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  1. I used the local bearing supplier, matched the id to the pins, then used reamers to enlarge the bearing carrier parts... From 17mm to 22mm from memory.
  2. Replaced all my bushes with sealed needle rollers.... Big difference.
  3. Similar thing happened to me, the piston had partially siezed and smeared alloy across the rings, jamming them into the grooves, causing just enough loss of compression to make starting a problem. Snap-on and Mac tools make an endoscope tool, see if a local garage will have a look down the plug hole for damage to confirm. Then convert it to 300!.
  4. My fuel pump failed at 100 hours. If you search for Tmax or YZ250/450 fuel pump on eBay, they are £30. I'd replace it now. Also, when you reassemble the fuel couplings, lock wire them to prevent uncoupling. It'll save you the heartache of an engine removal.
  5. The same pump is used on lots of Yamaha's. £29 on eBay. Look for YZF250/450 pumps, item no 111448383854.
  6. Another useful tip.... My fuel pump has packed up after 185hrs use, took it apart, and the armature bushes have worn out. Bit of research revealed, the pump is used on a lot of bikes, mainly Yamaha YZF models. Available on eBay from £28.75. Works perfectly.
  7. Google 'Evans waterless coolant' a chemical alternative to using water. It has a much higher boiling point, and does not pressurize the coolant system at all..... the fan can be on and you can remove the rad cap! Works well in our Ossa's.
  8. We have fitted heated grips to our Ossa's.... very very effective, no more cold hands! See, £34.00. Bought 3 sets of these from ebay though..... better in my opinion as they are just full on or off.... and just £5.80 a set! Work a treat on our three road bikes.
  9. I have this type of KX 250 case on my Gollner KT, & it will fit no problem, without modifying anything other than the clutch cable. The best cover you can use is the KX420, as the clutch actuating arm is on the top of the case, and not the front, a common mod back in the day.
  10. I don't own an Ossa.... and my post is not personal, I'm not making it up either (although you could be forgiven if you thought I had), just an accurate observation. I don't have posting tourette's, and only post when I smell needless, wind people up, You just cant argue with a 2 year warranty on a brand new design. Anyway, why is HAM2 a girl on your avatar? Or is that personal?
  11. Alex Gas Gas ... Dabster... Gas Gas... Alex... Montesa... Dabster ...Montesa... Alex... Sherco ... Dabster ...Sherco ... Alex ...Beta ... Dabster ...Beta... I'd love Alex to get a great deal on a Factory Ossa.......
  12. atf fluid works just fine in this old girl!
  13. That'll be the Longmynd in August... the last trial I rode before last weekend! ( I remember ya... I floundered on the 3rd lap) Top event, fantastic scenery... cost me a rear mudguard though! And they are completely un-obtainable now...
  14. I've got a full set of gollner yellow tank and side panels etc.... it's a bit too 'in ya face'! \ What section number did you observe Marky? Thats the first multi lap I've ridden for 5 years, really enjoyed it.
  15. ''The secondary reason for not using TLS front brakes on a trials bike is that they work very poorly going backwards.'' Excellent!!! Cant add any more to those wise words!