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  1. 16 all the way! You can easily turn it down for the young one if you need to. My son was only 3 and a half when he moved up to the 16 after riding the 12.5 for a year.
  2. I had a ride of an OSET 20 today and I cant believe how good it was, turn the thing up high and hold on, its a weapon!
  3. I would be really keen to see a pic of the bracket you made to make the shock fit, this is something I have wanted to do for a while. Have you looked into replacing the fork with something better? Sorry to hijack this thread. As for the Lipo's I really dont think you need an alarm on your lipo's I just carry a little hobbyking monitor with me and check them every now and then, you get a feel for how far you will get out of them pretty quickly. I have two of the latest 16's both running 10s lipo setups and I also have a 12.5 running a 7s setup, i've never had a problem with running them to low.
  4. That is awesome, if only there was a kit available that you could just buy and bolt on, rather than having to custom make certain parts.