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  2. I admit I have a Montesa 300RR. The funny part to me is the progression... I started on a 125, went to an 07 4RT 250 and after 6 years my wife got me the 300 for my 40th Birthday... so it wasn't even me that picked it up.
  3. The Spanish national championship more WTC top 5 riders on the way.
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  5. I've ridden both in ssdt. If I could wind back time & do another ssdt I'd ride a gasser as my first choice, second choice & even my 753rd choice.
  6. Said it for years, it's a cock waving exorcise clubman riders on 300s and before anyone says about me having a 300, I wanted a 250 but there were none left Try telling anyone new to the sport that a 125 will do everything they need is like talking to the wall, I got a similar look when chatting to two guys up watching our trial last week and they were keen to start, however, I'd agree with what was said earlier, after a while most would wish to progress to a 250 soon enough.
  7. Lincs looks a lot nicer than I remember it.....It must be because you can actually see the sky.
  8. Welcome to the sport also, I agree with the previous post it's very addictive and great fun. I had a KTM 990 and 1190 but got fed up of dodging car drivers controlled by Sat Navs etc and now own a Gasser 125 and TRS 250. The 4RT is a good bike, take it steady, learn the basics well and if you fancy it enter a local club trial. Keep those feet up and enjoy yourself.......
  9. Welcome to the sport. Warning though it’s highly addictive.
  10. Just my opinion but I would not go anywhere near a Sherco 290, I had one a few years ago and it was the most brutal and unforgiving engine I ever had the misfortune to experience. Take my advice, start on a small engine machine 125/200 and you will be riding the bike and not the other way around. I have a 2015 Gas Gas 125 (I am 5 10 and weigh 84kg) and a 2016 TRS 250, both lovely bikes to ride and control and very capable machines in their own right. For the average club level rider a modern 125 will do everything you need engine wise and are nice and light to boot. Learn to use a small capacity engine properly and when you step up to a 250 for example you will find it easy to make the adjustment. In my opinion there is far too much macho crap talked regarding large capacity engines, start small and work up when experience and money etc allows Enjoy your riding and keep those feet up )) .....
  11. Hi all after taking my flywheel off on my 2015 factory Beta 300 need to get a puller but not sure what one...... had a look on eBay and there’s a few different ones ? M30 ??32mm thread ???
  12. This is the extent of the work I did to the port to make it fit, I marked around 40mm into the port & started gently grinding there on both sides & checked often to see how far the reed would fit in. After getting the reed to slide in with the holes lining up I blended the step out to the edge of the sleeve so there is no sudden change in shape. It will be a while before I get to try the motor out as it looks like I'm going to need to get the fork sliders machined to fit a bush at the top to get rid of the play I can feel & help keep oil in them. Motor will be a lot more powerful than it was as it was so worn that I could turn it over by grabbing the end of the crank after removing the flywheel, main bearings were shot as well. I think I may have put up a couple of photos of the work I did to the clutch cover to remove all signs of the oil pump during the rebuild
  13. Hi all, im very new to the scene, since starting a family I have slowly been moving away from road riding, I recently purchased a very nice KTM 990 Adventure R with the intention of rallying it but when my son (3 1/2yo) took an interest in a friends Oset, I decided that I should get him one for Christmas, so in doing so I thought it would be an opportunity to give up road riding for a few years and concentrate on off roading solely, I always wanted an off road bike when I was young but was never lucky enough to get one, so now I’m in a position to do so for my son I sold the 990 and got him an Oset 16R and I thought I’d get myself a Montesa 4rt as my introduction to Trials so I can learn with him and also improve my Enduro skills. so here I am looking to contribute in anyway I can and also learn from the experience in the forum!
  14. If it's an 06 check for frame cracks around the radiator, other than that they are no different to any other used bike in what to look for
  15. Thanks your help again most appreciated. Is it the Verde you have yourself or is it the mar. Thanks Martin
  16. i'm looking to buy a bike to return to trials although not having ridden for well over 25 years, probably nearer 30 for an actual trial, last bike was an armstrong 240 twinshock, a lot has changed. there are a couple of sherco local to me for sale, both 290, that i plan to go look at but i'm very unfamiliar with sherco as a bike manufacturer so can anyone give me any advice what to look for and look out for on an older used sherco? mainly are there any areas that they are known to have probs with or that i need to check have been maintained correctly?
  17. I sold a good frame a few years ago, wished I’d kept it now!
  18. Yes, the bolts go through all three
  19. was thinking that mate. even with 6 turns of preload the original spring it bottomed out with just a slight bounce. I fetched the 20% heavier spring from splatshop this morning and it feels so much better. hoping to get out on it tomorrow now that's done.
  20. I wouldn't just leave them alone. they need to be welded up, just can look unsightly after.
  21. Hey Dan, that’s not fat, it is “traction enhancing body mass.” For all you youngsters posting, here is a link to video of one of our club members, Bill Thompson, who not only competes at the USA National level, but wins in his “over 80” class. He has been an inspiration to me and I hope he will inspire others. Truly a great man.
  22. As the bumper sticker used to say my other 4rt is a tlr
  23. Thanks Monty Wise One ant al the others, next year there should be a whole new model from beta (2018 or 2019 at last). I think i will wait a year and hold my nice Rev4. I love is but sometimes you want something new. Greathings, Luc
  24. That's fantastic however, doesn't quite compare to an off camber tight up hill turn in between flags over rough ground, so not the same comparisons.
  25. So i'll bet my CDI wants similar voltage and everything else definitely doesn't want the 150+ voltage. I think that your voltage divider is the answer! According to your page I should use a 1000 ohm resistor and seperate the voltage out and then a 400ish resistor after that to ground. With the impedance so high they shouldn't waste much power by turning it into heat and I think the two resistors will solve my voltage drop! Thanks for checking the voltage on your own bike it makes me think the CDI wants real high AC voltage which its getting anyways. I think this is the answer but we will see tonight.
  26. The wife is 5ft 2inches tall and 54kgs. She first rode a trials bike 2 years ago a 2000 Gas Gas Txt Pro 280 a the age of 65. This is her second ride. We didn't even have the correct riding gear at the time:-
  27. Welcome to Batley Classic and Modern!
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