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  1. Faulty new kill switch?

    I had the same issue with a replacement kill switch. I lost the lanyard after leaving it on the bike whilst transporting on a bike rack. The price difference between new switch and new lanyard was negligible so i fitted a new switch. Mine would not stop if it was mounted too tightly on the bars and even when loose it ran on for quite a while when the lanyard was disconnected. Slowly over time it seemed to wear in and stopped instantly as it should. Interestingly, whilst the Leonelli and Apico items appear identical and most likely made in the same factory the magnetic poles are opposite so you cannot use one lanyard on the other without modification.
  2. scorpa sy Air box rubber

    Bondy, don't take this the wrong way but this is a long overdue warning from the spelling police. If you continue to use the word dose instead of does you will be taken away and used as part of a trials section.
  3. Beta evo newer plastics 2009

    The later single tank covers have different mounting points to the earlier two part covers. I was looking to do the same, i'm sure it could be made to fit with fabricated brackets.
  4. Parking a trials bike

    Seems perfectly normal to me. Most of my sections up up this way!
  5. Bultaco Motoplat

    Thanks for all your comments, Bradford ignitions (UK Motoplat) was who i was banking on. Bult, you know your stuff, actually a 168 frame but it is Pursang mk9 , forks are modified KX cartridge , KTM wheel, Nissan caliper (thought it would be a good idea to have one brake that worked!). Just want to get the thing running and sell it. It has taken a while to get together and i have lost interest somewhat. Cannot really see me using now. I have a Sherpa/Alpina in the garage waiting for me to decide whether to end up trials or trail (keep changing my mind), which would probably be more use.
  6. Bultaco Motoplat

    Thanks for that pschrauber, i will look through. Do you know how his English is? The ignition is electronic, attached photos. I know there are lights fitted on the bike but there is no lighting coil on the ignition but was planning to a separate total loss with LED bulbs as the would hardly be used.
  7. Bultaco Motoplat

    Okay, so this is not really trials related but I suspect someone on here will be able to offer some advice. I have a Bultaco, Pursang which I have been building and is pretty much all done, however I cannot get a spark from the Motoplat ignition. The ignition is the internal rotor type 63mm rather than the external rotor trials type. I have taken some measurements and referenced them, the coil and stator both seem to throw odd values. I have tried contacting UK Motoplat both via website and Ebay listing but no reply has been received. I have also tried West Country windings who tell me they cannot repair Motoplat. Does anyone know anyone in the UK that could check and repair the ignition or suggest a good (economical) replacement? I do have an external rotor Motoplat but the crank taper is different and will not fit. Coil (Red lead type) Large terminal to small terminal 35.5Ω Large terminal to ground plate – Small terminal to ground plate – HT lead to ground plate – Stator (Diode symbol embossed) Blue lead to black lead 10.7Ω Blue lead to ground plate 128.6Ω Black lead to ground plate 142.5Ω Thanks
  8. Filling in an insurance form for work this morning, essentially insurance to cover the company if i was to become ill or incapacitated. In the leisure question it asks if i take part in any hazardous activities, one box listed is Motor Sports. In Oxford dictionary (US version) Motorsport (one word rather than two) is defined as 'A sport involving the racing of motor vehicles, especially cars and motorcycles'. I guess i will have to tick yes, i do take part in motor sports, the bike has an engine after all and then wait for the follow on form to give details, even though trials is not actually racing. I assume others do the same but suspect the premium penalty will be the same as if i was road racing which seems unfair.
  9. Cool photo of the day

    Not sure it would qualify for the Scottish with that red HT lead.
  10. Pre Flight.....

    Not sure if her boyfriend is a lucky chap or masochist.
  11. Bultaco Alpina design changes

    I think this is probably you best resource, quite a few subtle differences with frames etc. https://www.motoguapa.com/BULTACO/ArxiusBultaco1.html
  12. One For The Americans

    I have to agree overpopulation is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Most countries have so much debt that without growth they will soon go bust, the only way to maintain growth is more consumers. Giant ponzi scheme waiting to pop. Really not sure why i posted this, i really should know better. Three things best never to discuss in company. Politics Religion Pre 65 eligibility
  13. Dodgy Apico magnetic lanyard killswitch

    I have had trouble too. I left the lanelli ( no doubt spelt incorrectly but to lazy to check) top on mine when transporting on my bike rack and it had disapeared when i arrived home. Fitted new Apico replacement and it was tempremental, it would stop but not instantly. I slackened the mounting which helped a little. Over time it has freed up and now works fine. I think they can be quite sticky when new.
  14. Rare training bible

    Similar experience, trading standards should be launching an investigation.