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  1. Have arai airoh and jitsie carbon. Have to say they are all good. Feel safest in the arai. Jitsie is most comfortable the airoh best ventilation. As previously said buy the best you can afford .
  2. Yep duct tape on the mudguard gap on my 09 stopped that caper
  3. Horses for courses it really is. Spent a couple of days on 2015 evo and found it flat at the bottom and front end heavy. That said that was personal thing it was a lovely bike. Have my 2016 st 300 now with flywheel weight on. Had a 2015 and a 2012 290 before it. The 2016 is an all round improvement to in my eyes that said go and test both see which you prefer.
  4. My third sherco now. Had 09 and 2012 290s my 300 by far and away the best of them smoother power. Back end may feel a bit numb compared to recent gassers
  5. I fitted a csp guard to 2012 sherco it much better quality than standard and only couple of pounds different in price
  6. Welcome Peter hope to see you at a trial in the near future!
  7. mines a medium pretty sure Baldilocks has medium too (Big head no hair )
  8. Just bought jitsie carbon after using Arain penta for couple of years. The Arai is super comfy but wet with sweat after first few sections jitsie was bone dry inside after full trial I'm very happy with the ventilation.
  9. no they are not waterproof I've managed to get hold of a brand new pair of diadoras for winter with waterproof liner
  10. improved even
  11. The 300 is a completely different animal, takes a bit of getting used to, love the handling fact absolutely love it its an all rond imprd bike
  12. Just traded my 2012 290in for 2015 300. I ran on putoline nanotrans gear oil after trying a few. The clutch was much smoother and manageable it is expensive but lasts much much longer between changes. It was recommended by splatshop boys. As for niggles never had any but keeping carb clean is a big must ! Othe thing is some of the 2012 bashplates were like paper and split I replaced mine with a CSP one much stronger and same price as sherco one give or take a fiver.
  13. Hi there get yourself along Seaton's Alwinton trial , make yourself known to few folk there's plenty of trials that suit trials beginners sure someone will tell you best one to try first
  14. After a bit of caveman like spannering need a new carb for 250 mono . Has anyone fitted a carb from a 250 scorpa I have one out of a 2002. Wondering what kind of mods adjustments involved.
  15. thanks guys and anytime boghog