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  1. Many thanks to Lee Harris and his Dutch friend! My package with the barrel and piston arrived this week in good condition. Now all I have to wait for is for my gasket set to arrive from the UK. I want to assemble the engine and try to get it going before spending too much money on this bike. As I don't have a workshop manual for this bike and cannot find it anywhere, are there specific issues I need to take care of assembling the engine, like: Is there a certain order for torqueing down the head nuts? What is the torque anyway? Is there a specific method or tool to install the piston on the conrod? Do I need to use liquid gasket somewhere? What kind of oil should I use and how much? What is the right spark plug? Any other bits I should replace while I am at it? Sorry for all the questions... hope someone can help me before I mess something up. Any other tips and tricks are more than welcome!
  2. One other question I have is the following: The downtube of the frame seems to have a big dent in it. Is this "original" (to accomodate the carb...) or is my frame damaged?
  3. Hello all, I am Ton from the Netherlands and recently bought a Fantic 241 Trial is quite a sorry state... The piston has a piece missing from the top edge and the piston ring has a piece missing. The barrel itself seems to be oke. My plan is to make the bike technically sound first before restoring it completely. I have been looking for a piston for some time now and I can find 3 piston brands that can supply a 69mm piston; - Asso Werke (original piston) - Vertex - Pattern The Asso piston is becoming rare and fairly expensive! Are the other 2 brands any good, or should I stick with the original piston? The bike: The piston: