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  1. You have a very good point! I gave it a blast down the road the other day, back brake is pretty fierce, but the front brake was useless lol. i'll sort that out for the MOT of course. and it's 1981
  2. Did it pass? lol. now you're bringing a reflector into the equation! i'm sure it doesn't need a reflector but definitely needs a speedo. i guess all MOT testers are different.
  3. Ma77 , i know it's a few years on but have you got any pictures of the bike? My 200 is in pieces at the moment waiting to be blasted and powder coated but i was a bit of a colour scheme going on rather than the old red. And what do you mean 40MPH comfortable, i'm sure mine does around 80MPH, and i've got 11teeth on the front sprocket and 40 on the back.
  4. Ahh i was sure a brake light was required for a daylight MOT... but i've just done a bit more revising, and as it turns out, you're right! lol. it's either all the lights or no lights at all! I can't even have a brake light for safety reasons because i will then need all the other lights! F**k is wrong with this country! lol. I've got a horn, just gotta re wire it, and a speedo down by the wheel but i'm pretty sure it's not working. i'll have to have another look at it but if it is broken then i'll have to buy a new one from somewhere? Ummm..... i've also taken the whole bike to bits to get the frame re-done, and when i took the forks off, i may have lost 1 or 2 bearings out of the steering column/stem (can you tell i'm only a nipper?) lol. Any idea where i can get some more? Thankyou.
  5. Hello everyone, i want to make my Cota 200 road legal so i can actually ride it (because there's no where off road to ride it these days) Basically it's going to be on a daytime MOT for the time being, but i need a brake light, and a magic lever which makes the light turn on when i brake. Anybody know where i can find this sort of stuff? will it be an easy fit? and will it run off the flywheel's power because the bike doesn't have a battery. It's got a horn, and number plate already, and it's been registered on the road before so i'm halfway there. And eventually i'll be wanting front and rear lights for it also, anybody know where i can find those? Please Help! Thankyou
  6. it's fixed!! gearbox is selecting gears, it's sparking, it's going to work!! just got to put the exhaust, the rear mudguard, airbox, tighten up the rear wheel nuts and chain tensioners and all those other gubbins back on. the fuel tap i'm going to glue as a temporary fix. just to see it running! I need to put some gearbox oil in it too though, from ehere i emptied the clutch bit to access the insides. what oil could i use??
  7. i've just snapped the small plastic connecting tube coming off the bottom of the fuel switch! this just gets better and better!
  8. just had another quick play with it.... right when i pull the kickstarter, everything happens as it should piston etc. but the front sprocket spins too, so i then grabbed the front sprocket and held it whilst pulling the kick starter and it didn't spin.... also the sprocket will turn freely by hand without the piston going aswel. so it's obviously in neutral, but it won't click down or up into gear! arghhh!!
  9. right boys, i've had a breakthrough! i've sorted the gear lever out so it now returns to the centre, the shaft from where i had hit it on with a hammer had been pushed through to the other side by about 5mm so the spring arm which is supoosed to sit behind the screw/post had come off, so i gently tapped it back through and it's worked... sort of. no it feels as if it's not going into the gears. it's sat in a gear at the moment, but i can't click it up and down into other gears i.e down and down and down then up to the middle to engage neutral. i've put the kick starter on and gave it a pull with my hand to move the cogs about inside a bit to see if that helped but no luck. ummmmm dad says put it back in the frame put the chain on and rock it back and forth. but wouldn't that be doing the same as me pulling on the kick starter? Either way i think i'm almost there!
  10. Cheers guys, you're all helping me out alot! i'm going to have a stab at it now. Andrewb you're right about the clymer manual, i've looked online at some 123's and it's pretty much the same engine, and i've come accross a website with a man restoring one, and he's got lots of piccys! Zerorev3rev4 your information is very helpful, i'm going out there now into the freezing garage to do all that you have just said. I WANT THIS BIKE RUNNING BY TONIGHT! i managed to get the kick starter mechanism working all ok yesterday, doesn't spring back to it's starting position though? is it supposed to? Also the kick starter i've bought is working whilst there's no plug in there, but the splines are crap so i imagine when it's ready to be run, i'm probably going to get one good turn out of it and then the splines will be as smooth as a baby's a***. better order a new one! for
  11. Thanks for the fast responses guys, yeah you're all on the same level as me, i'm scared... i'm going to have to take the crank case apart aren't i!? lol. Chewy i hope what you're saying is right, because that would mean it's an easy and cheap fix (if i can find any parts) there's a selector barrel on ebay at the moment, not sure yet if i'll need it or not though! Woody, the gear lever as you click it up or down into a gear used to spring back to the centre. I'm going to be honest a little bit here guys, 4 years ago when the bike was running, i remember the gear lever was a little bit too far out of reach for my little left foot, so i took the lever off, and lowered it a little bit (moved it anti-clockwise a little), and to put the lever back on in it's new position, i might have used a small hammer to get it back on there! because it wouldn't go back on and i was young haha. Photo's can be found on this forum also....
  12. Hello everyone i'm new to the site as me and my father are repairing and eventually restoring my 81 Cota 200 and i'm probably going to need some of your wisdom! I've had the bike for about 4 years now, and it was running fine until one day, it randomly wouldn't fire up (there's no longer a spark), and also the gears are messed up.... It's difficult for me to explain what the gears are doing and i'll give it my best at describing the problem but chances are i'll have to take it to a specialist! right the gear lever/selector wil click up and down but i think it's going into other gears all in one click. i.e if i go up from neutral (when i can get it into neutral that is) it will select the next gear, then the lever won't spring back into the middle but will allow me to carry on going up into the next gear, and possibly the next gear after that! and it's the same when i shift back down again. Also the kickstarter doesn't spring back to it's starting position (but i think i can fix that one). I've got lots of pictures and i've got the bike in pieces now, i've taken the case off the side of the crankcase, so the clutch and cogs etc are all out in the open.... Please help as i have little knowledge on this engine because i've never needed to work on it before. There's also a small key slot in the stem in the side of the frame, just under the handlebars/yolkes does anyone know anything about this? I think it's some sort of steering lock which i don't have a key for. Thankyou Luke I couldn't work out how to upload pictures onto this forum, so the pictures are in the link's below. (I'll be copying and pasting this on other forums);topic=4087.0;attach=2534;topic=4087.0;attach=2536;topic=4087.0;attach=2538;topic=4087.0;attach=2540;topic=4087.0;attach=2542;topic=4087.0;attach=2544