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  1. I had some problems with my 2015 starting so I increase the tickover just slightly. May be about 1/4 of a turn after resetting the ECU (3 full throttle kick) and trying 3 steady kicks. Then repeating the process. I recall it was about 3/4 to 1 turn I eventually increased the tickover. When starting I found it best to leave my hand off the throttle all together until I got used to not moving the throttle when starting. I think it’s a natural reaction to just pump the throttle slightly when kicking the bike. Remember telling someone to stop pumping the throttle when starting a 4RT and he gave me a curse response about “he wasn’t” but you could see that he was.
  2. I had a similar problem on my 4RT. I’d over filled the reservoir which put the brake on when the fluid got hot from the exhaust. Probably the same effect as over adjusting as discribed by Dan.
  3. Just bumping this to the top of the thread to see if the provisional dates are available yet. Want to get some dates in the calendar before the wife fills up weekends with other less important stuff to do with the family.
  4. Excellent forum post Thai-TY with lots of information. Well done.
  5. If you do the Beta clutch modification by taking out the glue between the friction material and replace the oil every four trials it improves the clutch. As Jimmy said I found the anti-judder kit made the clutch less constant and felt like it was slipping when the old got hot. Finally, I use semi-synthetic oil (mainly Shell Helix) because fully synthetic oil often have anti-friction qualities.
  6. You are most welcome.
  7. I don't know if it's used on any other models but the part number is: 43141-KB9-000 I suspect that it's only used on the drum break RTL because the TLR250 shared the same lighter weight wheels. Also I think because of the KB9 number it is specific to the TLR. However, it looks like Dave Silver Spares and CMS Spares have them in stock:
  8. So I've given it a go. Let's see if it holds for the weekend. The insert didn't turn, but I tighten it too hard.
  9. Thanks Oni. Looking at tinernet where to get anaerobic bonding adhesive and they seem to be metal to metal bonding, but this is the metal inset into a plastic tank. Would this still work?
  10. My sons 2016 125 petrol tap is leaking between the tank and petrol tap. I put in a new o-ring seal in but the screw inserts are rotating in the tank. So it is still slightly weeping fuel. Does anyone know how to remove the inserts and / or stop them rotating? Cheers
  11. I see tha In Motion are doing a Montesa inlet that look similar. If you search eBay for number 222541664138. I'm sure if you drop Dave a message he'll give you the size. Or have you tried Richard Allen's used spares
  12. I had something similar on my TLR 250. It would catch most of the time but just slip round like it just missed the ratchet teeth. Sounded terrible. Sorry to say that I cured it by splitting the engine. I ended up replacing the bushes and bearings related to the kickstart shaft. I also did all the other bushes and bearings while I had the engine apart. Everything in the engine looked absolutely fine, not like it was over 30 years old. Must have been just enough wear in the bearings and bushes to give it just enough movement to slip because it's been fine since the work. With the part numbers all the bits were available from Dave Silver or CMS in Holand.
  13. I've been running my bikes on Evans PowerSports Waterless coolant which started with a 2006 4RT. It doesn't make the fan run less but does operate to a higher temperature and expand less than water based coolant. It means you're less likely to boil over and cause the engine some serious damage.
  14. Did anyone find an answer to this question, because I want to do the same thing? Cheers
  15. Hi and thanks for the comprehensive reply. It might take me a couple of weeks to reply because I'll probably fix it into my flat tank. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers