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  1. Any trials riders in Columbus, Ohio area?

    I live in Dayton, check out our website for events, Trials Inc.org. We host events in Ohio, Indiana , and Kentucky. We just had a local event in Newark Ohio. You are always welcome to ride with us in Dayton, SB
  2. Wes Alloy Clubfoot

    I'm still super excited with my purchase of the WES silencer, the fit is super, its light and sounds great, not too loud but has a raspy tone. Had a friend over today who has a 199B take mine for a spin, the look of him shaking his head in disbelief on how good mine runs now was priceless... Both of our bikes use 250 flywheels , CDI ignition and flat sided carbs.. Seems to rev quicker but still has the Bultaco grunt down low. Cool piece highly recommended.
  3. Wes Alloy Clubfoot

    I have purchased one from Inmotion this week and is on the way to the US, full report soon ! Hoping for weight loss over stock, nice sound and any performance gains would be nice, plus its rebuildable. Stay Posted !
  4. 1986 Rtl Fork Oil

    Hello, I am looking to service my forks on my 1986 RTL 250. Any suggestions on oil capacity and what weight should be used? The front end seems very soft even with 10mm longer preload spacers, is there any aftermarket springs available? Thanks in advance!
  5. What Mods Does A 199A Need?

    Yes, All I did change is the ignition side, direct swap, removed the 350 and installed the 250. The engine is still amazing even with about half the flywheel weight it will still lug way down and its zippy when revved up. My riding buddy has been a Bultaco guy since the early 70's and we also swapped his and he couldn't believe how much better his stock 199A rides. Even with the 250 flywheel I can chug around at an idle no problem...no throttle. Good Luck, SB
  6. What Mods Does A 199A Need?

    Mark, My OKO is a 26 MM it came from Mid Atlantic Trials , here in the US. He sets them up jetted and ready to use, plus included is all boots for the Intake and airbox.
  7. What Mods Does A 199A Need?

    The 199A is an excellent bike, I have recently been fixing mine to have a more modern feel. The few items that gave me the most improvement was to move the foot pegs back and down about 1/1/2 inches, I have also installed the OZO adjustable rear shocks which are simply amazing that are sold thru Inmotion. The best performance mods Ive found is to switch from the 350 flywheel to a 250 flywheel, it still has the tractor like pull and the zip of a modernish bike. Ive also switched to a flat slide OKO carb that works very well. I have also repacked my mid muffler and reworked the silencer to a Team Puma mod, which is basically cutting the muffler open removing the mouse trap design on one side, replacing it perforated steel and packing, then removing the twin tip exhaust and replacing it with one one inch diameter outlet...the muffler mod is also a must. I have also switched out the complete front end with one from a 2004 Sherco including triple clamps which changes the rake alot and makes it turn more like a modern. If anyone is interested in my mods I'd be glad to email pictures, especially the muffler which seems to be a secret. Items in the future to test is fiber clutch plates and electronic ignition. I really enjoy riding mine, almost more than riding modern bikes anymore. Im also using s3 triple clamps and fat bars. In the final picture shows some of my muffler mods, I removed the mouse trap, replaced it with perforated steel and packing, on the outside Ive removed the twin tips and replaced it with one 1 inch dia tip, the exhaust is a huge improvement to crisp throttle response.
  8. Wes Alloy Clubfoot

    Spoke to InMotion, they expect to have the alloy WES Bultaco silencers later in the month as of yesterday weren't sure on a price.
  9. 1986 Rtl 250 Spoke

    Thanks, I posted the incorrect part number, Its correct now. Ordered one from Lings but they are on back order...bummer. I was wondering if the spokes are the same as a XR or another model. Thanks for the help! SB
  10. 1986 Rtl 250 Spoke

    Hello, Looking for hub side spoke and nipple for my 86 RTL, anyone happen to have the cross reference for part # 446A0-KR9-000 Thanks, Steve
  11. Sherpa T Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 199A Sherpa, I am looking to modify my exhaust as discussed above, does anyone have photos of these mods ?. Thanks, Steve
  12. To Cut Or Not To Cut

    Chefe, Very nice bike! I was wondering can you tell me whats been done to your silencer, Ive seen others with only one exhaust tip. Has the inside been altered also? Pictures would be great....Also has the steering angle been altered so it turns sharper? Thanks, Steve
  13. 1985 Yamaha Ty 250 John Shirt Prepped

    Thanks Biff! Cool story with this bike, While on family vacation in 1985 my family and I stopped at the Tryals Shop in Florida, Jack came out and did a demo for us, once done he offered me to test ride his bike. Fast forward 30 years while riding twin shock at Ginders place in Tennessee I met Graham Foster who was riding this very bike, after a chat I couldn't believe it was the same bike. Long story short I now own the very bike that started my 25 year old trials obsession. SB
  14. 1985 Yamaha Ty 250 John Shirt Prepped

    Thanks for the info, I have 2 of the silencers, one which was orange in color both are stamped J Shirt. The engine does sound crisp and is very responsive, and the suspension is very good even for 30 years old. This bike was one of two Shirt Ty's brought to the US for Jack Stites to use in the US national series, in 1985. I havent had a chance to check the flywheel or the porting, for a 30 year old bike it really rides well. Thanks again, SB
  15. Hello, Trying to learn about TY Yamaha's prepped by John Shirt in the mid 80's. I have one that I know has been in the US since 1985, I've noticed a few items that seem to be different than a stocker, Mine has John Shirt stamped in which appears to be a different style silencer than stock. Can any one tell me what John did to these bikes. Thanks, SB