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  1. I don't know what you're complaining about, I had two 5's today still, at least I never fell off
  2. Well this muppet here speaks from personal recent experience
  3. You're right arsey aren't you
  4. Well as someone who took their trials bike to get MOT'd recently and was told specifically by the tester to nip away and get a reflector, I'm gonna disagree with the two posters above on my own personal experience, though I had a small number plate.
  5. Horn, number plate and reflector, and that's it.
  6. What are you talking about man
  7. My tyre man refused to do it due to being a sidewall but allowed me to fit it while he just removed and fitted man, sorted.
  8. Somebody punctured illegally riding up glenshee at the weekend breagh, if I catch them I'll have their guts for garters
  9. Can I safely fix a sidewall puncture on my rear dunlop ??
  10. Looks brilliant, would love to do that. Seems the bike of choice from the vids is the monty.
  11. Right enough, gamekeepers are an honourable bunch
  12. If you don't do trials itself, then a 3 hunner will be grand... Hold on a minute....I do hope that's not illegal riding you're doing, they'll have your balls for that on here
  13. What level do you ride at ?
  14. My bike isn't on SORN though, it's taxed.
  15. I got one of these letters, I was shocked as I was sure I taxed all my bikes at the same time, checked my bank records and I had, then checked the DVLA site where you can check if a vehicle is taxed and bizarrely, it showed up taxed as I knew.....very strange.