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  2. Wow, this thread has gone full-blown right-wing extremist conspiracy theory! Will you all be trying to run women and children over next time you get behind the wheel?
  3. Former sidecar grass track racer, minder for grand-daughter and trialsrider Lucy, father of Nicola and Anthony and a very experienced and regulartrials observer Brian Ayrton was seventy on Sunday and spent the dayobserving a section at the Kathleen Cockshott Trophy trial at Brimham Rocks.Brian is a senior member of the Bradford Motor Club and is part of a sectionmarking team at all levels. In all aspects a top guy and respected by allespecially trials riders
  4. Broadly speaking Dry and tight = 1st Dry and open = 2nd Wet and tight = 2nd Wet and open = 3rd
  5. At that point manufacturers will probably split the line into road legal and "competition only", like the Honda CRFs etc, and those who want to do things like the SSDT will have to shell out extra or run old bikes. TBH this sounds exactly like the complaining that was done when helmets became mandatory. Ah yes, the heritage of erecting statues 50 years after a war, to traitors no less - definitely worth standing up for.
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  7. The venue of the 9th round of the A-CU Wessex Hire British Sidecar Trials championship on 17th Sept has been changed to Kingstone Farm, Fellbeck HG3 5EP and will now be entirely on private land. Details are attached. 2017 MEL HARRISON REGS (1).doc
  8. This s a short film I made for the wet slippery trial in Slovakia this past weekend.
  9. Many photos of what they should look like on the internet too There are plenty of people on here who are intimately familiar with your bike so if there is something you aren't sure of just post up photos here of what you are wondering about
  10. Hi All. I live in Ontario Canada and I just managed to get hold of a 1973 Cota 247 in kit form OR as I like to call it a challenging project! The previous owner has stripped everything down - and I mean everything - boxes containing engine/brake/etc... no order to anything! Has anybody any idea where I can get a manual from? Thanks Steve
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  12. Trials boots and a good trials helmet have been the best gear in my opinion... unless you're taking transmission gear... when I got a chance to ride my friends JTX 270 it was about the same as most trials bikes. Start with small moves like figure 8's in 1st tell you can get full lock turns, then do the same thing in 2nd gear, and at least in 3rd as well. Continue using every gear you can during practice for anything. Even if it sounds strange to hear me say this, you will find there are many counter intuitive situations when riding trials where you may think 1st would be better but 2nd is smoother or 1st gives a better result on a bigger up because you need more throttle and instant hit than 2nd can give. good luck and experiment as much as you can tell you find your own riding stile and comfort zone.
  13. My 2 cents would be... as long as I could fabricate something small with the same resistance that could be plugged in to replace the side stand switch and keep the bike in a state so I can re-attach the switch later I would go that route. if you can't do that without cutting into the harness I would tuck the switch out of the way zip-tied (or otherwise) so it couldn't get into the down position. Last would be to cut into the harness and patch in anything. good luck what ever direction you end up going.
  14. The problem with trying to put the fuller number of full size digits on a plate is that the plate has to be so large it tends to get broken off off road motorcyles in particular and off road vehicles in general. Some registration numbers have more digits than others and some digits and letters are smaller than others. It would make sense to issue registrations with fewer digits and narrower numbers and letters to vehicles with restricted plate space, such as motorcycles. Slower moving vehicles could also be permitted to have smaller plates and digits. A good case could be made for the above on safety and easy vehicle recognition grounds. I like suzuki 250 do not hold out much hope of politicians showing common sense but they did remove the need for front number plates on motorcycles on safety grounds. What we need is a body that properly represents our case to the rule makers, an area where the ACU is sadly lacking.
  15. Facing facts is pretty hard for some pmk, that's the trend, make it up. I wonder if Steve Fracy knows of the recent change in Canadian law that makes it a criminal offence to not ask a gay person what title he / she would like to be addressed before speaking with him.
  16. Britain is a wonderful country, generally hard working, inventive and kind people. Unfortunately this great nation is all too often dragged down by politicians, bureaucrats and do gooders. Well done Donald Trump for standing up to those who seek to destroy that nations heritage by pulling down statues etc.
  17. The capital cost and complexity of ABS would add at least £1000 to the average bike. A new ABS pump alone for most cars costs between £1200 and £1500.
  18. Since you are going to have to fit a new piston you may as well get the barrel replated. The crankcase is probably weldable, standard Beta cases are. That engine has had "worn out" transmission oil in it, hence all the rust. As oil ages or becomes contaminated its anti oxidant additives run out, Oxidation (rust) then starts.
  19. Have a check through some of the older threads, from memory hot exhaust is a symptom of the timing moved too far in 1 direction. Copemech should be able to confirm which way it is out
  20. A mechanical relay on anything is always a 98% bad design , when there are much better and more reliable switch options this day and age :-)
  21. thankyou !!
  22. Perhaps a reminder that you have a 1997 Gas Gas JTX 270 will allow those with experience of the bike to reply usefully?
  23. Steve Fracy tried to quote a previous post of mine. Somehow he added an additional paragraph that was not part of the original and doubtful it was written and posted by me. Like Fake News, Steves post is false and misleading. The post was placed Friday at 5:34 pm.
  24. Yep. Good trial laid on by Paul as always. Great location and challenging sections. Cheers Paul....see you at next one.
  25. right guys, got bike, towbar and trailer coming soon, need some advice on gears as never ridden a trials bike ! what gear for practice and for what situation etc ? all help appreciated guys !!!
  26. Enjoyed the trial today. Had a few new faces take part, which is nice to see.
  27. I sorted my 2006 clutch earlier this year...I posted my 'fix' on 24th may.....the cure was to dress the clutch basket finger edges and remove the very slight ripples on the faces, - the ripples don't look much but they will catch the clutch plates... put a defined chamfer on the basket finger inside edges (0.5mm at least) and on the fingers of the clutch plates....I did fit dimpled clutch plates last year and it did reduce the drag but this fix eliminated it....I use ATF with no drag at all now....
  28. Relays are very poor for use on trials bike in mud and water, they are open to elements, actual metal contacts exposed. After packing up twice i removed it and sealed it with tape inside old section of inner tube,but periodically check/wd40 inside.
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