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  1. All sorted now
  2. That's my intention, but need to get him practicing a bit. We have just had a morning up at zona and he has really suprised me to what he could, compared to last week. So im more than happy to enter him in next months event, i think he will enjoy seeing the other kids riding as well Thanks for all of the replies
  3. Hi, I'm just starting my 7 year old lad in trials, bought him a Beta 50, joined a club/practice area and we've had several outings now and i've just let him ride the bike, get used to the ground, go up and down a few hills etc but my question is what to do next? Do you just let them go at their own pace? - he's more than happy just riding the bike at the moment Try and get him to ride over more difficult terrain without him realising? Or just set up some small obstacles/sections and get him to try them? I don't want to push him to hard and get to the point where he's not enjoying it Cheers