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  2. TY 175 rebuild

    Oh yeah, the yokes also raised the handlebar mounts 1" and allowed me to use fatbars BTW
  3. TY 175 rebuild

    I built my TY for proper competition use, despite being a heavy and unskilled rider. It's a joy to use. Going full Majesty with the frame makes sense if you can afford it, or just tidy it up and make the changes to the original frame (which is what I did - heavier, but behaves the same) - moved the shock mounts, removed the oil tank mounts, added gussets, tidied the steering stops, removed the forward peg mounts, lengthened the swingarm. Bolt-on relocated footpegs are fine, but you need to tweak the brake pedal to match otherwise it's unusable. The skinny front forks can totally work, chuck in Magicals springs and then play with oil weight and the spacers to tune it to the rider (mines pretty much spot on with 10w oil and the stock spacers). A set of decent shocks at the back should balance the front out nicely, their specs will vary depending on where you put the shock mounts. I invested in yokes that steepen the fork angle too, this makes it tiring for trail riding (too twitchy at speed) but super for trials. Also, a stainless downpipe and Wes exhaust saved a LOT of weight. Bone stock my TY was 84Kg, now it's around 80 despite adding material to the frame. I have 12/51 gearing IIRC, and do 95% of my riding in 2nd gear. It works well, but I'm thinking of going to a flat slide carb to go with my new big airbox for more low end torque
  4. Sherco (2015) 125

    Time Left: 27 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Sherco (2015) 125 for sale. Excellent condition. Recently given a major service with new parts fitted as required, including, dog bone bushes, steering bearings, fork seals, and fuel tap. Awaiting a new throttle cable. Recent fitted new pegs and rear brake pads. Fork and gearbox oil and coolant changed. Exhaust repacked. The bike is very clean and everything works as it should. Comes with exhaust and fuel tank protectors and spare front and rear mudguard. If you want I can add a new sticker kit for an extra £50. I can deliver a reasonable distance for the cost of fuel.

    2,800.00 GBP

  5. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    I think that is effectively what the spacer achieved, by moving the windings further inwards over the magnets.
  6. Pathfinders MCC trial

    Trials at Clifton today is cancelled
  7. Today
  8. 2011 sherco or 2012 jotagas 250

    As title I'm torn between both have read plenty of reviews but does anyone have experience of both I have toe option of either and there is a slight price difference but is the jotagas worth the extra. I'm a new to trials rider at clubman level I have been riding my son's 2009 beta evo 125 and being 90kg feel like I could use a little more tourqe. Couldn't find alot about either online and probably wouldn't get a chance to ride them back to back Thanks
  9. New purchase ,old bike and rider

    Well managed to check fuel usage after last ride which was more throttle and higher RPM then any other test runs,@ that stage I had used 650mls of premix which is a huge reduction from pre card work. Pulled chain ,retainer and countershaft sprocket ,oh dear the seal is totally gone and not what I thought would be easy to change,very small and looks hard to remove.....bugger. Anyone know the size of this seal as it looks a real odd one?,cheers .
  10. 2016 4T Hot ?

    I have a new to me 2016 4t. Hot starting is sometimes quick but sometimes takes quite a number of kicks. A tiny bit of throttle seems to help sometimes. Are there any recommendation to improve hot start? I m using the hot start button. quick kick or slow kick....throttle or no throttle...does ignition map switch make a difference...carb tuning ...or
  11. The Beta Clutch Fix

    Too be honest I didn’t design the spacers. IKB did but I haven’t seen him on here for a bit.
  12. Standard Front Fork Length ?

    From center of axle to top of leg flush w/top of yoke I measured 745mm.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Standard Front Fork Length ?

    Hi Guys Can someone measure the front front length ( from Axle bolt till the top yoke ) for standard trialing fork. Thanks & Regards
  15. More buggering about

    Whoop, whoop seems to work now. keep up the great work.
  16. trials bike insurance

  17. hi i have a year old bike that i wish to insure, primarily against theft. It is road registered. i have heard that insurance companies are not interested if the bike has no ignition key but they seem to accept my reg number on the forms. Does anyone have any experience of this and any other advice. Is it best to have a policy including road use or not? Can anyone recommend any companies many thanks in advance
  18. cota 248 help needed

    photos please
  19. TY 175 rebuild

    Rider weight? Rider size? Motor standard? Rider skill level?
  20. More buggering about

    My iPad on safari is ok no problem
  21. Montesa 4rt ht coil

    That part reeks of cheap Generic Chinese motorcycle with I would guess a ripoff retail price of around £20 in the UK[Price to the seller probably £3.40] if you can be bothered to find out which bikes use it eg Lexmoto etc etc.then you could save yourself a tidy sum.......78.51 Euro........ class!
  22. Montesa 4rt ht coil

    I fitted a used small coil off I believe a Honda cb 125 with the number stamped on MP33 and it worked ok. hope this helps
  23. 4rt improvement underway. Any thoughts ?

    There’s a theory being checked that uses a larger winding on the stator. I’ve not seen the spacer though. I have noticed the Dutch site has closed. Shame.
  24. Riding Land

    I think it would be great to own a patch of land you could use with a few mates - I'm sure you could make a few sections and then vary them from time to time by introducing a few man made obstacles - of course it wouldn't be a full blown "trials centre" and there might be a bit of rubbish to clear, but that sounds like a "project" or an opportunity as much as a problem. I've dreamt about buying some forest land for a similar purpose but apart from not having the funds, it always seems to have conditions of use applied which mean you cant disturb the owners of the next patch so that rules out trials.
  25. TY 175 rebuild

    Am assisting with the rebuild of a TY 175 which when completed will be ridden in trials including the KIA series. What is the best set up for the frame and forks please, can the skinny leg 175 forks be made to work well, they operate smothly enough but seem very softly sprung with not much damping. The frame is totally standard what changes or improvements could be made to improve steering, handling, footrests etc or is it best left alone? Chain is 428 with 12t gearbox and 51t rear wheel sprockets fitted are these sizes a good choice, needs work before it can be ridden.
  26. Detent plunger function?

    Thanks Bondy, yeh it’s going to be stripped down. The detent plunger is quite worn looking so will replace it while am at it. It’s turning over freely now but I’d say the bearings sound a little rough. It’s getting a pretty much full rework of the bike as I bought it unseen but complete and it’s needing a reasonable bit of work doing to it all. I had a 199A a few years ago that I restored, but it was almost too nice to ride, it was sold to a collector p, but this one is going to be ridden for sure hopefully have it done for the new 2 day in September in Kinlochleven if I can get an entry cheers
  27. 4rt running rough

    I tried the old throttle body back on and it was really poor. Bogging down at all revs when the throttle is opened quickly. So the newer throttle body is in now with a shim in and it seems really good. So possible causes contributing were valve clearance on the tight side, poor connection on the 32 pin ecu and also the injector connection- cured by Di electrical grease. Thanks.
  28. Monty 4ride oil ?

    Wow that seems extreme, I only seem to need master fluid change once a year and my clutch is still fine when I do it. Maybe I just don't push my bike as hard? On a more productive note, you are correct. If the fluid is compromised it could be the cause of pore clutch action for sure.
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