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  1. I was talking to an older club member about this last week and he said that the rule was changed to current rule on safety grounds, not sure if there is less accidents on the smaller bikes I would not of thought so. My thoughts is they are big another to ride a 250 and they can handle it safely then fine let them ride one.
  2. im going for carb icing also. winther dry fuel or a cap of meths spirts in a gallon of your normal 2 stroke mix should help
  3. Hi Pete I am competition Secretary for The Isle of Wight Motorcycle club. We run an E route on every club trial. The route is run in the morning at the same time as beginners route (but is easier) Age is 4 yrs and up electric / autos Details of the IOWMCC Events are on link below Regards Calvin
  4. You can track stand longer than me, enjoy yourself thats alot of skill to be learnt balancing without the engine running and you can do that without winding your neighbours up. Enjoy
  5. All things go in circles as they say. One of the clubs I ride with are running their summer trials series no stop and will consult with club membership following this. For the record I prefer no stop because I carnt hope a bike and get cold and bored waiting for a hoppyhoppy to get through a section
  6. if you use an air gun or impact driver on thhat bottom nut should get in off, if their are like most forks should be a you tube of how to do this
  7. Follow this link mixture screw should be 1 to 1 1/2 out from lightly seated. Check all the simple things before you start spending money.
  8. Thas a good point to make I have dropped plenty of yukey oil out of air cooled bikes that has probably been like that after the first ride or power wash. what you cant see can't frighten you. possibley !
  9. We have gone down the pee wee then Ty 80 and then rev at 7yr. Either ways you should get your money back on a ossett or rev 50.1000 might sound like a lot of money for the rev but they can be harder to get hold of then the Ty.
  10. Hi The bolt where the brass washers are would be what is called a Banjo bolt. You could either bleed the brake in the normal way via a pipe on caliper bleed nipple and pumping the brake lever (you tube has many instruction videos on this method.) another option if there is a lot of air in the system, is to reverse bleed via a syringe filled with brake fluid from the caliper bleed nipple into the system until fluid is forced into the master cylinder, then bleed using the first ( normal ) method. Regards Boni
  11. this could be handy to have in the garage
  12. there is an adjuster on top of the carb, turning it anti clockwise will take slack out of throttle.
  13. Many thanks JSE and Faktree I ordered a 118 from BVM yesterday and they recommended a 118 as well Great mind think alike it seems. Trialing this Sunday so happy days are here again
  14. Many thanks for your reply Jon, I think I will start with a 118 as the weather is cold in UK at the moment, can always get a 116 if needed when the weather warms up.
  15. I have mis-placed the main jet from my Dellorto PHBL 26 BS carb Any idea what size it should be. possibly not stock size as I hear they tend to be lean with stock main jet. Pilot is 35, choke is 60 and D270 (atomizer) needle is D36 Many Thanks