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  1. Will post some more in my return when I can upload more.
  2. Well caught the tail end of day one, just a couple of sections as i was on a road bike.
  3. Depends how you ride it, 8 mile to approx 12 to empty tops.
  4. I'll be on a motorcycle so covering 60 miles or more isn't a problem, getting to Girona and back to Bilbao in a day would be.
  5. Brilliant, I'll be there on the Saturday and possibly Sunday.
  6. I'm sorry I'm missing your point I shall be in the Picos for 3 days, then in Bilbao the weekend of 16th/17th then over to the Pyrenees for 3 days, I don't have time to get to Girona so any trial in and around Bilbao on that weekend will be easily manageable, Girona on the other hand not, hope that clears things up, but who knows.
  7. 50 miles is perfectly fine but I can't find anything. I'm away there next week so really only the weekend of 16th/17th.
  8. I found nowt while searching so thanks for that.
  9. Is anyone familiar with trials around the Bilbao area. Any trials shops in or around the city ?? Any clubs in and around the city ?? I know Gerona is a big trials area but not sure I'll be over as far as that but I will be in the Bilbao area for a few days soon.
  10. Fitness. I've watched many a newbie dragging their bike out of section after section, not overly difficult sections but sections where they possibly fall over and then feel they are holding the whole trial up, so drag their bike out, do that x40 and you'll find one very tired beginner. It's fatigue that gets the newbies not section severity and a 13 year old is a lot fitter than your average 50 something newbie.
  11. Why would that surprise you ?? I can't recall many first timers finishing a trial in my last 6/7 years, usually takes them at least 3 possibly 4 trials til they get their first finish.
  12. For a period of time, you guys pandered to a small minority by increasing the severity of sections, it put me off, I suspect it possibly put others off to.
  13. Pre entry trials is for the dark ages, it's 2017. Sending cheques...WTF ! no wonder you can't get young folk in to it, they don't even know what a cheque is, nevermind what it looks like. We're living in modern times and until such til as the dinosaurs in trials realise that, you're going to struggle for entries.
  14. These mtb events aren't on every week though, doubt they'd get 300+ entries at £40+ every week, but you can enter a trial pretty much every week for around £10 a pop, well up here you can.