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  1. Hi as the title says i would like to change my brake pedal from the current LHS to the RHS on my FB. My other bike is RHS brake and i feel much more comfortable and balanced this way. so im planning on running a cable through from the RHS to get back to the LHS to operate it. Theres a picture of Norman Shepherd on the yorkshire site members photo and he has this setup, but i just wondered what the setup was like on the opposite side of the bike. the plan is to maybe weld a block on LHS at rear, tap it, and then use a cable stop adjuster like you get in the universal clutch/brake cable kits. Anyone have any ideas or guidance what to do or more importantly not to do? thanks..
  2. Making use of my decking.
  3. another vote for the venhill. ideal with a solderless nipple to get just the right length and not have a massive loop that always finds branches.
  4. Iron master, don't worry! Clubs want riders. I have only been involved in trials for about 2 years but have never experienced any issue with anyone regarding bikes eligibility etc. I only built my pre 65 bike late last year and, wherever possible I tried to do things by the book as such. But I used Mz forks as they were all I could get/afford at the time. I made them look like they were older but I experienced no problems where I ride. I have since changed them to REH, not pre65 (67) but British and they work better than my mz's. And I'm still on points no pvl here. I agree that rules should be followed and would have no problems having to ride my bike in specials class if deemed necesary. I still look at every class when I'm comparing my results anyway. I have modernised my bike slightly, footrests lowered etc but I believe I have kept it in the spirit of the sport and is a compromise between an original bike and a modified fully sorted one. Have a look in the garage and see Ride what you have werever you can and enjoy it for what it is.
  5. good luck with the project. My dad has a c15T and its a great bike. I think biggest issue we had was ground clearance, but with new forks and a little frame tuck its fine now. keep us all posted.
  6. sorry only just read this, it was on the bike when bought so sorry cant help there.
  7. I got a nice set of OSSA betors for the front of one of my bikes (not sure which one yet). Few villiers bits and the old man got a new helmet for
  8. he removed the whole bottom of the tank ( it was leaking a little before the drop) removed the dent, welded all the bottom back solving the previous leak and fixing the one caused by this drop, and repositioned the fuel tap neck which had also been damaged and was leaking.
  9. i had a slight off at the weekend at the Peak round at Bracken Rocks. Unfortunately i didnt get chance to throw myself under the tank to protect it from a nasty log. The result was quite ugly to look at and was leaking quite badly. On the way home i found the details of M.E.S.S and spoke to Dave there who told me he could sort it. Dropped it of on Tuesday morning, by 4pm it was ready. Fantastic service and a really good finish. he also does all kinds of ally welding and fin repairs etc.
  10. its not a new basket, theres a rear metal plate and then a small pressure plate and 3 screws. easy to fit and seems to work well.
  11. imperial..also stantions werent tapered as such but were not bolted in top yolk
  12. hi bought these forks from the states last year as AJS legs but just wondered if anyone knows exactly what they are and are from? Thanks
  13. found out that peter savage does a mod for these clutches, one in the post will see how it goes.
  14. Hi I know that nametab do a 9e clutch conversion but I've heard that you can get different clutch plates that get rid of the cork standard ones. Does anyone know who does these? Thanks.
  15. Hi Monty Jon. Sellers name is belspar. They were sold as cub yokes but I think the spindle may have been a bit short. Very well made but will probably need a longer spindle. I have some on my honda too. Actually wouldn't mind another set for the fb I've just built.