is not welded but pressed in. It is like a fuse, your bike will shift if it is good or won't at all if broken. After it breaks you can tap it out and replace it. I found a piece of deadbolt wood frame reinforcer fits perfect and I keep it as a spare.
  7. Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    the frames are different, the plastic molding is different and not interchangeable, the decals are different, the tyres are different, the suspension front and rear is different, the wiring is different, the power/torque curves are different, out of the box the set up is quite different, they steer handle and react quite different
  8. Hi all. Brand new to trials, just bought my first bike last weekend - 2004 Beta Rev3 270 that seems to be in good shape. I figured it was a good price and intro bike for now. When I bought the bike the tail plastic (name??) is pretty cracked and on it's way out. I've looked online for replacement parts with no luck, and as a matter of fact doesn't seem like there are many online stores for gear & parts in general. Any suggestions on where to find a replacement for the tail? I'm an enduro rider (KTM 300) trying to improve my technical skills and have always been curious about trials. I took my Beta out first time today to screw around, working on balance, wheelies & hops and stuff. Looks like there's a trials club in Sacramento CA, kinda close to where I live. I'll probably check them out. I'm excited to learn. Any other tips & advice is welcome!
  9. Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    You need to read up on the history of Scorpa and Sherco ..... back in the late 1990'sthe co-owner of Scorpa [Marc Teissier a French Supermarket chain owner] left Scorpa to do his own thing and decided to re kindle the Bultaco brand as a trials motorcycle because of a disagreement with his business partner at Scorpa over making a Scorpa's own designed motor[at the time they had started with Rotax motors and then went to Yamaha motors]anyway there were licensing problems with using the name Bultaco in some countries where they wished to sell trials motorcycles and so to solve the problem they chose SHERCO as the brand name [Sher from the Bultaco trials model the Sherpa T and CO from Company] .......When Scorpa later was going bust the owner of Sherco motorcycles[previously a co-owner/founder of Scorpa] decided to buy Scorpa and bring it back to life [at that time the Scorpas under Sherco ownership still had a frame and parts that were originally designed forYamaha motors that was until the Yamaha motors became too expensive to import along side notification from Yamaha that they were considering stopping production ........this is when Sherco motors started to be used in place of the Yamaha motors and the model changed from the Sy to the SR.....So yes you have a Sherco motor in your Scorpa [in the Twenty type model] with Scorpa on the casings but its tuning specs are different to a Sherco ST motor they are Scorpa designed specs giving different characteristics to the motor. As you said the frame and parts are different....they look similar but are not exactly the same design. The Scorpa is not just a Sherco painted orange. As I said the Scorpa design is the original and the Sherco is the copy and came after the Scorpa even if the two companies have the same owner and both bikes share the same motor;albeit in different states of tune. Teissier's old business partner at Scorpa went on to found E Motion electric trials machines.
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  11. Scorpa 2018? Yay or nay?

    Maybe in the frame and parts, my Scorpa motor actually has Sherco cast into the lower case.....but says scorpa on the clutch cover. I think the plan is similar to what KTM has done with Husqvarna; Husky is the development platform that then gets brought to the larger KTM platform after the bugs are worked out. However, the Husky motor is all KTM.....
  12. Junior Kickstart 1981, help needed.

    Here is some joy...........https://youtu.be/OJjBMYXgvB0
  13. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    If the world was a logical place, it would be men who ride horses side saddle.
  14. Toby Martyn

    Tres avant-garde for the clientele...........marvellous.
  15. Toby Martyn

    Thats exactly it. There used to be a day that a good national level rider could ride a world round, and when the world round came to your country you had at least 10-20 wild cards enter. The trials were every bit as hard if not harder, but werent overly dangerous. Now they are in some cases easier (relative to the bike), but 10 times as dangerous. A WTC trial in the past you could have had martin lampkin winning on close to a 100, and some local expert rider riding the same trial and still managing to finish! Nowadays Toni could ride a trial clean and a good local expert rider would be shipped away in an ambulance! Dont tell me trials in the 70s and 80s werent better than they are now!!! All you have to look at is the number of trials bikes being sold
  16. Hi Guys, Does anyone happen to have a copy of Junior kickstart from 1981. Over the past 15 years i've managed to build up a collection of all the adult and junior editions but 81 is proving impossible. I've tried several people who rode that year but not joy either, if anyone could help or point me in the direction of someone who could it would be greatly appreciated. Martin Arden and Rob Sartin were the winners if that helps. Cheers
  17. More buggering about

    Can't post on the forum using the pc as box is just grey can't type into it??
  18. 1971 ossa stiletto

    Please inform me how to add crankcase oil and how do I check the oil level? Thanks.
  19. 4rt 2017 weak engine or high idle

    The bike has a high idle because I set it so high to get some power when reving up. Meanwhile I de- and remounted the whole exhaust and it seems to run ok by now. I'll keep u informed :-)
  20. Beta Evo 4t 300 first ride experience

    Interesting what you say about punch. A chap local to me is now on his fourth Beta 4t, all kept standard. He gets very good results but seldom seems to go above a fast tickover.
  21. Toby Martyn

    Quite, but we seem to be struggling to get worthwhile numbers of riders to do WTC whereas the SSDT gets about 50% (or is it more?) entries than it can accept,
  22. Toby Martyn

    Se la vie. šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦šŸ˜¦šŸ˜¦šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦
  23. Toby Martyn

    I meant the riding style. If you really think modern trials should just be the ssdt, we're never going to get along
  24. Headlight

    @Spence: Definitely look at mtb lights, one for your helmet & one for the bars. What kind of riding are you doing with the 24R? How far are you going or how is battery life? I have considered one but would have to buy a spare battery to cover the distance I want to go.
  25. Sherpa fork caps

    I was considering sealed caps to slow fork compression on hard drops where the fork bottoms out. I found that I could buy new springs for less than new caps, my springs appear to be original with added PVC spacers so I decided to go that route. I decided to try shortening my springs first. I cut 50mm off of one spring and added 45mm of PVC spacer in it's place with good result. My 199A fork still has good compliance on the small stuff and steers well but is a little more stable on steep, sudden, drops, where it still bottoms out. I may play with the other spring later but I'll ride it as it is for a while first.
  26. No shift 3rd to 4th. Tear down?

    10 is correct, the weld breaks away. This is always good to check before tear down. 10,11 and 12 is probably the cause. Buying the whole assembly is the easy way.
  27. Removal of 247 swing arm bushes

    I had a similar issue with a fantic 80. I had to use a hydraulic press to press the axle out. It took a surprising amount of force but did not damage anything. They are called shop presses here but seem like one of those things that may have another name elsewhere. Something like this. https://www.harborfreight.com/20-ton-h-frame-industrial-heavy-duty-floor-shop-press-60603.html
  28. Beta Evo 4t 300 first ride experience

    NIce bike! I also have my beloved '12 Beta 4t. I did a couple of mods to it. braktec master cylinders + monobloc caliper. Finally have a really responsive front brake, brilliant for stoppies and just full control when going downhill. Clutch master improved the clutch feel & response and has lighter pull. For the front suspension, I'm using progressive spring and recently using 7.5wt oil and that changed the response of fork for better. Bigger jumps are much better handled. I've put an Ohlins in the back. Big improvement - traction is really good now and good for bigger jumps, it's nice & smooth. Had a 10t front sprocket, but found that 1st gear is rarely used, and 2nd was v low too. Now i'm using 11t and think it's the better option, but I'm using arrow exhaust so have more punch. Now the 1st is much more usable. And generally rides better - especially after doing jumps, there is not so much engine braking when landing and bike behaves a bit better for me. Gonna keep it for a long time. Nothing has such a grip as me 4t.
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