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  1. No, Dave finally gave up in 2014. Still see him riding in SE Centre.
  2. Thanks for the photo's Austini. They show the operating lever which is attached to the vertical rod (inside the casing). From what I understand it is the bottom end of this vertical rod that needs modifying to make the clutch less fierce.
  3. Does anyone have details/pictures of the mod to the vertical clutch rod (the one that the actuator arm attaches to) that helps to relieve the on/off effect of the clutch. I am sure that I have read about this as being one of the mods which most transform what is an excellent bike. My model is an SY 200F 163cc, Year: 2008. Any help or information would be much appreciated.
  4. Andy, A link to the replacement KTM levers would be appreciated!
  5. Try here : CAMBS TRIALS CENTRE TEL: 07770 670696 £190inc vat.
  6. Hi can anyone shed light on where a set of bar ends can be purchased. The i.d. of the bars appears to be approx 11mm, all of the standard bar ends are too large (14mm upwards). Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi Caddabs, If possible I would very much appreciate a copy of the details for Poles Wood. Much obliged, Gordon.