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  1. well i didnt see you in Crookedriver.i was there but didnt ride.took a few photos and drank a few beers. my brother won the Highlander award.he rides a TL250.not as pretty as yours.his golf clubs are pretty ugly too. are you going to do the trials down by Bonanza later this month? later shane.
  2. hey, i think i figure what reply to use. yes,i am getting ready for Crookedriver.went riding today.plenty of sunshine and warmth on the coast.the trails were not to muddy. had fun. you can drop the forks in the triple trees.see if that helps. see you next Friday. later. Shane
  3. Hi,

    hey, thanks for the offer for the help for my TY350. so far its been easy to work just seams some parts are harder to find than others. i had to take the front brakes back and get the right ones,the front brakes they gave me were for the back,and the back was for something else. the little bit ive got to ride it i have come to like it.plenty of power and wheelie any time i want it to.also when i dont want it to. thanks again. later. shane.
  4. Hi,

    Hey, i live in ORYGUN(oregon).i met the Team Canada guys at the Crooked river vintage Trials and MX race. a bunch of realy nice guys. later. shane.
  5. hey, well im new here,so add some lube ok. ive been reading this post,waiting for Jeff to post some more info about pistons. i own a TY350 that needed a new piston.weeellll it still needs a new piston. ok,here is my story,it might be a bit long,so grab a drink and read on. i bought a 1985 TY350 in november,got a real good deal on it.the kid said it ran out of power and popped in front of his house one day. ok,im somewhat mecanicaly inclined,ive been around motorcycles a bit,dirt and road,2 and 4 strokes.looking for a winter project that isnt a bicycle,plus ive been looking for trials bike for a while.yes,this one cought my fancy for some reason. so i get it home,do a quick once over.ever thing checks out,but the fuel is on,no gas in tank.i put fuel in tank,kick it three times,she runs,she run pretty good.come may i go to trails event.10 sections three rounds.i do 9 sections. no is making a nasty pinging noise.i park it,b.s,drink beer and watch others have fun.get home and find a broken piston,or the holes in the piston got real big. my search started.months later,looking everywhere,local bike shops,the net,i find a RT-1 piston at the local yamaha shop.that is after i cant find a TY350 piston ANY WHERE. it is standard bore,it fits like it should.i have the holes drilled in it,then i find out the skirt DOES need shaved.all the work is done by the local yamaha shop. i put it in,check for looks good. i fire it up,warm it up,shut it off for it can cool down.start it back up.sounding and running good.decide to check my clutch adjustment,3rd time i let my clutch out hard a nasty sounding pinging sound comes from the motor. Grandson who is 7 ask how did a rock get inside the motor papa. yep,the piston broke again,or the holes got real big again. but i found a spec that shows the holes should be 10mm above the skirt.yes,it was after i got the bike back,i dont know if there was a 10mm space or not.i just know my piston broke.i cant go riding with my Grandson tommrow. but i will be looking for another 360 piston,probly a R-2.OR WHAT EVER I CAN FIND. so anyway, a RT-1 piston will fit.YOU have too have the HOLES DRILLED,SHAVE the SKIRT.but remeber,the holes have to be 10mmabove the bottom of the least thats what the spec i seen showed. i told you it was going to be long,i just hope i didnt bore you to just bummed about not getting to ride with the grandson,he was looking forward to it.but not as much as i was. oh,try this at your own risk and expence. later. shane
  6. Hi,

    hey, my first shane,i post by new here,well kinda,ive been lurking,looking for info. i own a TY 350,1985 model.owned a few others when i was 125 and 250,but that was years ago.back when trials bikes were kinda common.well in the U.S.A. any way. ive got more road time then anything else.but ive kinda stayed up with after alot of years not having a motorcycle i bought the TY last November.put a lot of money into it,well the wife thinks so anyway. i did my first trials event in May.met alot of nice riders,from the U.S.A and Canada(go team Canada). well anyway,i guess thats about it for now,ive got some info to post in the monoshock section.hopfully it helps other TY350 owners out. later. shane.