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  1. I will be using the new full size copper head gasket for the 250 from the Beamish owner club. In stead of the standard ring gasket, thanks for any feed back
  2. I have been look on Gasket guru for a new cylinder base gasket for my Black engine 250 which is the standard thickness gasket please
  3. Im Rebuilding a black engine Beamish Suzuki and i was trying to work out the best way to clean up the fork legs, has any one got any tips please on the best way to clean them so the look a bit better ?
  4. Hi feetupfun thats the one that Scot Taco and Model80 are talking about, i think the photo in Model80s link shows the fiberglass cover and a bit of the alloy inner tank, it looked ok to me. and Inmotion are nice people to deal with and almost every thing i have ordered arrives the next day.
  5. The boys that have an Add for there great internet shop at the top of this page have a new tank in that style for sale looks good. It has fiberglass cover over a aluminium tank, i was looking at one they had on there stand at the Telford bike show.
  6. Hello Laird 387 Great action photos as always thanks for taking the time to post If you have any of Rob Edwards on his 247 Montesa Cota. or Ulf Karlson on his 247 that would be great to see
  7. Hello Laird 387 Great action photos as always thanks for taking the time to post If you have any of Rob Edwards on his 247 Montesa Cota. or Ulf Karlson on his 247 that would be great to see
  8. Hi Trialsfun My bike came with the 159 airbox so Im not sure if it makes a difference, I was told they are sort after so not cheep ! unless you have a lucky find, but if your bike runs well i would keep it the way it is. I think i use about 10 % of what my bike is capable of ........... But i am working on that BR
  9. My Bike ran well with the Mikuni i was told it was from the 70s ....... But like i said it ran well. Thats the set up i run with the 199B style air fillter, yes my bash plate is from Todotrials easy to order you can email them in English ( nice and friendly to deal with ) they send you bank info ( its in a big city so i needed to search for the right branch ) and you just send them the money and it arrives in just over a week, i got a good tip of Ibhbul who makes lots of great posts on here fit a piece of rubber between crank cases and the bash plate. BR
  10. I could never really decide how to set up the bars in clamps on the standard top yokes and i wanted to make the steering feel a bit quicker and feel like it wanted to turn ! i got my rear shocks a bit longer and fitted a michelin front tyre then spotted this top Yoke thinking every little bit helps and for me its feels better. But the best things i have fitted and the things i noticed the most were a new IRC rear tyre and the new style big flat alloy foot rests
  11. Hi Trialsfun The top yoke is really well made, i spotted it being talked about on facebook by some Bultaco riders its made by Gerry Minshall, he had a set at Telford on the Twinshock Trials Championship stand so i could have a good look at it before i spent my money. He has some photos on his facebook page under albums / mobile uploads. BR
  12. I got a chance to get out on my bike at the start of the spring i had fitted some new style foot rest a bit lower and back a bit and i really like the way they feel so much wider to me they are so much easier to stand on, they are the big alloy new style ones my bike had had the original foot pegs moved up and back so moving them down and back a bit was quite a difference. i also fitted some new Domino levers which i find easier to reach. looking forwards to seeing photos of your bikes as you rebuilds progress. BR
  13. Hello Model80 I have a 199A it came with an old Mikuni and the older style air box off a 159 which is bigger and helps the engine breath i also replaced the old Mikuni because it would flood if engine was not running. Every one that has a go say how smooth and soft it runs at the bottom which make easy for me to hold on to, till its about 1/2 open then its still smooth but getting really strong and mean........... But a lot of fun I forgot to say i fitted a Dellorto PHBH28BS ! and a Billit Parts adapter so it fits to the air filter rubber hose
  14. As you can see i have had a bit of time off work, im not good at sitting still ...... So have been doing some jobs on my bike and over thinking...... I took the head off to have a look every thing seems nice and tight ( my friends words ) The marking on the top say T2-- is this to do with size of the piston I have a low number 199A did the first ones have the gear box drain plug on the bottom it has the small almost flush one not the big 199 style one ( way too much time on my hands )
  15. When i first started riding my Blue Bultaco 199A in trials i was having trouble with the chain jamming full of mud in the rear sprocket lots of mud and sand were i ride. i did not really understand why it was happening so i posted on here and got good feed back and a great tip from Woody on how the rear tyre can feed mud on to the bottom run of the chain into the rear sprocket, the sand and small stones mixed in the mud did not help at all. So i cut the lid of a soft plastic box up to make a flexible bottom bit for my chain guard to try and stop the mud getting onto the bottom run of the chain. When i had finished fitting it i was thinking thats going to last 5 minuets ...... before it gets ripped off and lost. i counter sunk the heads of the nuts on the tyre side so they would catch the tyre or hold onto mud, i used small nuts and big washers to try to keep them out of the way of the chain and the tyre. Well after 3 trials its still hanging in there ...... and after the first trial in the sandy quarry the chain was still nice and clean at the end of the event which was a first for me.