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Forum Rules

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We are proud of the fact this is a family-friendly site and wish it to remain that way. Adult material or jokes of an adult nature may not be posted.

ADVERTISING OF ANY NATURE IS PROHIBITED ON THESE FORUMS. Messages advertising items, products, companies or services with the intent of financial gain by the poster will be deleted and the user permanently banned with no further warning. This rule is firmly enforced and we WILL find you out if you try to get round our rules...

This also applies to Wanted Ads because as soon as somebody replies to your Wanted Ad they are in breach of our selling terms and face being banned. DO NOT post "Is anybody selling..." or "Does anybody have..." type posts.

Trials Central provide a free Classified advertising system, accessible via the front page of this site for the purpose of private individuals buying and selling. Commercial advertising in any form apart from official Trials Central sponsor advertising is strictly prohibited on any part of this website.

Messages must be posted in proper English. Messages containing SMS Text-type abbreviations of words are not permitted and will be deleted on sight. Continued use of text message type abbreviations may result in posting rights being denied.