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  1. We're no talking aboot me. The OP made no mention of grip, so why you guys getting hung up on it
  2. A good set of tyres to the OP may mean something different to him, as he says, long life, that may mean a good set to him I doubt the average rider can tell the difference between Michie and Dunlop.
  3. Oh ye I bet they are devastated
  4. He didn't ask about them gripping so why mention it ?
  5. Hmm....Emma Bristow in a one piece suit
  6. 07 will probably be the month it was produced and the last 4 digits will probably be the bikes own code.
  7. It has always puzzled me how they know. I get the....been followed home type thefts but it's like they have insider knowledge at times, what is also bizarre is how these bikes just simply vanish, never to be seen again.
  8. And trials wonder why they are the anonymous motorsport. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ or maybe that's just how they like it.
  9. Flights into Girona are perfect on the Friday, with some trial riding for a few days afterwards, the only downside is 1000 euro deposit on car hire.
  10. Has anyone been to the Trial GP at Camprodon ?? How close is it to the town ? What are the costs of entry ? Is there stalls at Parc ferme ? How far apart are the sections ??
  11. cctv cameras have never stopped a single thing getting stolen.
  12. They made it quite clear it was in regards their new enduro bikes, which they have done so.
  13. Brilliant, bike issues aside obviously. I think we've all been there looking at a first section and thinking we've bitten off more than we can chew, most intimidating but usually it's not, stick in.
  14. My take is this. I'm a rubbish trials rider but I've had a reiger on my factory GG and had an Ohlins on my 2010 sherco. I couldn't notice a single bit of difference with the Ohlins on the sherco but thought the reiger was ace on the GG compared to my r16v 2017 sherco.....hope that makes sense. What I've found over the years riding road bikes and trackdays etc is ohlins make varying levels of suspension and in my opinion live of their name cause it's a world leader and it's shiney and bright, If it were me, unless you are getting top of the range Ohlins, go with reiger as the ohlins is just bling, granted, bright shiney bling
  15. Excellent