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  1. Squeak...

    From the reed valve .
  2. 4t Impeller Inspection - Reuse Gasket?

    Order the gasket.
  3. TR34 Electrics

    Flywheel puller p/n 1480200 000
  4. M7 bleed screw forced into M6 caliper

    There were some Betas that had the ball bearing under the bleed nipple, this set up was stock for some model years.
  5. beta rev3 modifications through the years?

    D/O carb may fit BUT you will have trouble adjusting the idle and the idle mixture. To change to a D/O carb you will need a right hand model. To change airbox you will need to change to the 2 piece rear frame m/y 2002 to 2008 , and also change the r fender to a m / y 2002 to 2006 , as well as the airbox
  6. Repsol 75w transmission trial oil.

    I think you should use Repsol oil in a " Montesa Repsol " It just makes sense !
  7. Txt pro 300 2009 front forks

    fork tube diameter needed , maybe a picture as well
  8. I suspect it is one of the following part numbers, these parts are in the gearbox 007041100 000 or 2773860 000 or 2773870 000 it would appear that the cases will need to be split. Good luck
  9. Sherco rear wheel fit evo,?

    To fit it would have to be modded quite a bit. Spacing between r disc and r sprocket is not the same between these 2 bikes.
  10. 2006 4/RT - Heat Shield, Header Pipe

    Perhaps p/n 18323-NN4-G10 Protector Exhaust Pipe from the street version may work for you. It looks like Amos Bilbao used this one on his bike at the 2018 SSDT
  11. Exhaust removel

    Ball ended Allen keys work well too.
  12. Txt 280cc 2010 - Starting Issue

    Try putting the spark plug gap to as little as 4mm , this will may it easier for the ignition to provide a spark. When you poured the petrol into the spark hole , did the bike fire? You said you have cleaned the carburetor , if it is a Dell'orto it is possible you have installed the floats upside down. Check that the high tension spark plug lead is connected to the spark plug cap correctly. If it is a resistor type plug cap , it may be faulty. Good luck.
  13. Clutch / Brake lever parts.

    Beta p/n 3196818 000 for the bolt , the nut is a 6mm jam nut ( it is thin ) .
  14. 99 Beta Techno Paioli fork brackets

    GasGas part number BT27914150
  15. Best trials gear for bigger riders?

    I have heard that S3 are offering a 5X pant.