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  1. Hey Feetupfun and goudrons ,Thanks for the information
  2. Hey Guy's I'm looking at rebuilding the topend of my o'l ty250,just a question ( remember that I'm not a mechanic ) The top of the piston has two marks stamped on it : an arrow that points to the exhaust which obviously shows position of the piston and the other mark is a small > any idea what this indicates ,oversized piston maybe ? I bought this bike a couple of years ago and until now have never had it apart ,the previous owner did'nt know much about the bike either; other than he thought that it may have been punched out at some point ... All ideas and suggestions on my little project would be greatly appreciated Thanks M_lo
  3. Hello T.C.M's I'm trying to find parts for my 84' Ty 250,and as I search the Net I'm finding it difficult to locate much of anything ? However,parts seem to be available in other countries...Am I missing some Canadian sites or are parts for theses bikes really not available here ? Do I really have to order parts from the UK or from down-under... Where do you other Ty owners get parts ; am I not looking hard enough ? I know here in Nova Scotia these bikes are a rarity and parts even more scarce... Any-thoughts ? Thanks
  4. I'm also looking for a source coil for my TY and wondering if one from another model will work ? maybe an earlier model ? (mine is an 84 ) or maybe a source coil from a DT or an IT any idea's ...? thanks
  5. Motion Pro has a large assortment of puller's among lots of other goodies ....M27x1.0 Lh ext $14.50
  6. That's great new's just curious though did you check the resistance after you cleaned everything ...if yes,what were they ?
  7. Sounds great Dave I'll definitely take you up on your offer ....Thank you
  8. Hey Everyone , I just bought an '84 Ty 250 ,And just wanted to say hello to everyone before I started asking questions...Hello Everyone ! Question's to follow... I'm also looking forward to hearing from other Ty owner's;I sure could use your help,turns out I'm not much of a wrench.