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  1. Do you find the height of your 2009 Beta handlebar ? I'm interested in because before my 2011 Evo 250 i've had a 2009 model and the handlebar was fine before now; so if i know the ref OEM of 2009 it will be good Thanks
  2. 1,3 to 1,5% of castrol TTS but i've forgotten to tell that it seems some steel wool missed in the 1st chamber; i don't know why, perhaps a problem of manufacturing on this part on my bike or simply the wool go away out by the pipe with the time passes ?
  3. but look at the pictures, there's plenty of dust calamine which in the first chamber of the exhaust, this part is not accessible but very important to absorb the noise (bigger than the second accessible chamber ). so it needs to be repacking to, but it is not possible for beta to offer this possibility because of the cost of this function on the exhaust ... For me i see a great advantage because for improvment of less noise on a used bike of december 2009 !
  4. what does you mean by smoother or softer ? For me the response is more reactive at lower rpm i think, i don't need to turn too much throttle than before
  5. Because i began by doing this and it's not enough, lot of noise too ... the lenght where is the plastic is very short so it' not good enough the result is more significant whith the hole cut in the first chamber of the silencer .
  6. hye, if you're interested on this subject follow this link on a French forum; repacking my EVO exhaust i was tired of my noisy BETA EVO 290 2009 I up different pictures of my intervention, and you can see interior exhaust. I often come on your forum which is fulled of interesting informations my Pictures are here : PICTURES OF EVO EXHAUST DURING REPACKING Did someone had already do this repacking on a EVO?
  7. Julien Dupont & Arthur Coutard Freestyle Trial Crash of Dupont but no problem for him .... crash backflip Dupont
  8. what do you think of this absorber ? olle absorber
  9. for my 2.5 SHERCO 2004 , because i would like to have the possibility to adjust the dampning ? And how much please ? thanks
  10. See my post : The french Sherco exhaust repacker --> Patoche
  11. hy, i'm French and i repacked my Sherco 2.5 2004 exhaust ; i search at first to change the interior of the 2 volumes and don't want to weld it ; luckily because at first time i put in the first chamber the same materials (rockwool) that i put in the second chamber , not a good idea because of the high pressure of the gases it goes out; so i put like the origin : steel wool. To avoid the welding I used some rivets and of the leg welding is cold. Now my sherco sound good and the response of the motor is better. go to see my photos : exhaust sherco
  12. hye, you have to wait for novembet to see the new sherco 2006 you can see the info on the link below (a good french adress): trial-club
  13. Looks good, anyone translate? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Desole je suis francais ; you need web translator no !
  14. The answer is there : en francais la reponse est la : pipi stop BETa