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  1. Surely there is a shop with knowledgable techs in England. Over here in the U.S. it's Bob Ginder in Tennessee. I rode a stone stock '74 to a AHRMA National Championship (Novice) in 2003 and during that time I had the opportunity to ride Bob's personal bike. This machine was like cheating. The power and deliverywere silky smooth and cleaner response across the band. It has head and port work,electronic ignition, exhasut etc. Bob knows his stuff and "someday" I'll send the head and barrel for the mods.
  2. Came across these quick clips of Mick on the Ty "back in the day". http://www.dailymoti...deo-site-3_auto# More directly below the first one. Let me know if this works or not...trialskat
  3. Ethanol in gasoline is a waste of money but the "Corn Lobbyists" are lining the Senate and Congress pockets to dump it on U.S. (us/we). Ethanol has an affinity for moisture and will draw it into your tank out of the air. Ethanol @10% will cost you 10% to 20% fuel economy loss. Ever seen the metal filler neck all corroded in a car/truck? My '93 GasGas JT250 had a prisitne tank all it's life when I was using a 50/50 mix of 110 LEADED purple (Sunoco) or C12 VP LEADED and 93 octane pump gas. used the same stuff in my '74 TY250. No problems for years until about a year and a half ago I made the mistake of switching to Sunoco 100 clear race fuel with same pump gas. Didn't notice it right away but my fuel tank "grew" in all directions until it will no longer sit down on the frame. The new Yamaha OEM fuel cap had to be relieved and greased the threads (silicone grease)to be able to tighten it down. I had a hard time unscrewing it the first time since last year. The cap had swollen so tight I almost had to use pliers but I managed without that. Funny thing is the original Yamaha cap had actually shrunken until it was a straight drop in and will not thread at all. I obtained a NOS cap and it worked perfect until the ethanol race fuel. Maybe I'll soak it in ethanol/gas to see if it will grow!!!! Say What? NO No I ain't goin' there! Here in Arkansas we do have ethanol free mid and Premium grade gasoline. I have read there is even ethanol free regular 87 octane. I will use that in my car and truck etc. but only premium pump and 110 Sunoco or VP C12 (anything in that range that is ethanol free. Damn I hate the stinkin' government supidity.
  4. Not sure if this link is still good or what all is available, but it may be worth a try to find that widget for your Fantic:
  5. Really nice frame work. To my tired old eyes it looks a bit photo shopped... Too bad it isn't available, in say 250/300 cc.
  6. My old trusty '93 GT25 has one of those red plastic thermal switches mounted in the head. It does not contact any coolant just the head metal temperature. A bit of a miracle the thing lasted this long. I was informed that the factory only used this type for a few months. I purchased an inline type (Gas Gas # M01020003) that is supposed to fit somewhere in the coolant hose off the head. Problem is there is just not enough room to fit the thing under the tank. I tried 4 different configurations and the tank sets on the hoses and/or flexes the fan housing so the blades rub or willl not turn. Does anyone know of a replacement other than the one I have? Much appreciated....Jack