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  1. Thanks guys, Will pop into John Lee's. Is the higher octane super unleaded the way to go for the Sherco? Always used it in my MX bikes so presume this is the way to go for Trials bikes too?
  2. Hi guys, will be picking up my first trials bike - an 09 290. It was owned by an elderly local who owned it from new and used it 4 times so its as good as the day it was bought. i just wanted to know what oils etc work best with the bike as my plan is to drain all the old fluids out of it and replace - gearbox and radiator fluid. Could someone recommend which gearbox oil and which coolant is best to use and also which 2 stroke oil. And also some advice on a good oil mix ratio and whether the sherco's run better on standard unleaded or super unleaded? and lastly, my plan is to tone down the power as much as i can so a slow action throttle is on order. Can anyone suggest a gearing improvement over standard to soften the power delivery a bit?
  3. Thanks guys. Unlike a lot of ex mxers who come into trials i'm not of the mindset that i need a big motor, although I am a big guy as in 6'3 tall and about 14 stone so don't think i'd feel too comfortable on a 125. as you say a few mods and it can be made a very useable machine i guess.
  4. I'm not a novice to bikes, having raced motocross for 25 years, but am certainly completely new to Trials having never lifted a leg over a Trials bike. So, in my quest to find a decent second hand machine I have come across a 2009 Sherco 290 that someone local to me owns and has genuinley never used so it's as good as new. Looks great, sounds great and seems to ride fine given the short pootle up and down his driveway. i'm very tempted as will be a genuine bargain but my concern is that it will just be too much bike for my zero Trials experience. My plan will be to practice for a few months and then enter a few club trials - i certainly have no plans for World Trials domination but just want to enjoy riding a bike and testing myself. researching there are mixed views on larger capacity bikes - some say steer clear unless you are a pro, others say they are very useable for beginners. So can any one offer some further thoughts on 290's, specifically the Sherco?
  5. Hi guys, looking for my first Trial bike after retiring from motocross. I've got my eyes on a couple of bikes, both 2007 - a TXT Pro 250 and a Rev 3 250. Both look in good condition, appear to have been looked after and both the same asking price. So, given the condition of them i'm struggling to decide on the best option. Could anyone offer a bit of advice where i'd generally be better off spending my money? thank all.
  6. What I need to do is buy some woodland so I can make up my own rules. Before I become tied up in the nuances of the sport I just want to practice the basics. And besides I am still yet to buy a bike. That's another kettle of fish altogether. I'm hoping my modest 2 grand budget for a bike will get me something half decent to begin with.
  7. Well, I have to say that I'm already feeling a little disenfranchised. It was the simplicity and elegance of Trials that has drawn me in, but it seems that the notion of riding through a section without dabbing a foot on a motorized bike is something that has become entrenched in complexities and debate. Seems a shame. I'll let you know what I think of both regardless.
  8. I'm not 100% on the difference to be honest or at least how it affects the trial.
  9. Once again, great info. I will be popping along to the Nene Valley Trial on Sunday and I have sent you an email Nigel regarding the MK club. You'll be pleased to know I won't be in a 60 foot motorhome with 3 bikes, mechanic, dozen sets of gear and sealed gazebo with autograph area. I have a modest budget of just 3k to get me set-up with bike, gear and trailer so no showboating from my corner.
  10. Thanks for all the replies folks. Lots of info to digest. My early retirement from MX came about due to the overt intensity and as some have pointed out, nasty rivalry. So Trials seems to be the answer. Still getting to ride a bike, test my own skills, learn some new skills without all the bitterness and ill feeling that came with amateur MX. I just want to have some fun and test myself with out all the melodrama. From the replies here it seems that Trials is a very easy sport to get into and get started with once you have a bike, boots and helmet etc. Just what I'm looking for. SSD here I come.
  11. Ok, so I've come from an AMCA Motocross background so the process was I joined my nearest club, Joined the AMCA, got my licence. Attended club nights once a week and booked in for available meetings within my group, paid the club chairman, I'd get my confirmation slip in the post that week. Roll up at 7.30 on a Sunday Morning, hand over my slip at the gate, Gear up etc. Practice, 3 races, go home in pain and soak in the tub for a few hours. As a complete novice to Trials I just wondered of someone could guide me through the process involved in competing in a club trial. I'm not an AMCA member anymore but am willing to re-join if that will give a wider scope of meetings available. Is most booking online/telephone or turn up on the day and book in? What should I expect on competition day? Track walk etc? I'm based in the northants area? Anywhere I should be looking for localish regs? Basically I don't want to make a complete fool of myself on my first trial or get in anybodies way and spoil their day.
  12. I think that's a bloody good idea. being an observer means I can get a full picture of how a Trial runs without the nerve racking prospect of competing myself. Great idea. Thanks.
  13. Sorry for hijacking your thread but I hope it's keeping on topic and saves starting a new thread. After racing MX for 25 years with the AMCA I'm used to the simple process of going to the club on a weekday night, booking in for a meeting 2 weeks in advance, turning up at said meeting, signing in, walking the track, gearing up , practice and then racing each of my three 15 minute races during the day, packing up and going home. As someone who has not yet even attended an amateur trial, let alone competed in one, what is the normal process for a race day? What can I expect? Do most Trials happen through the ACU or another governing body? Thanks and sorry to original poster.
  14. Yeah that's one of the things that puts me off the Betas to be honest. It's clearly a case of when, not if with the Stator.
  15. Great advice guys. Thanks. I'll keep you updated on my search.