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  1. The two things I have done to help this on my 97 Techno was use 15w40 Rotella motor oil (rated JASO) and remove the glue from the clutch friction plates. It took about 90% of the sticking out but will still stick if it hasn't been ridden in a while. I think it has more to do with the kind of friction material Beta uses. I works so smooth once you unstick it I don't mind, just be ready when you click it in gear for the first time of the day.
  2. Here is the correct way to crash and not hit trees.
  3. If you don't have enough free play in the linkage from the lever to the master cylinder the MC piston can not travel far enough to uncover the pressure return hole and fluid pressure will build in the brake hose causing the brakes to not fully release.
  4. Make sure there is a bit of free play at the plunger where it contacts the master cylinder piston. The MC piston must be able to return all the way to the stop in order to uncover the small return hole or it can trap pressure and air in the bore. Sometimes if you look closely you will notice that when the MC plunger returns all the way out to the stop a small air bubble will come out of the return hole and float up in the reservoir. This is how it should be and flicking the lever to cause these small bubbles to back out of the bore is often the easiest way to get that last bit of air out. Having the steering turned to full lock so the MC is tilted to allow the air to return is also helpful. I have never had to use a hose or syringe to bleed any brake or clutch system on any bike nor have I had to reverse bleed any of them. (I'm either lucky or damn good)
  5. My Techno was doing this and I replaced the bushings and the bolts that the disc is mounted with and it took 90% of the play out. Be careful when taking out the bolts as some are locktighted in with red locktight and must be heated slightly to release the locktight and not break the bolts.
  6. I bought 5 gallons 2 weeks ago for $40. I made it a point to ask about buying it in individual 5gal containers like I had in Oklahoma and the owner said he could only sell at $8 per gallon if he bought in bulk. I'm not sure but the size of his tank was either 500 or 1,000 gallon. I bring my 5 gallon can and he fills it for $40. I asked him about lower octane like 96 or 100 and he said it was more expensive because he couldn't get it in bulk. I hope this helps you get the same price somewhere near you... It sure does make the bike run sweet.
  7. The capacitor and a rechargeable battery pack have the same affect on the circuit and both are not needed at the same time but it must be one or the other. There is an old trick used in the case where the owner is too poor or cheap to buy a battery and doesn't mind losing the electric start. He can get a bike running with a dead battery by removing the battery and replacing it with the correct value capacitor. If you remove both the capacitor and the rechargeable battery you're going to have problems. In Ossa's case replacing the capacitor with the battery pack adds a maintenance item but provides easier starting.
  8. Your own statement is that if you are on flat ground or can prop the bike and get over it, it starts 1 or 2 kicks. I've also read through all 217 posts thinking that Ossa had a problem but it's really only you that still requires 10-30 kicks. It's true that some had problems before new mapping but not any more. This should tell you that it's not the bike, it's you. Your technique possibly combined with the fact that your not a big guy. I'm not trying to be a smart ass here but if a 280 is too much for you to start maybe a 125 or 200 would suit you better. Hopefully the LSS will work out, Ossas seem to be really good bikes and it would be a shame if you had to sell the ones you just bought.
  9. I'm waiting to hear from some expert riders on this topic. I've adjusted dampening on my shock after installing the correct spring for my 215lb weight and I can make it easy to bounce or very stable with extra dampening. (or anything in between) I too am curious how the good guys set theirs.
  10. A local machine shop in Rolla MO buys VP110 in bulk and sells it for $8 per gal. When I lived in north east OK a NAPA auto parts store sold Sunoco 110 in sealed 5 gallon containers for $45 each. It sounds like you are getting gouged at those prices.
  11. Years ago my friends and I would take turns riding these around in the southern Colorado prairie. It was more fun than our motocross bikes and would have us all rolling on the ground laughing in no time. It was amazing the punishment these bikes would take.
  12. You can replace the float needle with a viton tipped needle and solve many of the overflow problems.
  13. What live data input does the Ossa system use to adjust for altitude? For example FI automobiles use exhaust oxygen, exhaust temp, throttle position, manifold vacuum, baro pressure, sometimes intake air flow, intake air temp, engine rpm, all this and possibly one or two I forgot to list are calculated about at approx 30 times per second and fuel and spark timing are adjusted accordingly. Anyone know how Ossa does it?
  14. The head O rings were most likely flat and hard from old age thus not sealing and letting combustion pressure in the cooling system. I had this happen on a Gas Gas and while I was there I replaced the copper washers and the head bolts and it fixed it without much expense. Since you ran the bike for a bit longer than you should have I'd bet there is now much more damage and looking deeper in to the engine is good advise.
  15. Bump. Apparently no one on this forum has ever serviced, repaired, replaced or swapped a shock on a 97 Techno... How about a 98 or 99? Has anyone compared one to other shocks off other bike brands? I would even install a shock off a Sherco or Gas Gas or other brand if it would fit.