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  2. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Yes it looks very tight. But so am I. I’m damned if I’m waiting weeks for the bike to be picked up , adjusted and delivered back - with a bill for hundreds. And in any case - I have a big hammer.
  3. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    I know I live in Norfolk , but this is getting stupid.
  4. New challenges ...

    Don’t worry BadGravity. Not all of us will try and get you on a Beta Junior 80. Always use your lanyard kill-switch. Make sure throttle returns smoothly - and use good-quality gearbox-oil. Plenty of great people and threads to read on here. Start with easy stuff , be careful and enjoy.
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  6. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    you need a set of good feeler gauges for the valve check!
  7. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    why not?
  8. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Oh right. I’ll strip it down then - remove the engine from my bike , and pop it in the boot of my Nissan - and take it down the bike shop then. Do you think I’ll get it back before August!
  9. oil change in TRS 280 RR

    I have taken a bit of interest in transmission oils and the potential influence on clutch action, cold grab, lightness and/or aggressiveness and then related those to viscosity and viscosity index while also respecting lubrication of other rather important parts and bearings. I have tried different oils and listened and read of others experiences and 'gospels'. I have constructed a spreadsheet and sorted by viscosity at 40°C (see pdf attached) from manufacturers specifications (some are hard to track down) and then found a website (see the link on the attached pdf) where you can plot the change in viscosity with temperature - with pics put into the pdf. Another link on the pdf explains Viscosity Index and it seems to me that for trials where great variations in speed, load and temperature exist perhaps a high Viscosity Index (VI) oil would be appropriate to maintain the optimum viscosity (if we even have any idea what that would be). For my style of riding (no instantaneous huge splat walls) I like progressive and light clutch action and I like to change my oil every 10 hours, so I also like to look at price comparisons for similar viscosities and viscosity index. Of course there is no perfect answer as we are all different in our riding ideals but maybe this sheet might give you something more to ponder and try. There are oils on the list that may not be available where you are, in the same way some on the list I cannot get downunder and haven't tried them. If interested, I use Chief Oil's - Mohican ATF Dexron III (and buy 4L for less than the price of 1L of some other oils on the list). But I am no oil expert and none of the above is validated for viscosities and temperature and thus it is all just my thoughts and experiences and certainly not challenging the manufacturers - or the oil experts. So whatever works and is available for you, works for you; in the same way that what I use and have available works for me. Gear Oil comparisons.pdf
  10. Repsol 75w transmission trial oil.

    The solution to clutch drag is dimpled steel plates. I use them with the newer OEM friction plates (your 2015 has them) and Dexron VI full synthetic ATF. Very smooth clutch action with that combination, and better shifting (and finding neutral while stopped) than stock with HTX-740.
  11. cleaning titanium exhaust

    Scotch brite (grey) and water works great for me, although some may be aghast at such a suggestion. I should probably add that this works with my titanium 2T exhaust, the hotter 4T exhaust may cause it to burn on extra hard
  12. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    mechanic /bike shop ?
  13. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Thanks Jimmyl. I think what’s happened is I’ve read an american thread by mistake. Obviously their bikes come with restrictions. One poster was complaining of overheating - seemingly because of valve clearance , but he digressed into talking about the cut up airbox and removed restrictors. I got easily confused. Been on the web pages too long. Not enough sleep. Yes , I’m told All UK bikes after 2014 come with no restrictors. No dealers seem to have any. Anyone I speak to wonders why on earth I should want to buy some! For the faint-hearted , it seems the PTB is the most popular cure. Will do valves - BAS - and try it. Sincere thanks again.
  14. New challenges ...

    I believe trials riding is the best introduction to off road motorcycle riding you can do. Established trials riders can go on to be master all forms of off roading, the likes of former British champion Graham Jarvis as a prime example. Trials riding refines your motorbiking skills, such as balance, throttle control, clutch and brake control learning to feel the bike and reacting to it.... In fact many if not most of the top riders in disciplines like moto x and enduro all train on a trials bike as part of their training routines. Also the beauty of trials is - its relatively safe (low speed) and also one of the cheapest forms of motor sport you can do. My only advice to you would be that a 290cc trials bike can be a handful, especially for a beginner (I'm not trying to put you off) it can just be a bit scary at first (though the 2008 model will be a lot softer than a more modern version). I would probably have recommended you try out something like a 125 - 200 to start with they can be a lot of fun and won't pull your arms off. Good luck & I hope you have lots of fun riding!!
  15. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Who the f... else is going to do it?
  16. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    if you struggle to get a filler plug out are you up to the job of adjusting valves ?
  17. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Honda designed the bike to run without all the restrictors - in full power mode - so not sure where you have got the hot running and detonation comment from - would; say 90% of 4rts run in full power mode as that's what they are designed for. As advised above - you can puts some restriction back in to tame the bike if needed but no need to from a running point of view.
  18. cleaning titanium exhaust

    Any tip for cleaning a titanium down pipe brown stuff is baked on
  19. Repsol 75w transmission trial oil.

    Have used it it in both 315 and 4rt with completely the opposite effect so maybe the Australian version has different additive packages to European spec -
  20. Efi

    Great. Then surely the introduction of air-screws above and below these slides , would allow you to adjust the speed of the air passing through the venturie? Would this not be seen from another perspective - as altering the ratio of negative manifold-pressure to atmosphere?
  21. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Thanks again. Trialsbikebreakers might have some. I’ll start there. Nice to get that cover out at last - been costing me sleep! How “specialist” should those spanners be to unlock the valve-adjuster? Or any decent spade-end do?
  22. Repsol 75w transmission trial oil.

    Used ATF in my 315 for years, putting up with clutch drag,till I took out 2 clutch springs and changed to Elf. the results were amazing and my riding also got well, nearly amazing. so in a real dilemma if I can't buy Elf here in Queensland anymore. Going to try Australia wide now. Due to restrictions can't get it from overseas.
  23. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Good find. I knew when I didn’t see a horn - that I was going to be in trouble! Lol. My airbox has the replacement open cover. Guess that shouldn’t matter too much , if I restrict the inlet manifold? If I can read up on BAS delete , and get the right spanners for valve-adjustment - I can get this done today. At least get it nice and smooth again , without the overheating. Could always make a shroud for that airbox - doesn’t have to be finite in size.
  24. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    Always better when you sleep on it! Many Thanks Sportsawyer , and everyone.
  25. BSA Bantam special

    Time Left: 27 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    This is a Bantam built by the late Brian Trott of Totnes Devon. He was well known in the West Country trials scene for his bikes. Rarely do they come on the market. A friend persuaded Brian to sell it to him many years ago and then moved to France with it. I repatriated it and had it serviced by Brian's son Roger just prior to his retirement. It is a lovely bike on a Q plate and currently Sorned. It can be viewed in the Totnes area.

    3,599.00 GBP

  26. Yamaha 1974 TY250

    There were some sand cast new covers advertised I think on Trial and Trail UK but be careful as these are very tough and can cause damage to the crankcase in a topple over onto the case. Priced about £70 ish but don’t quote me.🕵️‍♂️
  27. New challenges ...

    All of us have never ridden a trials bike at some point. Have fun.
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