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  1. +1. Proper advice
  2. Hello mate, didn`t see you post, will have another look at it in the morning, if all else fails, I`m getting the file and angle grinder out Think yours were 11/41 as I remember.
  3. Hello, Just after some info on chain lengths Vs sprocket sizes. I was running 11/42 with 51 links(102 pins) including split link. I`ve now changed to a 10/42 and the chain was too long, so I`ve taken a link out and now it`s too short. I bought a half link joiner, but having problems with that too, as the pins are to fat for the joiner. Anyway, just wondered what size chains people are running with 10/42? and weather it`s just my chain stretched too much, either way, there doesn`t appear to be much adjustment on the cams from 1 extreme to the other. Also, the reason I went down on the front rather than up on the back was purely cost driven. After riding the 10/42 I`m well pleased with it, and the next time I buy a new chain/sprockets I`m thinking I may go 11/46, is anyone else running 11/46 if so how many links is in your chain? Thanks, John
  4. Hello Jon, The race sag on the front is 60mm and on the rear is 55mm I was aiming for 60-80mm at both ends, so I guess I`m not that far away really, I can`t find my origional measurements but off the top of my head I think that the rear race sag has increased slighltly since doing the front end. John
  5. Well, got the forks back together this afternoon, and did the garden challenge. Mixed reults really. After cutting the preload spacers down by 20mm and using 5wt oil, the forks feel softer, Although, still not getting the race-sag I was hoping for, infact it`s not much different to how it was before. I also put tie=wraps around the forks to see the travel used, this showed on a stoppie that the travel was to within 10mm of the yoke but did`nt bottom out. That said, I rode it around the garden, and it felt softer, not sure if that`s just psycological though, as I was expecting them to be softer. The forks definately feel smoother though. The old oil was black gloopy in the compression fork, and milkyand runny in the rebound fork which seems odd. Both seals were weaping before the rebuild. Overall I`m happy, the `feel` is better and there not leaking so at least I`m ready for another trial, that`s when I`ll find out if they are any good as I`m limited in the garden to what I can do. Thanks for your input Jon.
  6. Okay Jon, thanks for that, sounds like a plan. I`m just about to take up my position on the sofa so I`ll get out there tomorrow afternoon and get them cut down and back in, I`ll let you know what the race sag is like once I`ve done it! Cheers John
  7. Thanks Jon, I was quite surprised at the length of them when I pulled them out. The main reason for asking on what standard length was I could get an idea of how much to cut off. Might just have to cut 10 or 20mm and try them I guess, and if I need to cut more off I can pop the tops off and take the spacer out without draining them again. I`m about 90 kilos plus a bit for boots and lid etc.
  8. I`ve got forks on a 04 280 pro that are way to hard for me, so I`ve pulled them apart to put sae5 oil in and a new set of seals, as I don`t know what oil the previous owner put in, could be gearbox oil after some of the other bodges I`ve found with this bike since owning it I was hoping this was all it`d need to soften things up, however after pulling the forks apart I`ve found the preload spacer that measures 95mm in length. Now I`m concerned that the previous owner has put a longer than standard spacer in. Does anyone remember how long there spacers were on their forks? I don`t want to cut it down if it`s a standard length or cut too much off, as I`m kind of hoping not to have to pull these forks apart again afterwards. Anyways, if you know the length of a standard spacer please let me know. cheers John
  9. Hello, I know this question has been asked before, but Ive read some conflicting answers so I`m hoping someone can have a look at my measurements, and tell me if I should be adjusting my shock(and how). I`ve read that the race sag should be a 3rd of the travel, but I`m not sure what the travel is for my bike so if someone could help me with that as well. The reason I`m looking at it is because I`m having grip problems, when the surface is dry/loose/sandy. that might just be my poor riding, but I`ve riden other bikes and not had so much of a grip problem. 2004 280 txt-pro Bike unloaded, 571mm Bike loaded, 543mm Bike + rider, 475mm Rider=90kg Handbook says spring should be 140mm Thanks in advance.
  10. Guess it does. How did you bust ya bone? On the bike?
  11. Well did the trial! did`nt do well but had really good time, was good to see the place. I was impressed, and it was a lot bigger than I imagined. I think I`ll sign up for it. Sent you pm
  12. Thats a good vid, hope thats the hard route I`ll do a search on youtube, quite fancy it now, think I`ll enter If I can enter on the day. Easy route though
  13. Hello mate, Just looked into the trial at the weekend, looks like an ideal way to see what Poles wood is like. Not sure if I can enter on the day, as it does`nt have any details of how to enter. Think I`ll give it a go though, looks like Estuary club are a southeastern centre club but does say its open permit, so I should be okay. Are you doing the trial?
  14. Are there limits on how many you can invite? Bit cheeky I know, but me and 2 mates would like to try it sometime if you fancy some company Is it you on the 280GG? How big is poles wood?
  15. I`m from Clacton, Occasionally go to Raydon when it`s open, but mainly been entering trials as I like to try new places. I have never been to Poles wood, did`nt like the idea of paying for a membership before I`ve ridden it and it`s a fair drive just for practice, but your videos look good maybe I should try it soon