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  1. I'm using Ipone 2 stroke oil at 75ml per 5 litres and it seems good. No smoke or smell, although I might go a little less rich next mix, just to see how it is. Not really played with the mix yet.
  2. Yes. Fit an aftermarket one. Take one lead down to the coil mounting (or another reliable earth) and the other connects to a black (or might be black and white - can't remember which) wire that you should find in the area behind the headstock if you take off the right hand grill that fills in the hole in the frame. Hope that makes sense.
  3. I've got a Rev 3 2 stroke and that's got a good ol' fashioned fuel tap with off/on/res. Fiddly to get to though! And the aux tank has it's own fuel tap too, which is on or off.
  4. I've fitted and used mine now, and I'm impressed! - Barely notice it is there when doing trials type stuff, but the added fuel and ability to sit down for short sections of trail is awesome! - I just ran the aux tank until empty, with the main tank off, then when I ran the aux dry I swapped to the main tank.
  5. I just got one too for my Rev 3. Just fitting it now in fact. There are no instructions on using it though. I assume you have to fill both tanks when you fill up and that the fuel gets used from both at an even rate until you reach reserve on the original tank and at that point the longride tank is dry and you switch to reserve on the main fuel tap and have what's left in the main tank?
  6. Just to complete the story, I wasn't able to get the seal out with a pick, so had to drop the bash plate and take the engine casing off, but it all went back together with the new seal no problem at all. I just should have been a bit more careful with the seal the first time around and taken a closer look at things. All good now though.
  7. Yeah, there's a rubber or fibre washer. Probably best to pop a new one on. That window doesn't need to be super-tight and it is only plastic so won't take too much force to damage.
  8. Drain and refill with (if I remember right) 550cc. With a cold engine, hold the bike upright and oil should be visible in the sight glass. I go for it being about half way up the sight glass.
  9. Or about £35 for a brand new one I think. Remember to get the spring with it.
  10. How are you guys finding the sizing on the Wulfsport boots? Did you buy according to your regular shoe size, or up/down a size? Are they wide or narrow fitting? Thinking of giving them a go as I am an occassional rider and won't be giving them a very hard life anyway.
  11. Been digging around a bit more on this and the Sidi Courier is now called the Sidi Discovery. Gaerne have something called a G Adventure and a similar, but stiffer version with a bit more plastic called the G Midland. Of course, finding a shop with stock so you can compare and try them on is next to impossible (at least it is where I live).
  12. If you are going to replace them, I'd do the dust wipers at the same time. I didn't and now wish I had. Unless you know they are good, then I think it is probably false economy not to.
  13. Many thanks. I'll take a closer look at the info provided.
  14. I contacted Chris at SplatShop who very kindly replied within minutes. Here's what he said, which I think makes sense: "It looks like the seal lip has popped inside out, if that makes any sense. I'd definitely take another look at it as if it has done as i think the spring that holds the lip will have come off and may go in to the gearbox and cause problems. I think I'd recommend getting a new seal, then you can lean the bike over, pull the old seal out with a seal pick, make sure you get the spring out if it has come off the back of the seal, then you should be able to put the new seal on without draining the oil or coolant." So, that's what I'm going to do...
  15. I need to buy boots for riding my trials bike (I'm just playing on it rather than doing comps) and I also need boots for riding on the road, Adventure Touring style. I know there might be some compromises, but does anyone know of a boot that would do both well? I need the grippy tread and flexibility for trials, but the protection and weather resistance for road.