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  1. I had the same thought when i bought the Jitsie filter for my Sherco '05 125 - what the hell were they thinking , then i just turned it inside out and it fitted fine.
  2. Have had no successs sourcing the stickers from Australia, the '04 200 i have was the last 200's made, has some '05 bits (rear brake calipers inside swingarm, different clutch side cover) which is why i believe it was called the 'Academy Model'
  3. Hi, anyone know if the the 'Sherco Academy' model stickers are available - i have an '04 200 that came with a sticker i think was on the fuel tank.
  4. Hi, Same as what you say about the 7/8" bars - bent most brands, solution was the Renthal fat bars with the necessary spacers, haven't had a problem since. Took a bit of getting used to the changed steering characteristics, but not a problem now. cheers.
  5. Bolts are M8 x 40 long - the thread is more towards the inside of the swingarm - maybe bolts broken off inside? - pays to use high tensile bolts, and keep them tight. cheers.