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  2. And long may they continue to do so......
  3. Ooooh.... Do It! I've been dying to try one.
  4. That's the problem with electric bikes......................
  5. I once observed a trial at laneshawbridge and a fella took a wrong turn in the section... when he stopped all I could see was the very top of his helmet.. took him a long time to get the thing out..
  6. Just like pensioners of 70 riding pre 65 twinshock 175cc aircooled bikes wearing jogging bottoms and 20 year old rugby shirts beating[every week] 40 year olds on £8000.00 Honda Montesa 300rr's wearing Repsol replica clothing and Bou helmets.
  7. Today
  8. More likely to be the compression ratio if you are using a gasket of nearly 1mm..... the squish band controls pushing the charge into the centre of the chamber in the head for a good burn.
  9. Is she the chick off American Pickers ?
  10. Thanks Woody Predictably, having pulled it apart a little, it definitely needs new crank seals at least, the bottom end was covered in gear oil. So Id just as well go the whole hog. One more thing, the piston and bore are largely unmarked but it seems loose in the cylinder - Is that relatively normal? are they generally a bit piston-slappy? also, the conrod has next to no up and down play but is very sloppy left to right? is that to be expected too? Ta
  11. I have a similar Sprite frame, someone suggested it was possibly 1966/67 the last ones made 1968/9 did not have the tubes fron the swing arm pivot to the under seat tank area.
  12. I've never messed around with the squish on any of my enduro bikes, i used to get a local kart engine builder to do any major work for me as they would fly once he had finished with them so I wouldn't know what would be the best clearance
  13. Bikes on the trailer and ready. just having some breakfast and I'm on my way. cold but sunny day so far and no rain forecast
  14. Last year, during a trial in Binegar Quarry, in Somerset. The trial had just started and I had stopped and was looking at a pool of muddy water, wondering just how deep it was because on the other side of this pool was the start of the section. But not to worry, a rider who obviously already knew the answer started speeding through, making an impressive bow wave. I watched in amazement as the water first went up over the front wheel, then the handlebars, then he fell off and disappeared beneath the waves!
  15. This is a fact, Trials bike frame sizes are just a compromise. There's not the market to make different sizes like push bikes.
  16. Maybe I was lucky and it was 3 years ago. There's still plenty of cheap bikes about but the problem is they cost a fortune to sort out . If you're not going to ride trials a bodge is ok. What I'm saying is the cheapo Fantic is competitive against a £10k Vertigo at club level. On our forum there's a 2003 Sherco just come on for £450 and a Fantic kroo for offers.OK but I bet they both need loads spent on them.
  17. The doctor said I was old and out of shape ans suggested a aerobic program. I can do this!
  18. All this complaining... The weather was such that I had to deal with 5 new interested trials riders giving them a beginners intro to trials. After 6 hours of that I ran into 4 trials buddies and went another 4 hours. By the end of the day I had a sun burn... just crazy weather out here today!
  19. Heard this false statement so many times " The piston going down draws the air/fuel charge in and once compressed as the piston moves up the spark plug sets of the explosion" AGGGHHH It is not an explosion it is a control burn.....
  20. I was wondering id you had the part number of the wp seal you used for your sherco shock rebuild? I was hoping to do the same thing.


    Chris Vorderstrasse

  21. Talked to Stewie at Jacks. Real close to pulling the trigger on one.
  22. I'll take a look at my Explorer and see what it has. I'm guessing an incandscent.
  23. I have gotten really sick of winter. I want summer weather to arrive so that I can complain about how hot it is instead of complaining about how cold it is..............
  24. Hi think i found a clear protector for my carbon termignoni the sides were wearing and turning grey. I bought this stuff about fifteen years ago and still had it laying around so i tryed a small spot first a light scuff with 300 grit. Then brushed it on let it dry over night wow you couldn't tell it was worn. The heat dosnt bother it leaves a hard finish. If and when it wears add another coat. 👍
  25. yep, also, manual says unleaded 91 0ctane or higher.
  26. I just revised my earlier post as it still does not work.......just an annoyance now!
  27. I just revised my earlier post as it still does not work.......just an annoyance now!
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