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  2. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    Ah...yes, mine does the "pop pop" thing as well - I think it's quite normal and I quite like the sound (which comes from the exhaust). Maybe you should video it making the noise and post it so others with more knowledge than me can diagnose it?
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  4. Show Us Your Ty

    Sorry Vforce Block Guy
  5. Show Us Your Ty

    The adjustment is behind the ignition cover, if you want a smoother clutch try a longer arm under the motor. Spacer between the intake and the cylinder and lower and back footrest. Guy
  6. Softening a Vertigo

    I have a 2017 250 Combat and use it mainly in program 3 (ie richest/softest). I have fitted a 550g flywheel weight (available from Vertigo) last week and think this improves the bike for my old skool riding style/limited ability. So far I've only tried it on very steady practice. I'm riding a trial this weekend and I'll see how it works in the sections. I think mine has the quick throttle so may swap that at a later date too. Its not caused any Efi issues.
  7. Jotagas 2013 Parts

    Ahh, OK. Thanks for the info.
  8. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Since fitted a new coil and Venhill decompression mechanism... spark still appears weak and no joy with starting (although the kicking process is much less barbaric with the decomp)! Electrex electronic ignition about to meet 70's Spamish metal - I'll update as and when! I was considering digging an 8' deep pit out the garden and throwing £20 notes into it - but I'll save myself the hassle and throw myself and the Cota in if the Electrex fails to evoke life (with the Missus filling in the hole shortly thereafter). Peace!
  9. Softening a Vertigo

    Hi As the title says, has anyone tried softening a Vertigo, (of any cc) by either adding an additional base gasket or a head insert? If so did was there a discernible change and how does the alteration work with the fixed EFI maps?
  10. ty80 forks

    Wouldn't PW50 forks be too short?
  11. 76 TY175 clutch basket to gear slop

    The rubber dampers inside do develop play after a while. The rubbers can be replaced. I made new rubbers and rivets about 35 years ago for one of my TY175s, thinking that the play there might be affecting on-off-on throttle work, but I could not feel any difference in the behaviour of the bike between before and after, so I have never bothered doing it on any other TY175s. The subject comes up on these forums every few years.
  12. Show Us Your Ty

    Had a good play on our local tree root venue & I have to say how impressed I am with the forks. They do everything you could ask of them Back end grips well & I was turning on roots on a hillside tighter than most guys do on their modern bikes which showed how much confidence I got from the bike straight off Bad points, front brake needs the lever moving 1 spline to give more adjustment. Can't get any real freeplay in the clutch cable & it's a bit far from the lever, can't work out why as adjustment is as per book. Engagement point is very short Next photo for the eagle eyes
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  14. Time Left: 27 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2014 Gas Gas TXT 200 Randonne, Road Reg, 300 miles only. Pleasure use. One previous owner Minor marks, very close to like new. All original except Renthal chain/sprockets, also front exhaust pipe. Original sprockets & chain included. MOT till 20th Dec 2018. Spare key. More pictures available.

    2,800.00 GBP

  15. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    So you did check the banjo screen on the side of carb? All jets clear, really? How did you verify? Remove carb when this is occurring and break the bowl seal over a clear vessel. Look at volume of fuel, ck for water settling and dirt in your sample catch.
  16. 76 TY175 clutch basket to gear slop

    There are rubber absorbers in there as I recall, but I could be mistaken.
  17. TXT Pro Sachs Rear Shock

    Are the Sachs shock on the Beta, Sherco TXT Pro the same?
  18. ty80 forks

    Hi people, my lads mini ty80 fronts forks are in need of Re chroming , not a problem- but not cheap, has any one grafted the very available pw50 forks onto a ty80, the pw forks come up 21mm but I think the ty are wider? A will have to get a micrometer one day but just thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone wants to save me work of hours of research.
  19. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Try starting it will the fuel cap off to eliminate that A failing stator can give the symptoms of your original stoppage but generally will start & run fine when cold
  20. Power to HT lead but no spark

    Just an update for you all. Turned out to be the CDI breaking down as described by section swept. Bought a new one and it fired first time. Must have not been able to generate the 000's volts it required to make a spark. Getting the stator rewound must have also helped because the throttle response now is so much better, its not always trying to stall when you are going very slow in gear. thanks for the help!
  21. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Hi All, Sherco 2004 250 Dellorto carb Bikes been running like a dream, until recently, after a fast 5 gear run it started to bog down and then cut out. Tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. Tried it with choke and it started, just wouldn't tick over as if the pilot jet was choked. Gave it a few revs and it cleared up ok. Anyway stripped the carb out of interest to empty the float bowl and found nothing, all jets clear. Next outing it seems to have got worse. It will start ok first time, run for 30 seconds then bogs and dies, leave it 30 seconds and its starts again and does the same. As if its a fuel restriction that is starving the bowl from filling up fast enough. Checked fuel pipe, inlet carb fuel filter, flow from fuel tank, pilot jet, main jet, fuel air mixture, idle screw, floats for getting stuck, inlet needle all free and good seal and not sticking. After re-assembly it now wont start or run on anything other than choke. So in my mind the only thing left is a big air leak somewhere (replaced big end seals months ago and run fine, used viton) but everything looks fine. Anyone else had this issue? Scratching the noggin for sure, bloody bikes..
  22. Time Left: 2 months and 28 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Over 68 yr old Rider retiring , had bike from new only ridden in summer once a month never seen rain or a rock , rode Coffin dodgers route , Bike rides like new , comes with Everything in the picture , I am 5' 7" 11stone 32 " waist 29" leg Boots are size 44 , Helmet is large 59 - 62 cm and only worn twice as i used to ride with a B.M.X. bike helmet . Bike rack has a Swan neck adapter or takes normal flange fitting , also light board ( not in picture ) Chain and Sprocket kit is brand new as are the spare wheel bearings next to them, Compressor is 240v and works fine , with spare hose and regulator. tel 07593 112177 Would sell bike separately . Everything in the picture ( except the bike ) cost me over £ 1500. Bike would cost over £ 6000 today .

    3,300.00 GBP

  23. 76 TY175 clutch basket to gear slop

    That's what I was thinking but didn't want to start pounding away on things without checking with more experienced folks. thanks Sam
  24. Hi Andy

    My free advert has just expired and i would like to re advertise it for another month ,  how soon after me paying the £ 10 joining fee should i wait before the system will allow me to renew my add ?  (  I paid 4 hours ago )

    Kind regards    Paul 397        or Paul Pearson      07593 112177.

  25. 76 TY175 clutch basket to gear slop

    Sounds like your rivets have worked loose, you could try to expand ( 'upset') them, or maybe get some new rivets. .
  26. Hello from a Sherpa owner

    Apologies to those who know about this but already, but in my search for parts and info I came across this fascinating website that has Cycle World magazine road tests of motorbikes going back to about 1970. This link below is the Bultaco section but lots of different bikes covered. It takes a while to load this index page, but you can scroll down and click through to the test for each bike, then use link at the bottom to "turn" the page. A little too late for my bike but just a fascinating resource - even the ads are interesting. http://www.yeoldecycleshoppe.com/roadtestlibrary?category=Bultaco
  27. BetaAlp 200

    Time Left: 27 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Much sought after Beta Alp 200. Great easy to ride bike that will climb anything, has a low seat height and the benefit of electric and kick starts. Very rare to market. Perfect for green laning, long distance trials or a town commuter. Road legal with V5 present. Some service history included with the original handbook. Good condition for age. Recently had work that includes; new Renthal bars, heated hand grips, bark busters, wheel bearings, full service, brakes and more. It has 8 months MOT approx. Only needs front fork seals and a bit of tlc. Please check pictures are description.

    1,500.00 GBP

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