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  1. I was thinking the same, though not sure about the graphics.
  2. In that case, they can ram it.
  3. What if you only have an SACU card ?
  4. I know this will sound smug but it's not, it's genuine, you need to learn more control first, you've barely started and it takes fecking ages to get to grips with this sport, work on slow speed control and worry about gearing another time.
  5. It might have been me, there is no way I'd spend good hard earned money on a bike I didn't like the look of, and yella is not in my opinion, that great, but neither is green or orange for that matter, hence why I own a bonnie blue bike
  6. Excellent. I passed that place last September while riding my road bike up in to the hills there and wasn't sure if it was the same place, but surely is, back again this September, gonna have a wee nosey, thanks for posting.
  7. WTF are we meant to do with that link
  8. Sure Dougie Lampkin said something on the live qualifying yesterday about someone starting out under penalty, may have been him.
  9. Unless you are riding expert level trials, you won't need a 300...fact. Any modern 250 will do as much as any 300 short of high 3rd gear revs up huge steps, sorry just my opinion, and I have a 300. It's fashionable to have a 300 over a 250, makes you look more manly, but I'd put money on you being able to do pretty much any trial you enter on a 250, so just buy what you want, what you will get with a factory model is better suspension.
  10. Gasser boxes don't like being shifted through at speed in my experience, best pop them up to 3rd if you're going flying between sections but they are made of chocolate.
  11. That looks like a 16 onwards exhaust and is not going to fit a 13 bike.
  12. I'm not disputing you, I was only asking, is it acceptable for a rider to do this ?
  13. On a slightly different slant, I seen Lampkin washing water up over rocks with his boot on the very last section on the Friday at the Scottish, what's the difference ???
  14. I got a 5 at the Scottish championship in April for stopping, I was staggered when I was told, quite litterly couldn't believe it and to this moment I have no recollection of stopping whatsoever in that section
  15. Ahh....i remember now. Surely any 15 sherco on the go would have it's issues sorted by now....surely ?