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  1. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    breather pipe from carb too long and clogs up, common problem on Sherco, creates vacuum in float bowl causing fuel starvation, gear box breather can also get blocked & cause oil leak, breather pipes need trimming back & problem solved.
  2. Rev 3 poor running

    check breather pipes from carb this can cause weird problems if blocked
  3. Rear brake bleeder

    you will bleed as far as master cylinder but you will still need to bleed air from from rear caliper,this best done by holding caliper higher than master cylinder.
  4. Rear brake bleeder

    that will not work
  5. Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    its not standing the heat that is the problem,its running too cold on a hard plug up & oiling up.with a hard plug the engine the needs to be revving and running hot .ie like a race engine
  6. Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    try a softer plug, is that the correct plug,B9Es I think is a hard plug I had same problem on a 125 years ago & a softer plug cured it.
  7. Tyre weight

    the dunlop might be 33% lighter I found the grip was also 33% less on mud
  8. Won't start.

    check floats are correctly positioned, check needle & slide,double check everything you touched, is the fuel fresh,
  9. Dellorto petrol pump - issue

    breather pipe from carb too long gets clogged with mud, sherco known for it,
  10. About to buy a sherco

    you are talking of problems with the factory model, the standard sherco is a superb bike.
  11. New Dunlop D803GP Tire

    absolute rubbish tyre, I thought they were supposed to hold air, I have a brand new tyre fitted to a new sherco & you cannot run below 6psi, I have tried all the usual tricks . ended up fitting an X lite problem solved.other riders have had the same problem, how can they sell a tubeless tyre that does not hold air,I mean DUNLOP for goodness sake
  12. IRC tyres

    having problems with the dunlop 803gp anythink below 6psi and it goes flat.absolute rubbish tyre
  13. Wrist pain and cramp :-(

    Tonic water taken before and after an event works for me,contains quinine,I used to suffer cramp in my hands & legs, advised by a doctor friend & it does work
  14. cota 248 decompressor

    waste of time,I had one on a 1974 250.
  15. Penny Ludgate

    very sad to hear this,our condolences to Ben & Sam, lovely lady, Derek & Penny Strudwick.
  16. Merc Vito Tyres

    I agree with Lineaway, get the weight over the driving wheels, at least with rear wheel drive you can shift weight to the rear,
  17. Bou The Unstoppable

    Bou was superb.
  18. Lets Talk Tong

    fantastic weekend. all the competitors put on a fabulous show.well done the organising team.
  19. 2014 St 300

    like comparing a rolls royce to a tractor Peter,st 300 is a good bike, good low down power, grips well, steers well,and starts very easily.
  20. Section—Let's Get Talking Again

    could have been a good bike, but build quality was rubbish when new, was glad to get rid of of it after 9 months of problems.
  21. Front Brake Master Cylinder Woes!

    raise the caliper higher than the master cylinder. then bleed out the trapped air
  22. Yamaha Ty 175

    shame the seats missing
  23. Sherco Not Running Properly

    check the breather pipes from carb, a mate had similar issues & had to shorten breather pipe that had blocked with mud.
  24. Evo Factory Or Trs?

    nothing wrong with dellorto carb, very reliable