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  1. Not sure it would qualify for the Scottish with that red HT lead.
  2. Not sure if her boyfriend is a lucky chap or masochist.
  3. I think this is probably you best resource, quite a few subtle differences with frames etc.
  4. I have to agree overpopulation is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Most countries have so much debt that without growth they will soon go bust, the only way to maintain growth is more consumers. Giant ponzi scheme waiting to pop. Really not sure why i posted this, i really should know better. Three things best never to discuss in company. Politics Religion Pre 65 eligibility
  5. I have had trouble too. I left the lanelli ( no doubt spelt incorrectly but to lazy to check) top on mine when transporting on my bike rack and it had disapeared when i arrived home. Fitted new Apico replacement and it was tempremental, it would stop but not instantly. I slackened the mounting which helped a little. Over time it has freed up and now works fine. I think they can be quite sticky when new.
  6. Similar experience, trading standards should be launching an investigation.
  7. Hi. You posted on my intro three years back that you were starting out too. Seems you've taken to it and even bought similar bike. Do you still go to the farm near Kiddy? If so would you mind if I tagged along one day in the future for my first run? Wouldn't want to just show up and accidentally p*** someone off by doing something stupid.  I'll add my number. Feel free to text or call.



    t:07973 442 750

    1. petorius


      Good day Alan, apologies i have only just seen your message. I have only been out Kidderminster way once, i did find a place to practice more local to me (Stratford/Warwick) although that is not available now. I have joined Earl Shilton club and very occasionally practice there but mainly just ride in competitions now, Stratford, Evesham and Leamington clubs. Not sure what stage you are at but if you ever want to ride in a trial out this way let me know i will help you through your first trial. It's harder than it looks and quite demoralising at times when you start but stick with it. It is very enjoyable once it starts coming together.

      Good luck, Mark

  8. I have an 09 evo, no problems with the frame. I was a little concerned about reported frames cracking when i bought this but having looked into it I think it was only the early 09's that were affected, the ones with the offset rather than central filler cap as mentioned above. I believe a lot of these early production 09's went to Australia. The biggest problem with the 09 is the small,diameter rear wheel bearings, mine has a later rear wheel.
  9. I do sympathise it can feel like a secret society sometimes, trying to find a trial or the exact location if you have never been there before. I think it helps if you are on facebook and friending the clubs but it's still not a good enough reason for me to join. Most club websites are not frequently updated which is my main source for finding out what is going on. Whereabouts are you located?
  10. Brilliant.
  11. As someone that knows very little about this topic and at huge risk of showing my ignorance is there any merit in reasoning that the road riding element is partly reponsible for the low numbers. From my understanding the Talmag is an off road event and if they aim is to attract younger riders i suspect not so many have road licences and also many potential bikes that could be riden are staying in sheds as they are not road registered.
  12. That little pin that fits between the front brake lever and master cylinder definately goes in. Fell off at the first section once and it self ejected resulting in an early bath.
  13. Just rebuilt a rear Bultaco. Can you not fit the hub back in the swingingarm, check chain alignment and then find the hub centre in the arm?
  14. So who is that handsome chap in Classic bike magazine this month? Wouldn't have any connection to this thread perchance?