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  1. My dealer was great,its just that they are 6hrs. away. Yes the maping was wrong. The actual steering was ok just not enough radius. Agreed I can jet a carb bike but I cant remap a FI bike. Distributor was no help.
  2. I drove 6hrs. to pick up my 2012 Ossa. I rode it in the dealers parking lot for 200ft. It ran like crap but I figured with some time it would break in and run better. Not the case. It had very little power and ran like it had a restrictor in the pipe. Also like a bike with a carb with the air screw turned all the way in. It stalled very easy. Junk Torx bolts everywhere. Hard clutch pull.Graphics peeling off.Kickstart would return slowly and sometimes bind. Poorly designed rear brake pedal. Turning radius is not very tight. Air filter system is a pain to service.
  3. Because they are junk.
  4. My 2012 EVO had a Helicoil on the left side and none on the right. I had to replace the Helicoil because it was working its way out.A new one went right in and is still working good. My bike also has Helicoils in 2 of the 4 sub frame mounts and fron skid plate mount from the factory. Fantastic Bike. Ralph
  5. I had an 09 290 EVO and never had any frame breakage problems. It was a wonderful bike. Enjoy yours. Ralph
  6. I gave it to a needy hippie family.
  7. Hey Dave. Thanks for the info. I solved my Ossa problems. I got a Beta EVO. Fantastic bike. Runs perfectly right out of the box. Red
  8. Good news. Glad you like yor Ossa. I wish mine ran like your does. You never knew what you were going to get when you opened the throttle.Puke or power. Ossa should have helped me out but chose not to.Oh well. Keep me informed and keep your feet up. Red
  9. Hello. Just wondering how you like your new Ossa? I recently bought a 2012 myself. Sorry to report that I hated it.Not only did it run blubbery rich it also felt like there was a restrictor in the pipe. Very sluggish. It also stalled very easily. I also got zero help from Ossa USA. They would not respond to my emails or postal mail. I know that if you are dealing with The Tryals Shop you will be in good hands though...they are good people. Please let me know what you think. Maicored