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  1. New Bantam Project

    Feels alright to me, in any case i've sold it now after wasting 12 months of my life building it. Hey Ho
  2. New Bantam Project

    Shortens the wheelbase slightly to 50"
  3. New Bantam Project

    And at long last Success!!! The Combination of a Rooster Booster ignition, a new stator bush, a massive ammount of faffing and a fresh properly gapped plug and we have a winner. Finally got there! Video Link Below - I think the rattle/buzzing is the exhaust hitting the frame - needs insulating Cheers Chris
  4. New Bantam Project

    Right a bit of an update finally, she's alive!! After very ponderous progress i went mad and bought a load of bits at Stafford Classic show, a proper Bantam kickstart, Tank badges and ally rear mudguard. After some careful (guess) work on the timing she fired 2nd kick and ran properly on the 4th. She has now decided not to start again but it was a momentous occassion and several cold beverages were drunk! Latest problems in the long list including a slightly bent timing end on the crank, as well as not being able to start it again include a leaky head gasket, leaky exhaust collar and the fact that having taken the clutch cover off to try and stop it leaking i found the clutch basket has next to no teeth left on it, like sharks teeth, having tried to put it into gear the primary chain just buzzes. New clutch basket sourced so we should be ok Ah well onwards and upwards Will post some more pictures when it's done Cheers Chris
  5. Bantam Alternative Kickstart

    I gave up looking in the end and bought a proper folding trials bantam one. I went through just about every box at Stafford Classic Show and didn't find anything that would have worked sucessfully. New one is perfect, doesnt slip and works a treat. Even better than that i finally got it fired up! Albeit briefly, now the flippin' thing won't start again. Time to double check the timing i think Cheers Chris
  6. Bantam Alternative Kickstart

    Hi All, Project Bantam is coming along very slowly. I'm now looking for a 3rd Kickstart after the first 2 i made failed. I've seen several pre65 Banatms with spangly folding kickstarts (usually off other bikes). Anyone got any ideas as to what fits? I'm struggling to find a 3/4" splined version of anything Cheers Chris
  7. New Bantam Project

    Looking good Mikey, hope your not too bad after your off. Progress is slow at the moment but i've done a bit more Due to teh lack of offset on the TS50 forks i've had to move the tank back a bit Rear Tank Mount Footrest bracket done, just needs final fit Seat Base made Now looking a bit like this Cheers
  8. New Bantam Project

    Hi All, Thought i'd up date the thread with a couple of piccys of progress so far. Started with this and this Got these and this a bit of blasting and painting and a few bits and we're about here Still a way to go but i'm chuffed with the progress Cheers Chris
  9. Bantam Front Sprocket

    Hi All Plodding along with my Bantam build, finally got a chance to put her up on her wheels and i've hit a bit of a problem with the sprocket alignment. The rear is a Bultaco wheel and there is no way of moving the sprocket closer to the hub without some serious machining so my question is can you offset the front sprocket? It is a D7 engine and whilist i haven't managed to measure the difference accurately yet i estimate it is about 5-6mm too far in. The other option is to move the engine over in the frame but the exhaust is already virtually touching the frame down tube. Many thanks in advance Chris
  10. New Bantam Project

    Cracking pics, many thanks. I now have a TS50 front end, taper head bearings and material to turn some bearing cups and a Bultaco Alloy rear wheel and brake. A Bitsa and a half i'm sure you will agree Frame, swingarm, bars and yokes are being sand blasted today hopefully so i should have a semi rolling chassis by sometime next week. Forks need a little prep work but it shouldn't take too long. A quick question if i may, whilst in the future i will probably go down the electronic ignition route, what's the best way to run a Bantam, spark only as i'm not worried about lights. I have the a stator "star" with coils but no stator plate or points etc. I was thinking along the lines of junking the lighting coils, replacing the ignition coil with a modern replacement and then getting a Rooster Booster to give me a spark. Does this sound feasible? Cheers Chris
  11. New Bantam Project

    Thanks for all the pics and info guys, went to the show yesterday and picked up a couple of bits. Will be making a proper start shortly, i have a TS50 front end on it's way. I'll post some progress pictures up soon if thats ok? Cheers Chris
  12. New Bantam Project

    Hello all, Been having a nosey round this awesome corner of the forum for some inspiration and advice. As a direct result of my mate Petorius' purchase of a Tiger Cub project i am now the proud owner of a Bantam project. I'm not new to the world of bikes (i'm on 6 and counting) and projects but i am somewhat new to the world of trials and in particular pre 65. The sorry looking pile of parts currently consists of a D3 1956 swingarm frame, a 1959 D7 engine, a chrome tank, and not a lot else. One thing i have found is a casting on the underside of the head "GT100B", i was led to believe that the engine had a Todd centre plug head, i was wondering if this casting corresponds? Are these heads rare? The aim of the project is to build something i can have a bit of fun on without getting bogged down in historically accurate details and mega bucks parts. I have a lot of questions but i was wondering does anyone have some basic guidelines to get me going? I've looked at a few posts around the swingarm width and modifications, using a 4.00 x 18 tyre etc. I think it will probably be a "modern" front end, TS50 or the like. What sort of shock length would i be looking for? Please forgive all my questions, i'm really looking forward to falling off very soon! Cheers Chris