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  1. There is no bad time to buy a new bike.
  2. Answers 1/ this goes to a spigot on the air box. I would blank off the air box spigot and put a fuel filter onto the end of the hanging hose once I have made sure the hose is clean. 2/ this is an atmospheric pressure inlet, I would put a short hose on this with some sort of filter on it. Maybe some neatly fitted air filter foam stuffed into the hose. 3/ since you are already working on the bike, I would take the crankcase breather out of the airbox and route the hose up high and put a filter on it. Make sure to blank off the spigot on the airbox where the crankcase breather used to go.
  3. There is a Youtube video on how to service this fork. It took less than 5 minutes to find.
  4. Engine numbers are on the new bikes and they do not match the frame VIN
  5. The original post was from "beeaj" on Feb 15, 2011
  6. post-2532-0-59404200-1297888737.jpg I think this may be the wiring diagram for your bike.
  7. With the stock headlight turned on, hook up your oscilloscope and you will be able to tell if the signal is AC or DC.
  9. I believe that some of the systems to reduce engine braking vent some of the crankcase pressure back into the intake side of the motor.There is info on the internet as there are aftermarket products available for high performance street motorcycles.
  10. There is no GasGas Pro m/y 2001 Perhaps the neutral detent mechanism on your bike is compromised.
  11. Perhaps you have the two hoses on the aux tank mixed up.
  12. front mudguard mount from Montesa 4rt fits, and there are many mudguards that fit to this mount.
  13. I think an LED light would give you lots of light without taxing the magneto too much. I think 55w could be an issue with the magneto lighting windings.
  14. BPR5ES
  15. It has never happened!