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  2. Completely different challenge for him, absolutely delighted for him.
  3. I have always marveled at the power to weight ratio and how quickly the bike will launch from a dead stop. (ok it may not reach 100 MPH but you have an idea of what I mean)
  4. Challenge Accepted. Not sure of the definition of "family friendly" my family or a normal person's family?
  5. Gary will be fired up now
  6. I have taken Spens advice and Steve Panter sorted me out with a new carb. The result, the bike is a lot easier to start with a choke and runs a little better. However on checking the plugs after a trial I found it was running way to lean, so raised the needles a little to the last slot and that seems to improve things. A new main is on its way. However I still struggle with bogging coming off tickover onto the needle. The carb is fitted with an O-2 needle jet and 5C23 needle. I'm not good with jetting in this area so has anyone changed this part if the circuit. In summary when I snap the throttle open it just doesn't pick up. I can't decide if it's too weak, not enough fuel, or too rich, too much fuel. Any help appreciated as I have a trial next weekend I'd like to attend . Thanks
  7. A win at Kinlochleven would appear to indicate a restoration of mojo on Gary's part?
  8. Regardless of warranty or not there has to be grounds for the dealer to sort things if a brand new motor vehicle has a clutch that does not work properly.
  9. Get on your trials bike next time, that'll slow the trip round your yard abit! A Ducati round the yard is never recommended.
  10. You need to block the holes at the other end to stop water getting in.
  11. No, but it's a surprise if I get through a section without a dab.
  12. I've managed to get a small fuel pump and aluminium holder for the 4RT. The only thing I need is the "bulb" which I assume is some kind of expansion tank between the pump and outlet. Is the bulb needed or can I just put a tube from the pump to the outlet?
  13. Did you ever get on your bike for just a short putt around the yard and think to yourself, "Damn this thing is quick!"
  14. Yesterday
  15. Understand what your saying also; but in the context of this particular threads content then I am happy with what I have said......Motorcycle clutches are simple in the way they operate as you know yourself with your knowledge of the Beta clutch.. there are few parts and therefore it is relatively easy to find any faults...... . IF you know how they operate.
  16. The lighting and fan both run off the lighting coils. On the older bikes they both ran off the dc out of the voltage regulator. I believe on the newer bikes the lights run directly off the ac out of the lighting coil and only the fan runs off the voltage regulator. The regulator is still fed from the lighting coils so fan and lights are still sharing the available current from the lighting circuit.
  17. I know a bit and still come on here asking questions.
  18. Doug will be hard to beat , lots of capable lads who could do it aswell though, Jack Sheppard could be a dark horse and Ben Hemingway is always a threat ,I'd like to see brown win as I'm sure alot of others would it just seems to have never gone his way up to now, Dan Thorpe too, my predicted top 3 lampkin, brown,Sheppard
  19. Description: Aprilia TX311 1987 Air cooled Mono Trials in good condition runs and rides well not been knocked about everthing straight bought with good intentions but just not going to get round to sorting it out if I am honest not realy my sort of thing but would make a nice classic trials bike with not a lot of work or expence. Please ring for more info and to view the bike. View the full article
  20. I challenge zippy to a video post off this Wednesday. Rules... keep it family friendly! No one wants to see your booty shake! All others welcome to post as well. --Biff
  21. Yep, you sure would and rightly so. Not missing the point, I think we've all got where you're coming from. Cheers.
  22. You're missing the point, greeting and whinging about it on the internet isn't going to change a single thing, it's not going to stop them by pontificating about what it'll do for the sport, do you think they care ??? If they did, they wouldn't be doing it, would they ?? Do you think for a minute I'd go ride on my clubs land illegally ?? of course I wouldn't, why ? cause I'd be out on my a***, that's why.
  23. Sure, I never expected to change your attitude. Nobody could! Enjoyed the banter though.
  24. Glad to be of help, now lighten up and stop taking yersell and things way too seriously, cause there is nothing you nor anyone else says on here is gonna make a blind bit of difference to any illegal playing either up in the highlands or any where else in the country.
  25. Thanks. Just the reasoned and insightful answer I was expecting. Have fun. Preferably in a different sport.
  26. @cleanorbust get over yersell eh ffs.
  27. Know what you are saying but mr Austin does not know how his clutch works so that he can diagnose the problem,if he did he would not be on here asking questions. Its all simple if you know.
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