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  1. OSSA MAR 4 speed?

    I believe that the 4 speed Ossa trials bikes were sold as " Plonker " in the USA They had a different name in Europe.
  2. Beta 4t in Trial 2

    Jan Peters was 2nd at the last German Championship event on the Beta 300 4t
  3. What is this??

    This tube and check valve is connected to the exhaust head on the motor side of the catalytic converter that has come with some bikes. I believe the idea is to add fresh air to the exhaust to help promote cleaner air to come out of the exhaust. The check valve is so that exhaust does not come out of this tube.
  4. Beta Volt regulator rectifier

    You guys are correct yellow and tab mount AC in / white connector to the fan / grey connector to the t-stat switch
  5. 2019

    Rear brake master cylinder same as BETA
  6. 1995 techno 250 dellorto carb overflowing

    Sometimes the d/o floats do not float, this may be your problem.
  7. beta evo hydraulic hoses compatibility

    Clutch and f/b hoses are the same for Grimeca or Braktec pumps
  8. Squeak...

    From the reed valve .
  9. 4t Impeller Inspection - Reuse Gasket?

    Order the gasket.
  10. TR34 Electrics

    Flywheel puller p/n 1480200 000
  11. M7 bleed screw forced into M6 caliper

    There were some Betas that had the ball bearing under the bleed nipple, this set up was stock for some model years.
  12. beta rev3 modifications through the years?

    D/O carb may fit BUT you will have trouble adjusting the idle and the idle mixture. To change to a D/O carb you will need a right hand model. To change airbox you will need to change to the 2 piece rear frame m/y 2002 to 2008 , and also change the r fender to a m / y 2002 to 2006 , as well as the airbox
  13. Repsol 75w transmission trial oil.

    I think you should use Repsol oil in a " Montesa Repsol " It just makes sense !
  14. Txt pro 300 2009 front forks

    fork tube diameter needed , maybe a picture as well
  15. I suspect it is one of the following part numbers, these parts are in the gearbox 007041100 000 or 2773860 000 or 2773870 000 it would appear that the cases will need to be split. Good luck