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  1. Electrics look tidier.
  2. red Galfer 428
  3. Check flywheel key.
  4. Steps 1 and 2 when checking for spark new spark plug, and disconnect kill button Then start with other checks.
  5. To the best of my knowledge the same reed block has been used since 1994.
  6. Sometimes a big hit on the flywheel cover can cause the crank to come out of true.
  7. You will be happy with the Beta.
  8. I find it best to run the fuel line outboard of the frame. This way it is quick to change from trial mode to trail mode.
  9. <<>>
  10. I believe to make this kit fit properly you will need the different chain adjusters and other bits to make the chain adjusters fit. Part numbers, 007330770 000 times 1, C24780010 000 times 2, 1317121 000 times 2, 007334465 000 times 2, and 007330790 000 times 1 . You may also have to modify your swing arm so it will accept all of the new parts. Good luck.
  11. It was on the wiring diagram I looked at. It smooths out the dc output from the regulator/rectifier.
  12. I have heard of this before, a hard re-set at an authorized Montesa/Honda dealer did the trick.
  13. Bill F I think I have found a kickstart shaft for you. I have sent you a PM.
  14. No problems starting Beta 4t Rev4 or Evo. You could replace the electric tap with a standard item. Thread pitch is 10mm x 1.00 The only reason I could see doing this is that the stock tap quit working and they are fairly expensive.
  15. < Manuals/Mototrial/2009-2012 Evo 4 stroke engine.pdf> This is for the Evo 4t m/y 2009 to 2012 most things should still be current.