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  1. ah too late, the gasgas is sitting in me shed now!! any problems with them should be aware off?
  2. Hi, Getting back into trials for the winter as there will not be much stunting with weather and want to improve my balance/control. Have a choice of three, gasgas 250 2007 model, a good box of spare plastics and road reg stuff. very clean. going for around €1500, or an 03 Sherco 290, says its clean for €1100 and no spares, and a clean 09 sherco but its out of my budget. Had an 04 290 sherco before and loved it. What are the 07 250 gg's like? anything to look out for? Cheers!!
  3. i am just after having to do the same job on the 250. the bushes were actually well stuck inside the tube. some handlin getting them out. I replaced all 6 bushes and the cheapest place i found was the Irish Sherco Main Dealer suprisingly enough.
  4. You must be bored alot to be that good!! I wish I was that bored!
  5. Done the fork seals on the Sherco during week and turns out the bushes were all worn so ordered new ones. . . . wont have em until next week! So got bored!
  6. Hmm. .... Not good I what's the best course of action? Split the cases and see if the lack of oil has done any damage? And order new crankseals . What would cause the crank seals to go?
  7. Hi all, Giving the 250 a good service.dropped the transmission oil thereabd just under 200 ml came out . . . . I changed it about 6 months or so ago and put in 450 ml, what would be the norm you would get out when dropping the oil ??? There is no leaks on cases or has there ever been. I have been getting some clicking noises recently when dropping gears that go in sync with the engine noise , just put new chain and sprockets on and was wanting to rule that out but could it be something to do with the oil situation? Cheers all
  8. great quality from it.look forward to the next one!
  9. i think the music fits it well!im not into r&b that much but it ties in well with the vid.and yes you will never please everyone with the music! i just got an iphone and wouldnt have thought the vid quality would be that good.what editing software did you use?il have to start using the iphone instead of the normal cam for vids now!! excellent riding aswel!!
  10. I got it back on by outting in the two bottom ones loosely,then using ratchet straps and clamps to align the front holes,then just slot the bolts in..the bolts might be under a bit of stress but its the best i could get it!!!now all i gotta do is start hitting it of rocks!!!!or not if i was any good!!!
  11. yep,both at same time, then used a long bush and pressed the bearings in from each side with the bush in place so they would be aligned right
  12. I think 'the persuader' will be getting to know my bash plate very well for this one,r:6,s:0&tx=35&ty=92&biw=1024&bih=574
  13. I tried it with the front bolts in and ratchting the bike but wasnt lining up, will try fitting the rear ones first then clamping thefront.Jesus they are tight to put it!!!
  14. I took the bash plate off when I was giving th bike a complete going over, had the bike on the lift and swingarm out so said i might aswell. Coming off it sene lik it was under a right bit of stress, as if it was bent round then bolts put on. Is there any knack or trick to getting them back on? Cheers
  15. Sorry for the crude drawing of the swingarm but it was only done quick!! Just a simple pusher about .1mm narrower that the bearing outer race and .1mm narrower than the bearing inner race. Either use a press or hammer to push em out