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  1. No that's just a black plastic washer type, peel back the grip and see what colour it is under the grip.
  2. I got no manual with my new 17 model.
  3. She's got two rabbits and you're still together, respect to you for hanging in there, must be love.
  4. Last year I had make contact with the chap that runs the place in Spain with the 4 rides, I'm guessing it's the same you're referring to, George I think his name is. More or less had dates sorted out but life kinda got in the way and eventually didn't bother, but is it worth the money you ask ?? It's not cheap, but why would it be, it's his business, his bikes, but I would still probably do it though. I have other plans this year for doing trials out in Spain in May and taking in the first Trial GP, again, far from cheap, but so what, money is for spending I guess.
  5. Oh I'm enjoying this, cock waving at the highest TC level btw, and believe it or not, I'm actually national champion at my level I'm embarrassed to say
  6. Brilliant, much like most of our club trials in the winter
  7. Better weather, better access to land, factories pretty much all from there, oh and talent.
  8. Who ? Where ?
  9. When do tickets go on sale ? I think I've already asked this question but can't remember where or what the answer is/was
  10. J was for Jordi, O was for O in Jordi, T was for Tarres and A was for...err.....let me think... I'll let you work out what TRS stands for yourself.
  11. Steve Saunders lied through his teeth to potential customers. I speak with bitter experience.
  12. Because they as a company have been a nightmare on the PR front, not helped by an importer who knew he would be no longer importing them but continued to make out it was the company who were the problem, yet still not informing his potential customer(s) I speak from personal, bitter experience
  13. If I was Jason I wouldn't give a flying feck what a bunch of numpties on some internet forum thought of my "mancave" much like I wouldn't give a feck what folk on here thought of my spare room.
  14. Agreed, other than the bikes, just looks like my spare bedroom with all the crap I've got lying about.