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  1. The new and improved 8x4(photo courtesy of Jennifer Charlton Photography) cheers the noo Brian
  2. Sorry no video of the wee bike for now,but it works.First event with my latest creation and everything went well.Looped it on the first section and thought this was the start of it,then another 5 on a hillclimb (which I laid out ),then a couple of 3's,then a few cleans.Don't know what my score was but I really don't care as the wee bike performed well and is a huge improvement over the original 8x4. cheers the noo Brian
  3. Not quite 52 1/2" its 53" .I used an early Suzuki TS swing arm that was on the original project(I made 2 inserts for the frame and new nylon bushes for the swing arm) cheers the noo Brian
  4. Thanks Charlie, I have not trialled the bike yet,still got a couple of things to do to finish it of.I lengthened the frame just over 3 inches.I put it on the old bathroom scales and its just over 80 kilos that's nearly 9 less than the original project. The old frame is now a fine garden ornament . cheers the noo Brian
  5. A wee change to Project 8x4,I stretched an old bantam frame and used the running gear from the original project.It's a work in Progress cheers the noo Brian
  6. What I did with my C15 was to replace the gearbox bearing with a sealed one(removed one of the seals-gearbox end), I also fitted a sprocket seal aswell (so it had 2 seals).I also ran heavy gear oil(almost like treacle).never had any problems after that. cheers the noo Brian
  7. Needing to get a couple of sets of brake shoes relined for my Francis Barnett fitted with British Hub Company hubs.Any recommendations ? cheers the noo Brian
  8. Big thank you to everyone who gave for the event, money raised so far is £652.50. 89 riders signed on and had a great day and plenty of cake. cheers the noo Brian
  9. A wee update for Sunday's charity is a list of sponsors who have kindly donated for the riders draw Putoline Oil - has donated a case of chainlube. SGS Trialsport - 01337 860255 has donated some trials essentials. ORM+ Trials port - 07831403073 has also donated some trials essentials. Border Bikes - 01361883008 has donated a £50 voucher. Mickey Oates - 01413327374 has also donated some goodies. Michelin UK have donated a signed podium cap signed by Stan Woods. East Nuek Trials - 07774103598 has kindly donated a pair of Stylmartin Boots and a Mots carbon Helmet. Entry for the event is £12 which includes an entry in the riders draw,good luck all who enter the event. And a huge thank you to those that have kindly donated for the draw . cheers the noo Brian
  10. A wee update about the Big Five O charity trial @Kidlaw,today I received an E.mail from Sally from Putoline Oil who has agreed to offer help with the event.A big thank you to Putoline. cheers the noo Brian
  11. Thanks for the kind offer Deryk,the club I ride with(Lothian Trials Club) had an event a couple of years back and raised a bit for MacMillan.Also I rode in the Robbie Allan 50/50 trial part of the Robbie Allan 50/50 memorial event in 2014 a great event for a worthwhile cause again Macmillan which raised £28000 from the weekend .I'll be in touch. cheers the noo Brian
  12. For my 50th birthday I'm organising a charity trial at Kidlaw ,East Lothian.It will be the Lothian trials Club first trial of the year.Sunday the 21 st of February 10a.m. for a 10.30 start(have to sort out teams)Being an auld bugger its going to be twinshock and pre 65 event,but don't despair monos and modern bikes are all welcome" Its for Charity". the idea is to make riders of monos/modern have an uneven number and riders of twinshock/pre 65's even numbers, then the numbers will get drawn out of two hats and that would make up your riding partners/team(if 40 modern and 20 twinshock/pre 65 enter that would make teams of 3(2 monos and 1 twinshock/pre 65)).It will be 4 laps of 10 sections an A and B route plus a couple of greens for the more experienced riders who like a wee challenge.Its going to have a Hawaiian theme(Hawaii 5 O),riders who enter in the spirit of the event will get marks deducted from their final score e.g. wearing a Hawaiian shirt 5 marks of your final score,garlands another 5(maximum of 10 marks).Its in aide of MacMillan cancer support . cheers the noo Brian P.S. there will be plenty of cake and sweets/biscuits
  13. Out on the bike today at the Lanarkshire Charity trial at Crieff Hydro,not been out on the bike since adding spacers to the forks and putting 20ml of extra oil in.Suspension is alot betterAlso first time with the new carb(Moklt 24mm) the bike ran well and pulled strong.Great day out despite the rain. The wee bike seems to be tough enough and takes a bit abuse well. cheers the noo Brian
  14. Montrose trials club have had to change their venue for tomorrow's trial because of the recent bad weather,they are now going to have the event at Baldardo Cheers the noo Brian
  15. Gordo when I filed out the grooves I left a few mm of brake shoe material at the bottom of the groove Cheers the noo Brian