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  1. Just an update. Turned out it was the stator that was faulty. Outlaw Dave sure looks after his customers. He picked the bike up Tuesday and it was ready to go Saturday afternoon. I thought I was going to be down alot longer than that. Thank you for the information everybody posted.
  2. Thanks Davyb for the info Outlaw Dave (the Beta, Gas Gas, And Sherco dealer) has picked up the bike (excellant service!) and will be getting it repaired. I don't know yet if it is the coil or the stator. more info as it arrives
  3. Thanks Clarkp I will give the importer a call.
  4. I'm across the pond in beautiful british columbia canada.
  5. Thanks for the replys Yes the bike just died without any stumbling or anything. Running fine and just quit. So it could be the stator, are they expensive to replace?
  6. Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and fairly new to trials. I just finished riding in Dave Rhodes Outlaw trial in Kamloops B.C. (Junior) and my 04 Beta just died. We checked all the obvious things ie gas, kill switch, put in a new plug but there is still no spark at the plug. From the other forum topics it sounds like there are some electrical issues that can crop up. I have some limited mechanical skills, how do you check the CDI unit? Can it be checked with a multimeter and if so what values are normal? How do you check the stator? Anybody else have any ideas? Thanks for any input