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  1. Good pictures of a brilliant trial, well done to Richmond Club. Thanks
  2. X lite sidewall is softer but puncture too easy, stick to x11 as long as they are available
  3. From memory, the only time these bikes were really noisy was when the weld broke on the main pipe next to the barrel, seem to remember it was a regular fault. They also required regular repacking of the silencer as oil up quickly, hope this helps.
  4. The 50and 80 are totally different engines, as far as I know you can't put an 80 on the 50. From memory both engines are KTM so maybe someone who knows more about KTM engines could help.
  5. I think they're about
  6. hi ran these for the last couple of years on a 125, absolutely no problems wheel runs much smoother and less drag. Quality chain no problems with breaking despite some heavy use seem to last well too.
  7. hi you need new spacers i think one is larger and the other standard. The disc needs spacing a couple of mm from memory and you can grind down the disc to fit as a new one is quite dear
  8. To be honest its a no brainer, go for the Beta the reason why everyone one rides them is that its really the only 80,just look at the nationals. The Gasser looks the part but the engine seems rubbishin comparison to the beta. The beta is relatively bomb proof, if you get newer than a 2008 you also get improved suspension. However with the exception of that here is little difference from 03 to today. We are scarborough members and had 4 from 2004 to 2007 and can't really fault them and any problems Lampkins soon helped out
  9. Yes sorry I have to agree with all said before. Not a Championship trial and defintely not worth the time, money and effort getting there, and that was the rider not the parent saying that. Trials at this level should have sections to attack and not be the minute you make one mistake the day is over!
  10. Yes just replace with the competition one. We did this to all our 80 s and was the answer, seem to remember they were not dear something like
  11. Just go on the Hovingham to Malton road the Quarry is on the right hand side of the main road just outside the village
  12. Since it was observed under stop allowed it would be a 2, 1 for the leg and 1 for the bars providing the hands stayed on the bars
  13. He can compete on a 125 in the calendar year he is 13. Therefore if 13 before 31/12/09 can ride a 125 now, if not can't compete on a 125 until 1/1/10 Hope this helps
  14. Brilliant arrived today and have watched about half. Best
  15. Just add a couple of washers to the exhaust side of the top rear shock bolt and reduce the thickness of the spacer on the bottom bracket on the rear master cylinder. On an 09 this allows the exhaust to clear the wheel by a long way