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  1. Thank you for your reply, this is exactly the kind of information I am looking for! Bump, Still looking for more info! : )
  2. Hi there, yes I'm well aware there is numerous other threads pertaining to boots. However I have not really found anything useful in my choice of new boots. I am looking for honest reviews, pro's & con's of the Sidi, Gearne, and Alpinestar brand of boots. I have so far gathered this limited amount of info (feel free to correct it, if I am misinformed). I currently wear a size 44 Gearne boot, with a wool sock and it feels like it has some slop, but I am only 16, so there is the potential for growth as well I would like to incorporate wearing seal skins on the days it requires, so I am unsure on sizing. I am hoping the forum will be able to help, in all regards. Thank you. Sidi's Pros: As I understand have a good warranty pertaining to broken buckles etc, comfortable, nice flex. Cons: Not "true" leather? Poor grip, Not a great life expectancy. Gearne's Pros: Comfy, able to be resoled, decent life expectancy, good grip, true split-grain leather, Supposedly waterproof? Cons: Fit wide, Sole wears fast, fit tight on calves. Alpinestar's Pros: Comfy, good grip, hard wearing, fit big Cons: Soles wear fast, fit tight on calves, not as "waterproof" as other boots, not resoleable.
  3. COSTAS:
  4. As I recall, the short is for quicker revs, where as the long is for more torque. However even the long pipe has a stronger power delivery.
  5. I have an S3 pipe, and Vforce reeds fitted to my bike, and find it makes a noticeable difference in the power delivery of the bike for the better. Has a really nice tone too it as well. Note: This is on an 09' 290
  6. Another recommendation on the costas, they are a wonderful peg. Hands down the best mod you can do to a bike. I have them on my own bike and they are incredibly tough, and traction has remained the same since i have got them. I love them, and will be putting them on any bike I own.
  7. How do you even manage that? You have to hold the switch for a decent length of time to kill the bike... Also I see you're from calgary, send me a PM if you have any questions regarding the trials scene in alberta.
  8. Alright, So Im looking for set-up tips for my rear suspension on my 09' evo. The suspension is the stock shock, Currently on any technical drop offs or big rear wheel hits it blows through the travel to quickly. So my question is weather or not i should look at invensting in the wiggy spring perhaps or if there is any set up tips I can employ to help cure this. Thanks!
  9. Hey Steve I will try that, as id like to try fix it on my own without my dads guidance for once. He already has it diagnosed and did what you suggested first thing when it didnt turn on. Ben
  10. Hello, Today whilst out riding, My 2002 Beta Rev-3 fan did not come on at all regardless of temp. I checked the electrical connection to the fans and the fan did not come on even when manually connected, I belive I short Circuited the fan circuit in the Mag but not sure yet. Any ideas what it may be? take to mind that I have not had a chance to thoroughly look it over. Was just hoping someone would have had this issue before.