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  1. Hi have you checked the big end bearing the brass washer looks to have roller marks on it.
  2. Spud you seem to be having a dig at me when i mentioned i ride i TRIFIELD trying to say i am cheating .For your information when i competed in the northern bike championship i entered in the specials class i knew my bike was modified and did not try to hide anything.You also seem to know little about pre 65 competitions when you keep mentioning trick trifields ,if you go to any trial and look at the bantams and cubs then it makes most trifields look prehistoric.
  3. Hi TT spud Yes my triumph is modified with an enfield frame but it is still a very heavy bike. The only way to have a truly fair competition would be for every one to ride the same bike. Even back in the day some bikes were better than others in standard form as most were converted road bikes.The part you wrote about old age not being anything to do with the lack of big bikes ,try getting into trouble big time it hurts a lot more with a big bike.Do you want to drop 300 pound plus on you if you are in your 60s.
  4. Hi TTspud i think you have forgot trials is a test of man against the course Peak Classic and many other clubs run trials with lots of routes some you could ride on a road bike.So why not just pick a route you can ride and have a good days sport.or do you want a trial and route just to suit your chosen bike to give you a chance to win . If you rode modern trials and bought a 1990 bike would you want your own route so you do not have to compete against 2015 bikes. You chose your bike just ride it ,do not blame the clubs because it is not competitive . By the way i ride a triumph twin and it dose not bother me that i have to ride against cubs and bantams i built it for the sound and enjoyment.
  5. Hi why not just remove the clutch cover and try turning the engine with a socket on the crankshaft nut
  6. Hi i had the same problem on my fantic . I tried different rim locks but no improvement . I then marked the tyre and rim with a marker pen and found it was not the tyre that was moving.It was the tube moving inside the tyre.The cause was the heavy duty tube fitted,when running with low psi the tube came away from the tyre.I fitted a normal tube and have had no problems in over a year .
  7. Hi i have a 240 with a 309 engine.I am looking for the bolt on flywheel weight.I have read that the weight can be adjusted but can not find any information or photos,also will the weights fit off other fantic models 305,307 etc and what is the best set up weights fitted or removed thanks.
  8. Hi unless rules have changed you are not allowed to use reh,mp,ceriani parts at some trials. also it costs a lot more to build up a cub wheel than use a standard twinshock wheel. A set of moddified forks are also a lot more than forks you can pick up at the brakers for next to nothing and when fitted look no more modern than the trick stuff.
  9. Spot on Woody,i built my "pre 65" bike using the same kind of parts as yours .If only more people would do the same instead of getting hooked up on the idea of having to use mega expensive aftermarket parts because it is the "thing to do". Just build a bike and ride it in what class and where you can.
  10. Hi when i fitted the pvl to my triumph twin all the spacers were wrong .The crank spacer i turned down untill the crank nut would fit fully on.Then i adjusted the stator spacers untill the stator ran central with the stator.
  11. Hi again i think you are looking at the wrong thing with the carb and vents.I still think it was the head leaking which would increase pressure in the cooling system forcing coolant past the pump seal into the gearbox.The broken pump most likely happened after ,as when the engine was running coolant would have been flowing from the pump up to the cylinder,the engine would have stopped before the metal fragments reached the pump.after the engine stopped the fragments could have dropped down to the pump and when he tried to restart the engine it would have stripped the impellor threads.
  12. Hi looking at the colour of the head and piston plus the lack of carbon deposits,also the o ring and markings around the water ways i would say the o ring was letting water into the combustion chamber which then lead to the over heating and head failure.
  13. Hi as mick says could be to big a carb but it should still run with the carb you have.If by tickling the carb it restarts you are not getting fuel to the float bowl.Try running the bike untill it cuts out then turn the fuel of quickly then remove the float bowl and see how much fuel is in it.
  14. Hi i would first check the fuel flow from the tank to see if the tap or vent are blocked.If there is a good fuel flow from tank check the fuel filter on the carb in the white plastic housing where the fuel pipe pushes on.
  15. Hi block the exhaust, pulling the ht lead will not stop it and can damage the cdi,Turning off the fuel will cause a weak mixture and could result in a engine failure, top gear and brake could work if still on the bike but could be hard to change up to top gear with engine flat out .Best combo is kill switch with blocked exhaust.