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  1. Now available in english
  2. The Mitani Clutch kit solve the clutch drag problem. You can use any type of light transmission or ATF oil with this kit without drag.
  3. Hi, this is a very good new Montesa Cota 315 Website for french users, soon available in english:
  4. The Mitani clutch kit from Lewisport USA definitly solve my clutch drag problem on my 2004 315. I strongly recommand this kit!
  5. Thanks copemech, i'm going to try the #40 pilot first and cleaning these little fuel holes. Thanks
  6. Finally I'm going to install a Keihin PWK 28 to solve the problem. Someone alteady try this before? Thanks!
  7. Salut, Oui j'ai aussi un vieux Yamaha 175 1977. L'huile est dispo dans les dealers moto. Moi je roules
  8. Salut, J'ai fait beaucoup de recherche sur les specs de diff
  9. Yes it is a phbl bs carb with a #38 pilot. I could maybe try a #40. Thanks!
  10. Hi, My 2004 315R suffer of engine knocking from 1/8 to 1/4 throttle position or when I cutout rapidly the throttle. I tried to change the jetting and to use VP racing fuel with no results! Is that your bike has this problem too? Is anybody have a solution? Thanks!
  11. Wow! Thank you a lot It is exactly what i'm looking for.
  12. Salut Sundance, Cherches-tu cette huile parce que tu a des problemes de clutch drag? Elle n'est maintenant plus disponible au Canada mais j'ai trouver la solution pour regler le probleme.