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  1. Clutch / Brake lever parts.

    Beta p/n 3196818 000 for the bolt , the nut is a 6mm jam nut ( it is thin ) .
  2. 99 Beta Techno Paioli fork brackets

    GasGas part number BT27914150
  3. Best trials gear for bigger riders?

    I have heard that S3 are offering a 5X pant.
  4. 99 Beta Techno Paioli fork brackets

    This is the built up fork, it comes apart into many pieces. There is not problem fitting these parts to the fork!Since you are in Australia, try contacting `The Hell Team ``.
  5. 99 Beta Techno Paioli fork brackets

    The bracket from the 1995 Gas Gas will work.
  6. Evo 250 2016 stuck in 1st

    Things to make sure you do when you have the clutch cover off. 1) Make sure you keep track of the shims on both the shift shaft and the kick start shaft. 2) Make sure item 15 is attached tightly to the shift drum , I have seen one of these not tight before. Good luck.
  7. 2 stroke header sealant

    Get the header to cylinder fit proper. Once the fit is proper, some high temp silicone along with the gasket is not the worst idea.
  8. Power to HT lead but no spark

    It has happened that the CDI box on this model has failed. This is not common but does sometimes happen. You will have to decide if spending the money on a part that may not be faulty is worth the gamble.
  9. Beta techno running backwards

    Perhaps this particular bike is one of the ones that needed the offset flywheel key Beta p/n 1246010 000 to get the timing advanced far enough. GOOD LUCK !
  10. Lighter clutch

    Clake One Light Clutch may work for you.
  11. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    I believe you will have to change the complete primary drive, this will not be cheap.
  12. Security screw on intake manifold

    The best way I have found to deal with the idle screw is to undo it the same way as tapping new threads. Loosen one quarter to one half turn, turn back in one eighth to one quarter turn until it loosens up enough to turn out all the way. I usually put some 2 stroke oil on the threads before putting in a new quick adjust screw in. As for the reed block, there security screws are a pain, on the bright side no one has stolen your reed block.Some of the 2018 Evos also have security screws holding on the exhaust tip, maybe you should change those too.
  13. PECO 200 SWM Teardown

    I believe that I had heard that the piston was from a Suzuki TS 185. Good luck.
  14. Budget Trials Build

    It would appear that you have a TR33 engine not TR32 you will need to find the proper wiring diagram and you will need to use the motoplat CDI box. Good luck.
  15. 2018 Beta Factory Evo

    Electrics look tidier.