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  1. Thanks Woody.
  2. My question is about the drive chain tensioner that pushes up on the chain and provides a tight wrap of the chain on the rear sprocket. The rubber pad that contacts the chain is attached to a steel lever that is somewhat spring loaded. There is an additional spring that attaches to the frame and goes down to the tensioner lever. This second spring was disconnected when I got this bike and the rubber has hardly any use at all. Should this second spring be connected by hooking to the bottom of the steel tensioner lever? If it should be attached, should I lube the rubber with, say, silicone spray? Thanks for any help on this. Jim
  3. Potassium is great for normal blood pressure and is great in the diet but calcium and magnesium are the elements needed by the muscles and magnesium is usually the one missing.
  4. Asprin kills all of your vitamin C. Better yet, take 1/8 of a teaspoon of Epsom Salt in just enough water to dissolve it. It magnesium sufate and provides muscles with their needed magnesium so they don't cramp. Take before trialing and there should be no cramps. If you still cramp then you are sadly lacking in magnesium and can build it up over time. Shell fish and green leafy vegetables are food sources of magnesium.
  5. At what stage in your process do you actually bend the aluminum?
  6. I have a 72 OSSA MAR. Do I want it in first gear to try the short controlled wheelie to get up on an object?
  7. How about a uni-cycle. I picked up a used on for $100 and I am trying to work it into my schedule.
  8. Is there any place in the Western US where vintage trials are laid out as they were 40 years ago so the motorcycle is moving pretty much all of the time? More a momentum thing than a point and shoot type exercise. Out of more general interest, are trials done that way anywhere in the world today?
  9. Amazon books online in the USA has it for used for $9 plus shipping. You should check and see if they will ship to you. Jim
  10. I have a 72 OSSA MAR. When I look in the literature I have for 72 OSSAs (hard and electronic), they don't list the MAR. Which model is the closest to the MAR: Pioneer Plonker/Explorer Super Pioneer/Phantom Thanks, Jim
  11. My clutch sticks when not running and can usually be broken free but once in a while it is pretty stuborn. Would there be anything wrong with elastic or something to keep the clutch lever pulled while the bike sits so the clutch doesn't have the opportunity to stick. I saw that suggested for cars and wondered if it would be OK with the clutch springs on the OSSA. Thanks for any thought on this. Jim
  12. I want to lower the footpegs. The bottom of the pegs in the new position would be just above the skidpad level so the pegs will only be 1 1/2 or 2 inches lower. My question is about the affect this would have on operating the rear brake pedal. In the current position for the pegs, it seems like I am reaching down for the brake pedal but don't know if reaching up is good. Is there a way to modify the brake pedal. It is so well protected now. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I got the OSSA World clutch springs that are softer than stock. Seems like I should be able simply just to replace one spring at a time with the primary cover off, readjust my clutch, and I'm on my way. I'm just checking to see if that method is fine. Thanks for any thoughts. Jim
  14. Thanks. I understand that the clutch sticking and the motor not running are not connected. I guess I was just asking if I could bread the clutch loose without the help of the motor running and I believe you are telling me that I can using the method you suggest. Thanks again and I'll give it a try.
  15. I have a 72 OSSA MAR. It has run but right now it doesn't want to start at all. I have gas and spark so I plan to take it to a friend that has a power starter to get it going. Unfortunatley, my clutch is sticking at the same time. I have asked on this board about both of these issues but since they are occurring together, it seems like a whole different situation is happening. My question is, how can I start my OSSA on a power starter if the clutch is sticking or is there a way to get the clutch freed without the motor running. If the bike is in neutral, the clutch is not keeping the motor from freely going round when I crank the kickstart lever so is the clutch actually sticking? When the bike is in gear (motor off), it will not roll as expected, but when you pull the clutch lever while in gear, it still will not roll freely. When I remove the clutch rod inspection plate, I see the clutch moving as would be expected. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jim