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  1. Is it ?? I didn't know it didn't apply to bikes
  2. Does anyone know which band the Co2 emissions will be for registering a new bike from the 1st April for the new vehicle taxing band ??
  3. It is missing, it's not under the needle, I'm questioning if said missing retaining part is causing said problems as there is no tension on the needle.
  4. Missing spring retainer on top of needle ???
  5. Could answer some running issues.
  6. So this white plastic part should sit on top of needle held down under tension by the spring on the slide ye ??
  7. Can anyone tell me if the needle on the Keihin carb just sits in the slide via gravity? What I mean by that is, does it just sit there and not held down under tension??
  8. You'll be staggered to find how much power a newer 125 has. I'm 15 stone and the 15 125 gasser I've had a shot of would get up and over anything we have at our club trials.
  9. Nothing has changed inside the carb to our knowledge so I'm not sure how the float heights would change ?? Plug in to the HT doesn't seem to "click in" solidly ?? It is running very rich as even a new plug is sooting up just going up the street and back, so leaned it off a bit. I'll probably be riding it at the weekend as I'm now bikeless, so watch my scores come down.
  10. It rides very freely in higher gears, it's the lower ones where it struggles.
  11. Friend of mines Gas Gas 125 doesn't seem to rev out in the lower gears 1/2/3, but will happily rev higher in the higher gears. It can pottle through a section ok..ish in 1st but if it need to be revved high it drops off quickly. We're a bit out of ideas what the issue is, cleaned the jets and changed the plug but outside that, we're lost... Any ideas of said symptoms ???
  12. I wonder how rightys get on with the clutch ? Do they adapt ? Do they switch it over to the right hand side ?
  13. Does he bring his time machine with him.
  14. Got a good price fae Wull on a blue scorpa but they've nae 250's
  15. I knew most wouldn't get that, I threw it in waiting on someone questioning it help me out here, and don't say Ossa or I'll eat yer doags...