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  1. It looks like border bikes have already had 2 batches of bikes this year , priced very competitively at just under 5k so the burning question is ,is there anyone actually buying them??
  2. I agree he just doesn’t look there yet does he , it’s far too early to call yet as to wether he’s made the right choice , had he stayed on at montesa I had him nailed on to win world rounds this year and be at the sharp end but time will certainly tell wether or not he will do the same on gasgas
  3. Border bikes up in Scotland are the new uk importer , their Facebook page sounds very positive ,2018 bikes due in next week with full spares back up , fair play 👍
  4. If you stuck bou on a bog standard 300rr and let him set the suspension up to how he wanted he would still win ,no question , the factory repsols are so special because they can be , not because they need to be ,anyone else think cabestanys unveiling vid where he took the Sherco gear off with the beta stuff on underneath was abit ‘up yours’ sherco?
  5. Brilliant news, I think 2018 is going to be a great year for trial gp,we all know that Toni bou will be 2018 champion and raga will probably be runner up but it’s the rest of the field that I find interesting and with nearly every rider in the top 10-12 changing machines it will be good to see who ends up where and how they all get on
  6. I agree , great bike but a pr nightmare by all accounts, there is a 2018model but I doubt any will reach the uk as haven trialsport have also washed there hands of them now I believe
  7. Talking of iwan, he’s just announced he’s leaving beta , anyone any ideas ? Trs is my guess
  8. Has anyone ever noticed that busto rides with his middle fingers for clutch and brake!? Does anyone else do that ? I tried it earlier it’s really weird!
  9. Any one fitted one of these yet ? I heard one at a trial a few months back and it sounded very juicy , anyone got any feedback before I start spending 😁
  10. I can’t help but feel this is a backwards step for dibs , I honestly believe he would of won a world round next year on the gasser he’s always been inconsistent but his year he’s bin on fire on that bike , he’s moved back to a team where he’s got nothing more to prove and he’s been vocal about the bikes performance in the past , let’s hope I’m wrong and he steps up a level next year
  11. Did Anyone watch the press conference live? I know I’m jumping to massive conclusions but Jaime busto looked very very uncomfortable.🤔
  12. Did Anyone watch the press conference live? I know I’m jumping to massive conclusions but Jaime busto looked very very uncomfortable.🤔
  13. You’ve hit the nail on the head sir! I just think it’s ridiculous that those where the lengths they had to go to for her to compete , tie wrapping a piece of steel to the bike is dangerous end of , I wonder how far under the weight limit she was?
  14. My mistake I put dbs trial instead of dsb 🙈
  15. You don’t think it’s a farce that she was allowed to compete the Day after because a piece of re bar had bin cable tied to the side of her bike?and that’s all hunky dory