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  1. Thanks telecat, what are the stop and non stop rules you mention?
  2. Hi all, I've been practising/playing on a trials bike for a short time and I'm looking to progress, so I'm looking at joining a club but wondering which clubs are local to me and also if joining that club restricts a member to trial only with that club? I'm a little lost with it all. I'm a member at Bumpy which is very close to me and where I practice, but not sure if this is a club. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know of anyone or use their trials bikes for enduro/hare & hounds events? Also does anyone use a long ride conversion? Or are trials bikes frowned upon at these events?
  4. Hi, anyone know of a procedure to straighten buckled wheels/dented rims? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice regarding the world of trials. I love all disciplines of motorcycle sport and hold a full uk bike licence, however, I wouldn't entertain another sports bike. My current hobby is motocross, I only ride for fun and would class myself as an average rider. I crashed my bike at the weekend whilst on the track and luckily didn't break anything but I have severely bruised myself, I'm self employed with a busy schedule so I can't afford to be off work because of my hobby. I've had a little play on a trials bike but nothing serious. I suppose my real question is, appreciating that all disciplines carry the risk of injury, would trials be a safer alternative but still give me a big grin as I do enjoy a blast on a bike? I live in West Yorkshire, what practice areas are available fairly locally? Some opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Update... I removed the fly wheel case as suggested and gently turned the flywheel with a socket, and she turned, I then steadily moved the kick start over and all was fine, so hopefully disaster averted. Whilst the bike is in bits I was thinking of check the top end over, would you guys recommend new rings or piston and rings? Where is a good place to get the necessary parts from? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info, I sank the bike in a bog and tried to re-start the bike whilst stuck, so there is a chance I tried to kick it up in gear. I'm just puzzled as I had it running before I started working on it, but I'll try what you have suggested, even though it sounds quite daunting! I probably could've got a newer bike with what I'm gonna have to spend on this one!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to trials and have recently bought a 2001 beta rev3 270, I was playing at bumpy last weekend having fun then the chain came off and doubled over the front sprocket, fun time over! I took the bike home managed to free the chain, found neutral with sprocket and fired the bike up, all ok. I decided I'd give the bike a proper going over whilst I was waiting on the new bits, only to discover it was in need of some proper tlc as I started to strip it. I've given it a proper clean and got all the scum off, I stripped the plastics, sub frame, air box, carb, reed valve, exhaust and the brakes. I haven't dropped the oil or coolant yet, but for some reason went to run the kick start over to check the piston through the exhaust port only to find it wouldn't turn over. Could this be because I've removed parts or could I have done something else? As previously said the bike kicked up fine before I started to strip it, and I can't think what might have happened. I'd be truly grateful for any help, I'm not mechanically gifted at all but I do try. Thanks