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  1. What is that!!! I love it!!
  2. Yeah I know guys do it because I just bought a 09 raga and the previous owner installed it and loved it
  3. Or they make a tubeless system for all wheels. It's called tubliss.
  4. Remove all Advertisements Anyone here did it? On their website it seems they have a trials division. A few of us are going 2013 and I'm getting all the ducks in a row. Just wondering if the trials guys get to run with the big bikes? By watching the vids it would appear that the trials would be the way to go. But guys like Geoff arron all rock big bikes .
  5. It says to drill the rivets out. Which leads my to believe its only the shell. Just the tube part. Like you are going to repack it. Give them a call. They might have the whole assembly laying around. Or try trials UK. Or lewisport on my side of the pond.
  6. I just saw that the carbon is only the cover. What happened to yours?? Can't be repaired
  7. 114.07
  8. Correct my if I'm wrong but trialsendurodirect has the jt7 carbon one for a few hundred
  9. Yes thanks for that gonna put one in my yard!! My yard isn't big enough to ride in so it's something I can practice at home. GREAT TIP!!
  10. If your talking about the gear that sits on the kickstarter shaft then yes. I just replaced mine and the old one had both ends machined off. The new one was only machined off on the forward side, or the side that makes contact with the idler gear first.
  11. Pic please
  12. so i have been watching several videos. i think i have the concept down, can it be used for almost any situation? say a big log for example. then it would look like a bunny hop from a standstill. i got it.... like a frog jumping!! thats it. am i making sense? Also what gear should be used?
  13. What are the specs on the motor? I'm gonna get one before mine goes bad. Also has anyone looked at replacing the entire unit with a SPAL fan? They are waterproof and come oem on most motorcycles
  14. Here they are installed.
  15. Thanks for the info. Scored these beauties at the Honda shop today