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  1. OK cool, Pete and the boys will likely be pretty stoked having Bustin jerseys! Thanks and will we see you there? I'm training right now, skiing every week-end and looking at the 4rt every time I park the sled....what are you going to do when there is already four feet of snow on the ground the second week of January?
  2. One more question for you Steve, to ride in Donner will we need to have the natc compliant number plates and jersey with name on the back? Jay
  3. Hey Steve! Happy holidays! I'm getting pretty pumped about the whole idea of riding both week-end, especially as it would be my first trip to a US national. Still twisting some arms to see who may want to go....
  4. Rounds 1&2 Donner California, rounds 3&4 IOCO BC. Who’s in? Think I have a posse interested....
  5. I had a fueling issue with my 09, it would sputter a couple of times but never run much as you described in the origninal post. What I ended up finding was that the metal sump under the fuel pump had corroded and plugged the fuel filter and damaged the fuel pump. I was able to swap out the tank and injector from a new bike and mine fired up right away so I then knew where to look.....
  6. This shows what I had mentioned, sorry for the delay...
  7. No it doesn't protect the linkage really, just covers the frame where the footpeg brackets mount. Will try to get a photo...
  8. Hey Jon I just purchased a Costa Special Parts unit for mine and it is thicker than the stocker and a bit longer so it protects the frame a bit better. Outlaw Trialsport should be able to get you one or Lewisport USA, I had to wait a while to receive mine as it had to come direct from Italy.....
  9. I have yet to see one here and as far as I know they have not been brought into Canada by Honda Canada. My local dealer actually told me that for 17' only the 300RR and the Repsol are available....not sure about that though as the standard is still on the website....
  10. Is it possible that the corrosion may be the result of bad fuel? I know for a fact that the PO used regular fuel in the bike, most of which would be ethanol blended here now. I always use ethanol free premium. I'm worried that if I don't seal up the sump that it will continue to corrode even if I put a poly liner of some sort under the pump intake.
  11. So I pulled the pump out today and found that the filter was basically plugged, the and#39;tea bag' filter on the pump was filthy and the sump that the pump sits in was rusty!!! Pulled the pump out before I bothered to try and volume test it. Tomorrow I will call my dealer and see about sourcing a new filter and figure out the best product to coat the fuel sump so the rust will not continue to be an issue. Caswells is the only one that I know of, any other ideas? Has anyone seen a rust issue like this? I noticed on the new models they have changed this to plastic.....?
  12. So I have the spark problem solved, turned out that it was just the pulse coil. I borrowed a friend's 4rt to swap parts to trouble shoot and first thing I tried my spark tester on his bike just to get an idea what I should be seeing and it had no spark on the tester either...hmmm....soooo if I use the spark plug as a test unit both bikes have spark! After that revelation I reassembled my bike to try and start it but after many kicks and re-setting the edu kicks it would only sputter a couple of times and not start. I pulled the fuel tank and injector off the other bike and with these in place my bike fired up after three kicks. With my tank and injector back in place after many more kicks it did finally start. In the manual it states that there is a filter and it looks like it is in the tank, anyone have experieince changing it and are they available? I don't have the setup to try and test the fuel pressure at the injector as detailed in the manual.. I will try the pump volume test as in the manual tomorrow, any other ideas? This bike has been a bit tough to start since I bought it actually, especially at high elevations.
  13. I did check the ground connections and the yellow connector block, all sound though I was surprised how dirty the yellow block was when I took it apart.
  14. I have a no spark situation with my 09, (didn't think we needed a new thread?) first off I found the pulse coil to be bad (open circuit) and replaced the stator only to find that I still had no spark. All resistances are within spec as per the manual except for the coolant temp sensor was 4.5 ohms rather than 2.3-2.6 ohms at 20 degrees C, the temp I had while testing was closer to 5 degrees C. I have tried jumping the two outside terminals on the bank sensor as suggested here also. Does anyone know the correct sequence to test the rectifier? All the connections seem good and clean, not sure where else to look.....
  15. Thanks Michael!