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  1. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    I agree, all the manufacturers, except Honda, sell a bike that is virtually identical to the machines the works riders use; the TRRS Gold being the latest example. As we all know Tony Bou is a brilliant rider who has dominated the sport for a dozen years and remains a difficult man to beat; so why impose a minimum weight limit that keeps his bike competitive by stifling the development of rival brands?
  2. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    But what is the point of other manufacturer's 'making the effort'; their bikes already weigh less than the FIM weight limit. Okay, so they can select where to add steel bar or lead weights to tune the balance of the bike for a specific rider's preference, but apart from Ossa and Vertigo's more radical efforts trials bike development has been static for years now. Maybe that's a good thing?
  3. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    It’s a lead weight to keep the bike at or above the FIM minimum weight of 65 kilograms that helps the hand made, hyper exotic factory Hondas compete with their mass produced rivals.
  4. Jotagas jtg 2013 WATER PUMP SEALS

    Unless somebody has blocked up the weep hole in the bottom of the water pump casing water will not get into the gearbox if the water pump seals fail so are you sure this is the cause of your problem? And if you do need to change the water pump seals then just remove the water pump from the clutch case. It seems you're wanting to make things hard for yourself.
  5. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    That's interesting and something I didn't know. I think it will only take another trials manufacturer (or two) to use FI and the others will follow suit much as they did with the introduction of monoshock suspension and water cooling.
  6. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    If Beta does use fuel injection on its 2T bikes it will be interesting to see if it benefits from collaboration with KTM to use injectors that fuel direct into the transfer ports as opposed to what KTM dismisses as the 'electronic carburettor' fuel injection systems used by Ossa and Vertigo.
  7. Head spacer

    I remembered that I have a head spacer from a 300 GasGas so tried to do what I suggested and it's not that easy with the motor all built up in the frame. The PCD and spacing of the stud holes does appear to be the same as the Jotagas. The head spacer idea predates the later two part head design and I agree with you that it's better to machine the insert especially if you can find data on the correct shape and volume.
  8. Head spacer

    A GasGas head insert won't fit the Jotagas. If you can obtain a disc type head spacer it should be easy enough to lay it on top of the head to see if the bolt holes line up, but if you use a spacer and low compression head insert won't it be flat as the proverbial ................ I presume you're using 98 octane fuel. Have you tried richening the mixture/changing the jets, etc? What make of carb' are you using?
  9. TXT 250 Edition 2002

    These are good, solid, reliable bikes. If you loop the bike make sure the rear mudguard is still sealed against the airbox otherwise crud can get where it shouldn't. GasGasUK used to offer a rubber apron to help overcome this problem. Enjoy!
  10. Bash plate identity ?

    Ossa MAR? Looks like it'd make a good snow shovel, if you could fix a handle to it.
  11. New to trials and my bike starts and dies. Pleas help

    Hi, welcome to trials and the joys of bike maintenance! From what you describe I’d suspect an air leak on the inlet side of the motor and if it was mine I’d do the following to eliminate all probable causes: Check flow of fuel from the petcock is good and the tank breather hose is not blocked. If no better then proceed to: remove the air box, clean and oil the filter if dirty; remove, dismantle and thoroughly clean the carburettor making sure none of the jets or airways is blocked and the float level is correct; remove inlet and reed cage, and any spacer between the reed cage and crankcases. Check reeds are intact and that there are no splits in the inlet rubber. Check carburettor is a snug fit in the inlet rubber. Some 327s had the larger 28mm Dellorto so has someone swapped to a 26mm without changing the inlet? (We used to use the 28mm inlet when installing a Keihin, back in the day.) If everything is okay reinstall the reed cage/inlet using new gaskets and a light smear of silicone gasket goo on every surface. Fit carb and air box and you should be good. What better way to spend a Saturday? Good luck!
  12. Polishing ali castings?

    Thanks for the additional info'. For the die hard trials bike 'fettler' the only problem would appear to be that you can't adjust it with the motor running, unless you're very brave!
  13. Polishing ali castings?

    Thanks, I'd never seen or even heard of an APT Smartcarb before. I'm not intending to hijack your thread, but having done some research online I'm curious; is it good in a trials application?
  14. Polishing ali castings?

    That's a great job; the carb has been transformed! What is it?
  15. Trial GP

    Looks like it's going to be shown on MotorsportTV (Sky channel 447) at 22.35 this evening