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  2. Far as I know the kickstart position sounds about right at 11.30 locked in - kick it over until you get compression then ease it just past with the de-compressor, release decomp and give it a boot and it should start (if it's primed and ready) - make sure you wear boots. Had a RT360 Yam many years ago that would rip your shin out every time if you didn't have good boots and follow correct procedure.
  3. It's awesome stuff
  4. A set of Magicals springs transforms the original TY175 forks, worth changing at the same time IMO There's at least one top level twinshock rider successful on the 175 forks, so I'm not worried about a little flex
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  6. I only start the 349 with my left leg, far easier than using your right. It lets you tilt the bike away from you a bit, so you're less likely to slip off (I can't do that easily when sat on the bike) And yes, I'd never start that bike without decent boots on!!
  7. Thanks mate,its about needs be ,had stiches out to today but doc says a long healing time...what the hell I love fixing stuff and a rest from my latest car restore,bikes are SO easy compared. Got carb rebuild kit from local parts supplier and he showed me his huge warehouse of british bike parts and he has trials stuff in there was a TL 200 and a 2 smoke TL which it really liked ,its a twin shock but never had a chance to look close as he was real busy....I want it. Carb done and cleaned up ,clear coated the whole thing to prevent corrosion of the alloy and steel fastening.
  8. Link removed. None of those videos are the guy's own work. He's stealing offroad videos from all over and monetizing them on YouTube.
  9. ok, got mine rear wheel apart and it too takes 3 bearings. 1 wide and 2 narrow on the drive side.....I’ll be calling my supplier in the am. Next question i have is on the front wheel, what’s the best way to get the axle out? I have everything apart but the axle seems stuck in the wheel bearings, the axle floats back and forth in the forks but tight in the bearings. thanks in advance, Phil.
  10. From the 2016 EVO 4T Manual: FORK OIL SHELL TELLUS S2 V32 - SAE 6.1
  11. As a side note. Apart from the fast or slow throttle tubes one can also mess with the cam that controls the butterfly valve. Not for the mechanical challenged though. Just change the throttle tubes i.e. fast or slow.
  12. Learning something new everyday.. not a 4t person so never looked at a Beta 4T in detail ... thought it was just the usual ebay scrambler bike owner edition like the competition trial bikes that are fitted with Moto-X handlebars and given beautiful paint makeovers.
  13. I would look for a set of ty250 forks and yokes, or you can have your existing yokes bored out to fit the larger 250 tubes. It makes a considerable noticeable difference in how stiff the front end is when you turn in rocks and also a softer suspension there seems to be a lot more volume of oil and damping in there I did this on mine last summer. Only rode one or two events but it was definitely noticeable better
  14. WOW This is a standard Beta 4T throttle tube and housing. The Domino throttle tubes are interchangeable from slow and fast. The metal housing is the stock throttle housing. The throttle cable is not connected to the slide on this Mikuni carb as it is a CV carb. The throttle cable is connected to a cam which in turn is connected to a butterfly valve inside the carb.
  15. I had to look up Dubbin.
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  17. I haven't tried using my left leg with the 348 and don't remember seeing anyone else do it either. I suspect it might be awkward having to hold the bars and lift your foot so high. It works OK doing it off the bike on a Bultaco though (but on the other side). You've got me wanting to give it a try now
  18. Description: M10/m27 handlebars with built in perches wanted, plus m27 NOS or mint condition mag case cover, same as early pursang/metralla (not certain of models but think mk2 on both counts) can supply photo if required... Best price paid.. thanks. View the full article
  19. Is it off a road bike MX/Enduro? a proper domino trials throttle with a black tube for slow action or a white tube if you want quick They only cost approx. £13.00
  20. These don't have the standard fast or slow domino throttles.they do have a quick can buy a amal throttle which has a slower action
  21. What domino throttle is that? looks a little like an Amal 80/200.
  22. if due to land shortage you are hiring MOD or forestry land (lets say costs of £1k to £2K) then the club has to have a real big entry to make it viable (even when that's met, then land still gets pulled). even a "normal" venue would require a decent (40+ 50+ etc) entry to pay a sensible land hire (thats without other costs like toilets). Entries of 30 and under and only any good if the land is free or a nominal fee (bottle of whiskey, free ride, etc).
  23. cheers marky boy good to know it can be done ill look into it
  24. Description: Excellent condition. Practically brand new!! Ridden in only 8 trials Bought from Acklams in March 2016 Road registered Tech forks Upgraded brakes from standard models S3 foot pegs View the full article
  25. Fuel cap was a standard one that i cut the top out of and bonded in a red bull can top into and then painted the outside blue. Originally i was going to do it in red bull colours...(this was about 2003 mind you) If you are going to paint the rear guard be sure to use a plastic primer and add plastiser to the paint and then it will not crack when it bends and flexes. Upol used to do special plastic car bumper paint in rattle cans that had etching primers etc in a step by step idea if they still do.
  26. No that's just a black plastic washer type, peel back the grip and see what colour it is under the grip.
  27. Appreciate if someone can tell me if I really have this 'slow' version of Domino throttle installed. I marked the black visible part by the red arrow.
  28. Thanks, guys. I used the flexible connector with a wrench head and was able to adjust the shock. But it didn't help since it was really about timing as it was mentioned by lineaway
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