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  2. clic here.
  3. Just passing it along, the actual trial is Sunday, right now its promotion, photo's etc. I hope to see more video and pics as the weekend progresses. I guess it's best to turn the sound off on the video or your player. cheers
  4. Today
  5. I have to admit. there is nothing worse that puts me off than pathetic music playing over loud. I would even prefer it to be SILENT.
  6. The video of the bloke who bought the spray painted black EM made me want to buy one. This video with it's ridiculous techno music and flock of photographers shooting one guy going over a rock in a parking lot snaps my wallet shut faster than you can say "Bad promo."
  7. History in the making:
  8. As a side issue the rear mudguard is superb mines done 3 SSDTs without a crack, Pity they didn't make the main bearings out of the same stuff.
  9. I am going to be looking at a '84 Fantic 300 later today or this week-end. The machine is NOT running due to electrical issues (owner says no spark and needs new stator). So where can I find a stator (if this indeed is the problem), how much does it cost. But in general (since if I get that bike the idea would be to do a restoration), how hard / easy are parts to find, especially in the USA? And how much is a nicely restored bike worth. DC
  11. in the Netherlands always had the parts I needed.
  12. Description: Good condition, a truly pathetic reason for selling, a few marks etc cheap as need to sell. Registered currently on SORN have V5 have graphics but like it as is, located in Dorset View the full article
  13. Great video, thanks for posting it.
  14. Description: 2015 sherco 300,the bike is in vgc and runs and rides without fault,had new grips and a slow action throttle fitted to slow it down and make it a bit more progresive power,to much for me still though,I need to go back to a smaller cc bike,no stupid offer as I'm not in no hurry to sell,bike is located in Northamptonshire £2895 ovno tel 07720 994605 more pics if you need them View the full article
  15. I've had very quick results ordering from Trials and Tribulations (England) Lewisport in the States has quite a stock also;
  16. Voodoo type problems.
  17. The best video training footage I have seen on those techniques....thank you for posting it.
  18. Give this guy a try, that's where my last rear mudguard and seat unit came from
  19. Alberto thankyou for your reply.......It is very good,I like it very much.
  20. That's excellent. I've always wanted to see something like this with a bike set up with telemetry to show control positions.
  21. I made an extension for my 250 ( not off the shelf ) a few years back, and I did not felt such a difference, even if I oiled the cable until I followed JonV8 advise. I replace the cable with a new Venhill and oiled it with WD40 every ride. At our last TS meeting a few friend tried the clutch and the general comment was it's almost as light as a modern bike clutch. Guy
  22. Description: 2015 montesa 4rt very good example. fully serviced new rear tyre ready to ride. Px welcome, finance available subject to status call 01287 638030 View the full article
  23. Description: 2016 sherco 125 very very nice bike fully serviced new chain ready to go. Px welcome, finance available subject to status. Call 01287 638030 View the full article
  24. Thats brilliant! I'm going to do the same.
  25. I did roughly the same on my 2012. Built a 12v battery using cells from an old laptop battery. Killswitch button to activate it. Chargecontroller pluggy for recharging.
  26. Hi guys. Got a 2012 Ossa TR280i for a price i could not say no to. I'm a bit worried about parts, and already want to order me a new rear fender as i am pretty sure I'm going to break the one on the bike eventually. Where can one order Ossa bits these days?
  27. Worth oiling the cable and greasing the lever pivot too ... that simple stuff has a habit of sneaking up on you! I didn't realise the arm extender was a thing though, definitely going to get me one of those
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