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  1. Hi InMotion don't do magicals things anymore as I found out when I rung them the other day.
  2. What length do you want ? Do you want stainless ?
  3. Hi I use the 11 tooth sprocket on my TY 175 and like you say it totally changes the bike in tight sections and for steep climbs 2nd gear can be used.
  4. I thought about the 200 option but didn't have a spare barrel and someone recommended the ignition so thought I would try it
  5. Hi I built my TY up from a basket case and ran points for a year but it seemed to lack that instant power so I invested my £199.00 at TY Trials (John Cane) and it was the best money I spent . This was 5 years ago and the bike has not missed a beat and it pulls like a different bike now. John Cane has upgraded his ignition now as I have the early one but it is easy to fit and works great. I know that if it goes its another £200 but that is just sods law. It all depends how much you ride the bike to get your moneys worth I ride mine as much as I can and I have had my fun.
  6. Hi I run 11 front and 51 rear but you can put 12 on the front, I find with this gearing I can use 2nd gear on some sections but mainly 1st. I hope this helps
  7. Hi can you post some pictures of what you have done as I have the same problem. Thanks
  8. Hi, It will most certainly be the condenser as the bike will go one minute and then just pack up . Best of luck.
  9. April fools !!!!!!
  10. Why ride a twinshock if you really want to ride a modern bike !!!!!. I am not a light weight and I ride a standard TY175 the only Mods I have done is gas shocks at the rear and electronic ignition and I compete against modern bikes on the white route and beat some of them. Why do people have to alter bikes so much all the skill is in the rider !!!!!
  11. The ignition is dead easy to fit, you get step by step instructions with it. Try a new condenser and points they are only cheap, then coil, I have got a stator plate with new points and condenser for sale on Ebay at the moment and a new coil have a look !!!!
  12. Electronic ignition is easy to fit but does cost around
  13. I have tried various kick starts but the original works the best,all the others like you say are at the wrong angle and need fabrication to make right, keep looking on Ebay I have just picked a complete one up for
  14. Sounds like condenser to me I have had the same problem, I have always started to eliminate the cheap bits and gradually work up. Put electronic ignition on mine now and starts first kick every time hot or cold.
  15. You might be better getting a smaller gearbox sprocket as it does seem a bit fast in 1st gear !!