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  1. Unfortunately it seems some clubs are still living in the pre 67s requiring pre entries, shame.
  2. I've always felt it was a circus, particularly the indoor stuff but a circus none the less as it has no bearing on what the normal punter can achieve. At least in WSB or Moto GP the normal punter can ride the very same circuit as the top guys or even the IOM TT, but WTC.....impressive but a circus none the less.
  3. They look like they should be stored in the local skip, mine are in the kitchen next to the heater.
  4. Every 100 hours must be about 30+ trials at least.
  5. Agreed, I doubt I'll get any better than I am now and I'm rubbish now
  6. What ?? 6-10 trials ???
  7. btw Duncan told me there is a mod for the diaphragm clutch that makes it much lighter.
  8. I absolutely disagree with newbies jumping in to trials rather than practise, possibly I'm in a minority of 1 but I believe a newbie will learn much more just practising the basics etc than diving in and getting stuck in sections all day long.
  9. I've made a loss on every bike I've ever sold, and that's dozens over the years
  10. Wowsers that's some story that. Sure a guy local to me had issues with his 15 sherco but never paid much attention tbh.
  11. Considering the beta 4t. I had a scorpa 163 a few years back, brilliant bike, should never have sold it but couldn't ride a trial for toffee on it, most would say I still can't no matter what I'm on to be honest.
  12. Considering buying a 4t, more just for the hell of it rather than actually to do trials on but was wondering other than heavier weight what else do I need to know about riding them ???
  13. Off topic but whatever happened to the two day trial there ?
  14. Jeezo East Lothian stretches a fair bit further West than I thought.
  15. MC is usually related to outlaw motorcycle clubs, MCC tends to be law abiding, yes it's a long story and probably over the top of most of the folk on here. Any idea where in East Lothian it will be held ?