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  1. I have heard of this before, a hard re-set at an authorized Montesa/Honda dealer did the trick.
  2. Bill F I think I have found a kickstart shaft for you. I have sent you a PM.
  3. No problems starting Beta 4t Rev4 or Evo. You could replace the electric tap with a standard item. Thread pitch is 10mm x 1.00 The only reason I could see doing this is that the stock tap quit working and they are fairly expensive.
  4. < Manuals/Mototrial/2009-2012 Evo 4 stroke engine.pdf> This is for the Evo 4t m/y 2009 to 2012 most things should still be current.
  5. Maybe Top Trial Team / Bosi Off Road in Italy the team was Ossa mounted for 1 year. Good luck.
  6. Something to do with the Euro 4 testing.
  7. Sometimes white or gray smoke can be gearbox oil.
  8. Use the oil your dealer suggests.
  9. It is possible to mount the mapping switch in the front void of the handlebar clamp pad. No need to make any bracket, I have had it there for several months without any troubles.
  10. The problem may be that the steel clutch plates are getting hung up on the clutch centre. The steel plates are stamped if you run your finger on the inside diameter of the plate one side is smoother than the other. Put the steel plates in so that the clutch springs push against the rougher side of the plate and the smoother side will find it's happy place when you release the clutch.Different oils may help, also you may have warped steel clutch plates. On these air cooled Beta bikes the clutch pull mechanism is a rack and pinion style. The rack is 2 piece to help things be centered, perhaps the fit between the 2 parts can be modded so that the clutch will be pulled (released ) more straight. Good luck.
  11. gassertxt, you are correct. If you start the bike, let it idle the fan should start and after a while it should also turn off. If this is not how your fan works there is a problem. Typical problems are thermostatic switch, water pump impeller, and low coolant level ( this is probably not the case on this bike as the thermostatic switch is located at the top of the radiator ) Good luck.
  12. Check out the TRS MOTOS USA Youtube channel, you should find all the info you need there.
  13. That looks like m/y 1999.
  14. There is no bad time to buy a new bike.
  15. Answers 1/ this goes to a spigot on the air box. I would blank off the air box spigot and put a fuel filter onto the end of the hanging hose once I have made sure the hose is clean. 2/ this is an atmospheric pressure inlet, I would put a short hose on this with some sort of filter on it. Maybe some neatly fitted air filter foam stuffed into the hose. 3/ since you are already working on the bike, I would take the crankcase breather out of the airbox and route the hose up high and put a filter on it. Make sure to blank off the spigot on the airbox where the crankcase breather used to go.