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  1. I was planning on heading through on the Friday, no much cope if I don't know where to go is it.
  2. They don't help themselves that's for sure, this not publishing the routes til the day of ?? wtf is that all about, nae wonder not many spectate.
  3. breagh you should may be think about a trial with only a few sections, say 5 or so, sounds like a great idea to me.
  4. Ran two bikes in my old doblo for years, no problem, just turn the front wheels in to the rear footwells, of course mine was a doblo car with rear seats removed, the van may not have rear footwells.
  5. I bought a TTR draft carbon from MRS last week for £139, cheapest buy about £80 from anywhere else.
  6. I'm a sucker for shiny things as well, just bought a new sherco, cause I can and I liked the colour, won't make me any better, probably worse, but who cares, don't drink, don't smoke, don't go with women but I have an expensive bike habit.
  7. Away and boil your head you bunch of teuchters
  8. Ye spelt tuechters rang.
  9. Seen it on facebook
  10. I have nae idea what you are talking about but at a guess, the standard spring will be probably for a 70kg rider, I'm near 100, so again guessing, there must be a reason why they produce heavier springs, surely it can't be a sales gimmick can it ?
  11. It's about 126 free.
  12. I ordered a heavier spring from them the other day, it's fairly easy to change the spring. Got myself a flywheel weight as well though not sure about that, well particularly the how to fit it as I don't have an impact gun to pop the retaining nut off.
  13. R16V shock
  14. No sure how that's gonna make me feel the tyre gripping.
  15. Bike rides fine, just have no feeling of grip at all. I was the only one not getting up or through wet or churned up stuff at all, cost me at least 5 5's today.