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  1. Perhaps you have the two hoses on the aux tank mixed up.
  2. front mudguard mount from Montesa 4rt fits, and there are many mudguards that fit to this mount.
  3. I think an LED light would give you lots of light without taxing the magneto too much. I think 55w could be an issue with the magneto lighting windings.
  4. BPR5ES
  5. It has never happened!
  6. Surface tension is the problem.
  7. I try to point my toes out slightly ( bowlegged ) and this helps keep your knee on the outside of the turn away from the bike.
  8. These bearings are quite wee, you will need to keep an eye on them. Failure of wheel bearings can be catastrophic.
  9. Gas Gas part number M04015000 Beta part number 1480200000
  10. What was the part number for the Oilite bushings that you used ?
  11. NG brake discs p/n 250 front p/n 249 rear
  12. Looks like you have a good variety fairly old to fairly new, both bikes and riders.
  13. You can download the Evo 2 stroke shop manual. The kickstart mechanism is nearly identical to the Rev 3. Good luck.
  14. I am guessing that the bikes that had an engine breather tube going into the air box were 4 stroke bikes. On this bike this is a gearbox breather and only needs to be vented to the atmosphere. I like to cut the ends of these breather hoses on the bias.
  15. I believe that the TOP TRIAL TEAM uses these forks on Evos, maybe you can find some good pictures.