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  1. Len, Chemo's grotty, as I've just found out......... but it does work...........Just keep on with the good does take time tho !! All our LOVE and BEST wishes............. from her in Rye
  2. Hi, It was GREAT. Felt so sorry for the poor observers, who, as usual, deserve the medals. It was cold, and then the hailstorm arrived before the finish. Many thanks to each and everyone of them. Also to the clerks of the course and secretaries. A brilliant trial. XXX
  3. Hi Pete, we had this anomally discussed at a recent coc meeting. None of us thought it was right, but it was explained to us that 'the poor old observer had to replace the marker that was dislodged' so one deserves to get a 'five'. Thought it a bit harsh really, as we usually just ignore the other markers anyway....Luv to Dad....
  4. Well done Sandra, Are you going to ride again in 2012. Hopefully the answer is yes. Regards Joan