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  1. Hi guys, I already know Col, we were out having a bimble earlier today with two others. Look forward to meeting up with a few more of you soon.
  2. Hi Gray, sent you a pm. Sorry for the delay but haven't been around much the last week. Hope to hear from you.
  3. That sounds good, yup had a couple of days out with him, in woods below your place and at mine. just got my beta back together yesterday, i somehow managed to break the kick start lever.... dunno..... but took nearly a month to get a new one. Hopefully DrZed will be back in the area by then then so we could have a small gathering. look forward to it.
  4. Hi Stig, Kriezh Briez is breton for central Brttiany I'm about 15kms from Carhaix, 10kms ish north of Rostrenen. When are you back in Brittany?
  5. Hi DrZed, based in Brittany also, but guess you might know that. Regards your sticky clutch have a look in the Beta section, there is a sticky thread posted there about sticky clutches, i don't think the problems dealt with are necessarily unique to betas. Interesting post anyways. well worth a look.
  6. Anybody in Brittany?
  7. Hi All New to Trials.Just bought a 2008 Beta Rev 4t, now got to go learn ride it. Interested to hear from anyone else in my neck of the woods.