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  1. Proud of you boss, really proud. My point during the week came true then, set up easy and they all still come and enjoy their day. Seen clarky's vid and that's how the sections were when I first started, makes you wonder why a winning formula was changed
  2. Look how many riders deserted Gas Gas when things went pear shaped there, it's not a surprise folk wont buy them.
  3. He told me, on two separate occasions my bike was "on the truck" having left the factory. On both occasions he told me, they'd sent the wrong bike, I believed him, @rsehole. My info since then was he already was in bed with TRS at the time.
  4. I do wonder how much nonsense I was being fed from Steve Sauders a couple of years ago when I was trying to buy one, got messed around something awful from him.
  5. Nobody gets out alive you know 🖒
  6. and to think it was only a couple of weeks ago that you were telling me that breagh has done more for trials in my area to,
  7. It's the indian not the arrow that holds things back in trials get it bought, as a first bike you can't go wrong.
  8. Rich they are great bikes for a noob, it was my first ever trials bike, as said above, not much ever goes wrong with them. Getting the carb out is a task but then again getting the carb back in on modern trials bikes is an even bigger task.
  9. 2009 was the first year of tubular frame.
  10. You think I don't this ? He introduced me to trials. My point is, he allows himself to be talked in to setting up harder trials by a small minority.
  11. Are you reading this breagh ??? I hope so.
  12. Can't wait for this to come on to effect, just had my insurance premium increased by £200 due to a NON fault accident. Insurance companies have us all by the balls, and it's the law, so they must be right......right.
  13. I bought a jitsie carbon off of trying on an M that fitted, bought an M and it was too small, sold it a few weeks later for £100 loss.
  14. Anyone with a Hebo Zone 5 helmet care to share how they are for sizing ?? I have an older Hebo and it's a L and fits fine, but I know a fella who has a L in the Zone 5 and it's too big but when I tried on a M it felt too small
  15. It's all part of the kit, main feed hose in aux tank then to main tank cap. Breather just comes from aux tank cap.