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  1. Good point Dadof2. TY175 owners manual: Cylinder taper 0.008mm or 0.0003 inches (new) maximum (allowable) 0.05mm or 0.002 inches. Maximum (allowable) out of round 0.01mm or 0.0004inches. Jon.
  2. TY175 Owners Manual: Piston clearance 0.040-0.045mm or if you're watching in black and white 0.0016-0.0018 inches. This is as new, it doesn't give a minimum or maximum Jon.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Jon.
  4. Had to do the hacksaw trick to remove the pivot bolt from the sleeve on the swinging arm. Anyone know the best way to get the old bushes out? Soak them in some noxious liquid, gasket remover, acetone etc? 1976 TY175. Thanks, Jon.
  5. On my TY(175) the speedo cable is held in by a spring clip, then the cable just pulls out. The drive is held on by a circlip (snap ring) in the centre of the hub. It may be greasy/dirty in there so may be hard to see. Dunno if the 250 is the same, hope this helps. Jon.
  6. For future reference, would the same proceedure be used for a TY175? Thanks, Jonny.
  7. Thanks Andy.T. Reaching for my wallet. Jonny.
  8. Has anyone recycled their lighting coil as an ignition source coil? Reason I'm asking is the PO ran without a flywheel cover gasket and everything on the stator plate looks minging. I have a couple of lighting coils on my other TYs which are redundant and I'd like to use as a cheap fix. Thanks, Jonny.
  9. TY serial numbers. Jonny.
  10. Hi Ivorybull, just wondering if you found a solution to your kickstart problem. Jonny.
  11. Here is another site which lists the TY 80 also. My link
  12. I wouldn't post my engine/frame number in case someone wants to clone the bike. Block out the licence plate if you ever post any pictures of your bike online. You are probably pretty safe with a trials bike though. Jonny.
  13. No listing fror the TY80, but as your vin starts with a 1 it is probably a C model- 1976. You're probably best not to post your whole number online any where, you might want to edit out the last couple of digits. Jonny.
  14. Hi Ivorybull, just so we're on the same page, my Haynes manual shows the ks assembly to be exactly the same as I have on my bike -1990 manual, page 48 drawing # H.12442. 4MB photo sent. Jonny.
  15. Ivorybull, pm me your email address I will pull my kickstart assembly and send some HQ digital photos. I can even disassemble it and lay the parts out in order and photograph that. I've done it before so no big deal, as long as the return spring doesn't pinch me fingers. New capscrews should be here tomorrow so get on it. Jonny.