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  1. Evo 300 fuel tap leaks

    Hi Marius, What happens is that a bit of dirt gets trapped between or behind the rubber disc in the tap and causes the face to be uneven, then petrol drips from where the spindle comes out the tap. You can dismantle the tap on the bike but it is tricky as you have to align the parts and get the spring back in a restricted space. the easiest way is to remove the tap. You may have to do this a couple of times in a year, but you don't need a new tap! To give more room, take off the front exhaust pipe then you have easy access to the tap from the exhaust side. Removing the carb may also give some more room. Note the exact alignment of the tap so that you get it back in the same position for ease of operation when back on the bike. The tap securing nut has right hand thread to the tank and left hand thread to the tap, but undoing it the normal way brings the tap out of the tank. Once undone ease the tap downwards and you'll start to see the white plastic filter which is part of the tap. Gently ease and twist the tap and filter out of the tank boss. Get the thing on the bench on clean material, set the tap in the off (back) position (then you know the alignment of parts) and depending on the year undo the big nut around the spindle or the 2 screws holding the securing plate,.the spindle can then be lifted out, watch out for the spring under the cover which gives the sealing force for the tap As you remove the bits, set them in an organised manner for ease of assembly. Note the alignment of the valve for correct assembly. Carefully remove the rubber disc and thorough clean the tap before reassembly. After assembly, with the tap in the off (back) position you should not be able to blow through the tap from the fuel hose. If you turn 1/4 clockwise (up-on position) you get flow, and 1/4 turn further (forward- reserve position) you also get flow so you know the parts are assembly correctly. Ease the filter back up into the tank twisting and pushing, Set the nut so that it is just started on the left hand thread of the tap, and just started on the right hand thread of the tank boss, then carefully screw it up clockwise - careful not to cross-thread. Align the tap for operating position and tighten the nut. Evo Fuel Tap Cleaning.pdf
  2. Beta parts?

    As Andy says, go to the Beta UK site, go to downloads, download the parts list for your 2011 Evo then you will see the drawing of the parts and the related parts numbers.
  3. Beta evo won't run

    Funny that it ran ok before you stripped the carb, so maybe this procedure will help. Evo Carb - Removing & Cleaning 2017.pdf
  4. Convert a beta 125 to a 200 or 250

    You can't convert the 125 Beta to any other capacity easily because the stroke of the 125 crankshaft is 54.5mm, whereas the 200, 250 & 300 are 60.5mm. So if the barrel would fit into the crankcase, you would still have to fit a different crankshaft etc.. Probably much easier and cheaper to sell it and buy a larger capacity bike if that's what you want.
  5. carb problem

    Hi Dan, Most likely as others say, the needle jet has dropped out and is lying on your bench somewhere. Having had Betas for years, I made this up, maybe this will help! Splatshop sell all Keihin PWK28 spares. Evo Carb - Removing & Cleaning 2017.pdf
  6. Beta evo front brake

    Yes best to buy a seal kit, it comes complete with plunger. You need an 11mm spanner to disconnect the hydraulic hose, fix the hose upright so air doesn't get in, then strip the master cylinder on the bench. Before removing the circlip, clean any crud round that area, then After removing the circling and washer, if the plunger is stuck it can be pushed out with a small screwdriver from the oil outlet end. Then just clean everything before assembly!
  7. Beta evo front brake

    If there is load of free play with the adjuster right in, it may be the the master cylinder piston is not fully returning out, so limiting the stroke of the piston. Remove the brake lever and the rubber boot and you should see that the hollow end of the piston (with the small spring stuck in it) should stick out beyond the washer and circlip. If not push in and out a few times and see if it returns fully. If not you need to strip and clean the master cylinder and maybe fit a seal kit. Main cause of the problem is a failed rubber boot allowing water/muck into the outer space round the piston end. If you also need a Jitsie or similar rubber boot kit make sure you get one for a Grimeca master cylinder, as others will not fit properly. Hope this helps!
  8. beta 80

    Go to the Beta UK website, then downloads, look for the year of your Beta 80, and download the parts drawings. You should be able to identify the kickstart mechanism parts you need, then just phone Beta UK ( which is John LAmpkin imports) they are the source of bits in the U.K. IF you don't know the year, I don't think it matters as the 80 engine has been pretty standard over the years.
  9. Flywheel Weight Yes Or No?

    The standard 300 has a flywheel weight fitted on the back of the flywheel (see picture of when we removed ours), so not easy to see unless you remove the flywheel. Some riders remove the weight to get faster response, so maybe ask the previous owner if they removed it.
  10. clutch spring mod 6 to 4

    Just checked my records and the step on the top hat washer mentioned earlier is 1.5mm, so having the flat to the outside reduces the spring pressure by 1.5mm from having the flat face next to the spring. A standard steel washer is 6mm clearance x 12 mm od x 1mm thick. The washer has to be able to fit inside the spring diameter, so must be 13mm outside diameter or less. If your bike only has plain flat washers to tension the springs it's easy to try a 1mm washer under each of the pressure washers and see how that feels.
  11. clutch spring mod 6 to 4

    The Evo Factory models -at least my son's 2011 Factory 300, had special red aluminium washers to tension the clutch springs. These washers are top hat shaped, a larger diameter brim and a smaller diameter body, By turning them over you can adjust the tension of the clutch springs. Take one off and have a look if you have genuine parts. If the flat brim is towards the spring (with the smaller diameter section visible next to the bolt head) you get maximum tension. If the smaller diameter goes inside the spring, it does not compress the spring so much so you get minimum tension. See photograph attached, zoom in and you can see that the top hat has the brim towards the spring for maximum tension on my son's 300. It is easy to try them all (or alternate ones) in the other position and see the results.
  12. beta breather

    This arrangement has just appeared with the 2017 models and is not an additional vent for the fuel tank. If you look at the pdf attached, the o-ring of the fuel tank cap sits in the recess at the top of the thread in the fuel tank, and that drain/vent connection is above the sealing face. The drain pipe goes down under the left hand side panel and is open ended. I think that the arrangement is maybe for some EU directive to allow any fuel/ mist to go down the pipe rather than spray into your eyes if you remove the cap if their is any pressure in the tank. Just a thought! 2017 Beta Evo fuel tank cap..pdf
  13. Number Boards

    The problem with taping the number to the headlight is that often the tape partly obscures the number, the number is distorted by the shape of the light, and once dirty it cannot be cleaned. Just think of the observer if you want to get the correct score! In East Yorks Centre all clubs agreed that transparent plastic number boards should be fitted so that the number can be clearly seen and wiped if dirty.
  14. Scarborough Super Trial

    Thanks to “northyorkie” for bringing this to the attention of Trials Central supporters, I’m surprised that such a prestigious event, which was part of the SDMC National Trial weekend didn’t include a report with results and pictures on the Supertrial, especially as this was also a round of the British Supertrial Championships. As you say, this was also a major result for the Peace brothers as the whole family has put in a lot of dedication, effort, expense (and van engines!) in the UK and abroad to achieve this level of performance to get the results and go some way to repay the support of those who sponsor them. It’s a great result to get three East Yorks Centre riders in the top four to show the level of ability that the riders from this Centre have achieved. From all accounts, the Club is to be commended for a successful weekend as they had put a great deal of work into preparing for both National events. Attached are the results of the Supertrial and some pictures supplied courtesy of John Watson. If anyone else has some photos of the event, lets get them out there and give the lads the exposure they deserve. Scarborough Supertrial Results 040617.pdf
  15. Fork assembly order 2012 250

    You'll notice that the washer is cup shaped, the bottom of the cup is just a clearance diameter over the fork stanchion, the top is much larger diameter as it goes against the underside of the fork seal. It goes in just that way so that the small diameter sits against the top of the top bush to hold it in place, and the seal sits against the larger diameter. So basically, when the seal is in position with the clip fitted, the bottom of the seal holds the washer in place which in turn keeps the bush in position. Hope this helps!