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  2. I figured I should update this to potentially help anyone else who may have similar issues. Unfortunately the correct fix is what sectionone mentioned in the beginning which is to somehow find a used kokusan ignition from another pro. This is what I have done and its been great for a month and a half so far. I am more convinced now that the CDI does want unregulated high AC voltage from the stator, that is how both the kokusan and hydria (and a lot of other systems) work. However, if someone is more brave than I and wants to mess with this more, I was thinking of finding a small transformer to step the voltage down and effectively isolate the high voltage for the CDI down from the lower voltage that way I would have been able to regulate and rectify power for the fan. I have no idea if this would work but that was what I was going to try next until I was able to score a kokusan. I did have another plan to get the new Hydria stator, flywheel and CDI which is readily available but the wiring harness is not available. That means I would have had to make my own harness which should not be a big deal except for the plug into the CDI. Someone would either have to find something that fits or make something that would work. Then you would have to figure out which wires go to which on the CDI. IF somehow all that worked then the normal ignition coil, fan regulator and AC regulator could work. This option is very desperate and I would have only done it if I was unable to find a used system but I believe it could work, with lots of work and head scratching. I hope this helps anyone with a Ducati system because I believe the black plug regulators are gone but Jim Snell does have some blue plug regulators as of now.
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  4. Did you buy the bike new? Does not look like any severe damage. Were the mains worn out?
  5. The diagnostic software is certianly still around (I can send you a copy)- the cables are a bit harder to find. I can think of a few things. 1. Do you see any fuel on the sparking plug? If no- then you may have a clogged fuel filter. it is a common type filter/pump. But rather a pain to replace (the engine needs to come out). 2. If you see fuel on the plug, it may have sheared the flywheel woodruff key. The timing is all off then.
  6. it holds indeed a plastic or rubber part, the function of it i don't know exactly as the bike is still at the workshop. the workshop owner had contacted Beta factory but no news till now.
  7. 6 year old design problem. I doubt it as I have never heard of it. Does this not hold the plastic block?
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  9. Some things I would so: 1. Chain tension is too much, there should be a 1cm distance between the upper side of the chain where the chain tensioner sits and the underside of the swing arm. 2. You should mount an chain guard, 3. The rear fender, a used OEM Aluminium fender or white plastic fender would be great...
  10. You might too join German Trial Forum. And then ... and then ... you might too go to the Hanse Classics the North German Classic trials league, see here: Seen the Bultaco 183 nice state really nice state, I have a model 199b in the shed a nice ride
  11. Best decision you could make so far, keep the bike as original as you can, just OEM parts, great look. The rusty spots will go away with the time and just some care.
  12. Well mine (2012 280i) is now 'down for the count'. Recently it suddenly started running extremely poorly and I barely made it back to the pits. Now it won't start. It will occasionally fire but not stay running Assuming it was a fouled plug, I checked spark. Looks excellent. Yes, it's got a 1/2 tank of good fuel. I have attached 12V to the fuel pump and the fuel pump runs just fine. I've attached 12v to where the large capacitor attaches to the harness and it does not help the engine start. Any thoughts? Is the diagnostic tool still available and does it work?
  13. Once you have bled the hydraulic brake system, use a bungy or cut inner tube elastic band to hold the brake lever in the on position overnight this will cause any tiny (microscopic) air bubbles to rise to the fluid reservoir. Release the bungy etc and operate lever it should now feel more positive. For the rear brake rest a weight on the pedal or tension with some bungy etc and the same effect will be achieved👍 Brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it absorbs moisture readily from the atmosphere. Keep any spare fluid in an airtight container and avoid shaking the container as this induces air bubbles into the fluid. If possible transfer spare fluid to a smaller container this stops air contaminating the fluid, bit like wine keeping. Fully synthetic brake fluid shouldn’t absorb moisture or attack painted surfaces but take care not to spill any just in case!
  14. 5 speed is just more of a comprise than 6. My 07 sherco at the ssdt was fast enough on the road but on the moors 5th was too high and 4th was too low. 4th couldn't be used in mud sections as it was too high. Gas gas / beta six speed box is better for long distance trials. However I never used 1st on my Beta so it's almost a five speed with a weight penalty but 5th 6th spacing was good. I've currently got a TRS with a 5 speed box. 4th and 5th are lower than the sherco. So I've got a usable 4th for sections and it will pull 5th on the moors. But guess what, it's a bit slower on the road.... Number of gears shouldn't determine the choice of bike in my view unless you do lots of long distance trials with muddy climbs needing 4th!
  15. Real nice bike !
  16. I was there last week in the snow, it was good ride out! -1degrees. It was the last guestrider day of the season last week :/
  17. ..Also good training area is in FĂĽrstenwalde...may be we meet there. saturday mornings , don't remember.
  18. Do you train in winter? Ich habe ganz viele bock zu fahren!
  19. Hi & thankyou Section. Has this bike been properly set-up by dealer or just unpacked and sold? I know it was rode and tested prior to delivery, but that's as much as I know. Yesterday I had a few spare hours so I treated it more like an mx and caned it for 2 hours in 4th with new plug, & 91 octane fuel from a different servo with 100:mix. Removed plug after ride, got off bike and fell over dog, broke wrist again then let a drug f....ed woman driving dangerously smash into my car to stop her from going through a red light. BUT, my plugs not caked in carbon although it's black. Plug chop. That was next on the list. I was wondering though, as most riding is slow and 1/4 to 1/2 throttle, would a plug chop indicate only high speed jetting as low speed be jet would be irrelevant at full throttle?
  20. The second plug looks good so far. The difference in colours on the insulator is something to do with the position of the exhaust and inlet ports. .
  21. Hi there, nice that i found this forum and i am not the only Bultaco addict round here...I just wanted to sell a 183 Sherpa i bought for a friend, who didn't want it anymore. When it was standing in my garage, i said to myself: he, thats a really nice bike...It was stored 25 years in a shed and had a real daily driver life before that...I put some air in the tires, brake cleaner in the carb, some fuel and the engine fired up. I could not believe when i made a few rounds with it on our place...and decided, thats my new project, the bike i always wanted to have since i was 18. crazy, and makes really no sense, cause i have three other Bultacos and a montesa trial... I stripped last week the bike. new tires, wheel bearings, steering head...what is always necessary. but i like the look of the original alloy tank. old warrior or decided, to keep the look, like it is. (with rusty kickstarter...) I liked the patina of the bike. ( ..ok the red pipe...) to be continued...
  22. Good question, every space we find...some illegal training area between A114, S-bahn and Pankow...
  23. Get rid of any damage that the key has done to the tapers, ant high spots stop the taper taking the load properly which then puts the load through the key Worse case will involve you needing to lap the tapers after filing off damage on the crank Make sure the o-ring in the cover is in good condition when you reassemble it or use gasket forming silicon on it
  24. Hey,greeting also from Berlin! Where do you ride?
  25. Wasn't it Newton that said... 'Give me a long enough lever, and I will move the Moon.' So just clamp it under the wheel of a car, and then use a ten foot lever to get it back to straight. As long as the axis of the swinging arm bushes are parallel to the wheel spindle you should be Ok. I once dropped a Bultaco 350T from the top of a Volkswagen at an arena trial, it landed on its crossed up front wheel, and bent the frame. That took a lot of unbending with the long lever. If you use some heat in the right place, you can take most bends out. .
  26. ...after riding Bultaco bikes the last 30 years I finally found this forum. My garage is full of bikes and projects and I try to keep em all running...Thanks to the community for reading nice tips and tricks. May be i can share some individual tips as well...My bikes are: 175 Bultaco Lobito 1974,Bultaco 199A, Bultaco 183 (76?-new project), Bultaco 213 Alpina, Montesa 348 (not running at the moment), BSA M20 43 model, BSA B32 Scrambler 58, Triumph t120 OIF (not running at the moment, conrod disaster)...and some more undefined projects...wanted to sell the Bultaco 183 , but endet up in a nice new project... Ok but not only repairs...all the bikes are used all over the year on different festivals, races and trials...every year we are in Aywalle Belgium Eastern Classic Trial... My favorite is the m20 which is the most reliable bike I ever had...(daily driver) thats it, thanks for reading...
  27. Hello, on my Beta Evo 300 2 stroke 2012 a bolt came loose and blocked my crankshaft. The bolt came out my crankshaft itself, we think a production issue, bad use of locktide product or even no locktide used while crankshaft parts were merged See picture from the bolt who came loose from the inside of crankshaft Does anyone had this problem in the past or heared about ? Thanks Guido
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