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  1. 2018 Jotagas????

    So.....anyone bought one yet/seen one at a trial?? I follow border bikes on Facebook and there advertising has been next to nothing
  2. #stopped him getting hurt
  3. This one makes me cringe every time . All the hay in the world wouldn’t have stopped him string hurt , i think crash mats is a great idea for indoors but would they actually solve anything , a lot of big steps these days are from floor height so you could only put them either side
  4. With the signing of oriol noguera and one of the top Italian riders the whole thing with pibernat not wanting to fund a team to compete at world/Spanish championship has gone out of the window , so what’s going on there arnoux what did you go there for what did you find out ??
  5. Beta 2019 model

    I was suprised that they released a 2018 evo, I’ve heard rumours for a while they they’re developing fuel injection and I believe this is why all the electrics have been moved round on the 2018? Only time will tell
  6. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    If gasgas where hoping to get back to the front of the field and be regularly challenging podiums in the gp class then I still think they made the right decision with busto , give him time if he comes good he will be unstoppable , he was s### on the indoor scene with montesa so that was never going to change over night ,as for fajardo I just don’t get it , did he come cheap??personally I think he’s a spent penny and his fire is starting to go out , IMO they should have done whatever it takes to get Miguel gelabert from Sherco , that boy is going places
  7. Noguera gone to Jotagas

    Is he riding world championship or just Spanish championship? He would go well in trial 2 he never really cut it in the gp class , I agree jotagas have obviously found some money from somewhere!
  8. This was streamed live all afternoon by jitsie,what a fantastic effort , good sections and a a good selection of riders ,in my opinion it makes a mockery of the world indoors , has anyone noticed that they’ve used the same sections for the last 3 events now! The same but jumbled up abit and correct me if I’m wrong but you can’t even get live scoring for the x trial now?well done the organisers and well done jitsie for broadcasting it , top job 👍
  9. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Fajardo was tipped for great things when he first came on the world championship scene back in 03/04 but he had a really bad leg break quite early on which set him Back a fair bit
  10. Fast Show lover Fuji

    I’ve tried to watch this video a few times on YouTube but I struggle with the quality .Doni need to change the settings on my phone,iPad?? It’s really Juddery like it’s in slow motion almost
  11. When you say you’ve been dealing directly with the factory , where exactly is the factory , is it still owned by pibernat or has it moved to Italy???they've got an Italian factory rider and he went very well in the Italian indoor last night
  12. It looks like border bikes have already had 2 batches of bikes this year , priced very competitively at just under 5k so the burning question is ,is there anyone actually buying them??
  13. Sheffield indoor video

    I agree he just doesn’t look there yet does he , it’s far too early to call yet as to wether he’s made the right choice , had he stayed on at montesa I had him nailed on to win world rounds this year and be at the sharp end but time will certainly tell wether or not he will do the same on gasgas
  14. Border bikes up in Scotland are the new uk importer , their Facebook page sounds very positive ,2018 bikes due in next week with full spares back up , fair play 👍
  15. Cabestany to Beta

    If you stuck bou on a bog standard 300rr and let him set the suspension up to how he wanted he would still win ,no question , the factory repsols are so special because they can be , not because they need to be ,anyone else think cabestanys unveiling vid where he took the Sherco gear off with the beta stuff on underneath was abit ‘up yours’ sherco?